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  1. Excellent write-up Nige. As im one of many with a "bitsa" truck,and since i've not had the chance to drive mine on the public highway yet,im interested as to how my gearing is in terms of on-road use. Ive a 3.9i, ZF 4-speed auto, BW t/box, Series 4.7 diffs and 265/75r16 tyres sat in a S3 109" pick-up with no other add-ons. I dont expect the truck to perform like a standard Series(hence the engine change ) but from a rough guess i would have said the overall high-range to be something close to a 90 2.5TD........am i anywhere close?
  2. The Stage-1 front axle has as you guessed got CV joints unlike the other series axles which have u/j's,apart from that they also have the spring mounts moved so the diff pinion sits higher due to the RR 4-speed box being closer(they also used double-carden front props as standard). Hope this helps
  3. At my old workplace,we use to have a man making kits for Defender mirrors. Not sure if they still have them,but give L/R UK a ring 01373 813671
  4. Am i right in thinking the Thor-type manifold doesnt have a thermostat housing?
  5. On another note...wont driving around with the front prop off cause the centre diff some bother??
  6. Very nice indeed Si Are you building to order anytime soon?
  7. Many years ago when my dad worked for the local L-R dealer,they bought a 74' 2DR RR fitted with a 7.2 chrysler lump Aparently,it was a bit of a dog to drive due to issues with front prop angle,ive talked to my dad about it many times but it seems any info about what gearbox/t-box setup it used is long lost but i remember seeing it when i was younger and it looked completely standard on the outside but sounded great(prob why i love V8's now) it had a private reg no. "BONZO" Oh how id love to have that now
  8. If your lucky,there should be a spare terminal on the back of the alternator marked w+,use that to give the pulse to drive the tacho. Other wires should be simple enough
  9. I had a friend with an E-reg 110,it was once a TD and he put his V8 in it when his 100inch got a bit scruffy. That engine was perfect,and the temp gauge at normal running temp sat in about the same position as yours. I would still replace the stock gauge,i have an aftermarket gauge in my 88" V8 and find it a lot more useful
  10. I see your truck is a hybrid,any idea what truck did your gauges come from? I think the temp gauges are different between TD/TDi and V8,the diesel gauge would read high on a v8. If in doubt,buy a TIM temp gauge and replace the stock unit.
  11. In the second pic....isnt that the oil filter i see sat very close to the prop?? How much clearance have you got?
  12. WOW,i started this thread.....forgot about it and now see that i wasnt the only one who's had the problem!! In the end i abandoned the removal as i intend to re-chassis the truck next year so will either fit chocolate relay i got from Britpart or rebuild the original one. Thaks for all your advice
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