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  1. Thanks for the advice Arjan. No pics as of yet, but will be taking some. I’m picking the engine up this weekend. Very excited to get started.
  2. Brilliant. At least I know which way to go with it. Is the series 3 gearbox and transfer box used in any other Land Rover? Just so I know what I am looking for when buying.
  3. Pretty good then by sounds of it. Thank you Stephen.
  4. Ahhh. That would make sense. Thank you. Are the series gearboxes in your opinion pretty bullet proof. ? Some say they are but some say they rubbish. I was assuming bad due to not being maintained right or abused.
  5. Hi Bowie69. Thank you for your response, I think you’ve helped me previously also. I was looking at keeping the standard tyres on. Not looking to upgrade the power. However I was under the impression the freewheeling hubs are what turn it into 4 wheel drive when needed. Am I wrong there ? This would be needed. The 4 wheel drive I mean. There’s some pretty awkward obsticals at the minute to get to the fields.
  6. Evening everyone. I hope everyone is well and coping. I am about to start a build on a series 3 88inch. Diesel. I’m building as a gift for my mum who’s wanted one for a long time for when she moves to France and bomb about on the fields and roads now and again. im looking at building it properly. Experience wise I have rebuilt defenders and discovery’s but never a series. iv read different stories on the issues you can have with series vehicles. Never put me off though. I have a few questions. Can someone explain the issues with the front drive system and the loc
  7. Hi Paul MC that’s great thank you. It did cross my mind earlier if that would be the issue. Thank you for confirming. Much appreciated. Thankfully I have a puma heated seat switch I can swap over.
  8. Hi all. Hope everyone is well. im hoping someone can help. So I have a discovery 2 spot lamp switch which fits in place of the blank spot up where the fog light switches go. I already have set up a aux fuse box one with a permanent live side and a side that only becomes live when ignition on. what I want to do is have the front spot lamps On a permanent live so I can turn them on at the spot lamp switch when I need them with out the ignition on. is this possible and how. Also does anyone know the pin set up on the back of the switches. There are 5 pins. it’s purely fo
  9. The purge sequence is what I meant. Sorry. So I did that 3 times and it still wouldn’t start.
  10. Hi all. Need some advice please. I was driving home Sunday and my discovery cut out up hill. It started up a bit croaky and a bit smokey which I thought was weird but then felt fine. Was driving down hill most of the way then went up hill and slowly lost power and then stopped. Would not fire up. It cranked but wouldn’t start. The first thing I thought was fuel pump based on experience. I’ve changed the fuel pump for a new vdo pump this evening and bled it up 3 times to be on safe side. Went to start and it just cranked and wouldn’t fire up. Then made a beep 3 times. not normal.
  11. Hi all. Apologies if i have missed any post about this i have tried looking. I have a M-reg 1995 discovery 1 300. It has the 1 button fey fob which i am attempting to program. I have followed the procedure of : Start with the ignition off and bonnet open with the bonnet switch pressed down.Then you have to complete the following sequence within eight seconds:-1. Ignition on - ignition off.2. Lock doors - unlock doors.3. Release bonnet switch.4. Ignition on - ignition off.Then, if alarm is set the horn will sound and the LED light on dash (in the middle of the dash under the radio compar
  12. Hi all. Im looking at fitting a winch mount to my Discovery 300. I love the look of the Discovery TD5 G4 challenge winch mount. I am wondering if anyone knows whether the G4 challenge mount would fit on to the front of my 300 Tdi. I am unsure of the dimensions of the chassis's on both vehicles so wouldn't know if it would similar. Or does anyone know if anyone has made a version to fit the Discovery 300. I do get that ground clearance wont be as good, but if they G4 challenge boys managed, I will too. I just think its different and better looking. Many thanks for your
  13. Thats great thanks . Does the merc one fit with no mods ?
  14. Hi guys. Im looking to upgrade the alternator on my latest motor. 300tdi discovery. Wanting to do a few mods ect make it more mine. Youll all understand. Whats the highest output alternator everyone has fitted to theres? I have heard you can have a 140amp on a 300tdi. Has anyone done this an know where to get them from?
  15. Excellent thank you. Looks like it going to be something i do over xmas. Really looking forward to rebuilding and trying it out. Thank you.
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