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  1. OS map of area if this helps see you there. http://www.multimap.com/maps/?qs=llanfyllin&countryCode=GB#map=52.76699,-3.24655|16|4&dp=os&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:52.76099:-3.24105:16|llanfyllin|
  2. A very busy and enjoyable weekend some of my pic's. Nick and James it was a painful drive taking you back to the main field, Nick you need a bit more padding in your seat or teflon coated that must of been one painful ride back down! A big thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend.
  3. Congratulations to John and Simon Saines class 2 1st place
  4. ok the only way I can see the cheating problem to cease is, if each competitor had to bring a friend to marshal that way we would have more than enough people to cover the whole site.. if you don’t bring a marshal you don’t compete now how many of you could/would do that? we have tried various different ways of rotating/covering punches cyber point's over the years but it's all down to the little amount of man power that we have sometimes it's very stretched and in some cases far from enough. I personally have marshalled from day 1 of these event’s that Neil and Carole have organised over t
  5. THIS IS A MESSAGE TO ALL COMPETITORS IN THE HOWLIN WOLF CHALLENGE THIS WEEKEND Due to lots of rain the original camping fields are now water logged and unuseable. So when you arrive on site please follow the signs to a new area. Unfortunately there is now a limited camping area (not much grass!) but there is hard standing for lorries, trailers etc. See you there.
  6. temp gauge works fine in my 1980 tdi rises gradually and sits just below half way
  7. Thank you very much sir... glad i've got a new one on its way.
  8. Hi all, hopefully one of you could help enlighten me? I found diesel leaking more like spurting out of the hole on the side of the lift pump is the hole supposed to be there? if so why is diesel comin out? i've got a new one comin Monday jic it's £ucked... Cheers
  9. 5hrs to get home M1 problems so by passed that then M25 problems by passed that... not our year for getting a nice run home what a fantastic site hope we get to use it again big thanks to all @ NCGL for all the hard work and some fantastic sections and a super quick collection of all the gear @ the end hats off to ya. Andy
  10. Swanny I've got your merchandise off Bomag the deal has been done i'll see you tuesday/friday... ere don't forget me beer
  11. Swanny no problem mate pm me the details and it shall be done.
  12. We had loads of fun on the rocks on Sunday, i can’t believe how much we drove without winches and waffles. Iroks and 7psi rock! Chris i watched you climb out of punch 38 the sea of felled trees! the Rangies suspension looked amazing. and the big grin on your face as you and Tom got back on the main track up the steep climb said it all well done.
  13. this is my creation all made from 5mm steel apart from the front plate thats 10mm well it's all i had left and i've not bent it yet! the winch cradle also bolts down to the brace between the chassis rails.
  14. Not going? Is that because you're in training mode??!! I'd lay off the diet coke though if i was you!
  15. Both site & event excellent. Best one so far, had a fantastic weekend Thanks to the drivers for the entertainment, David Herrington strapped in on his side in the 90 Big Big rocks all around Diesel raining out on a hill from hell!!! and as cool as a cucumber grinning away winches himself upright "right then fill up and out we go again" A big thanks to all the marshals that turned up to help us set out, fix and collect punches etc. Then the ride home from hell via the m6 never ever again. We got in about 6am ish i think, beyond caring by then got to the m40 junction with m25 then
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