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  1. Here's mine (discovery airbox) and also a shot into the open bonnet of Mr Bowyer's (Goodwinch) at a show. A ruck that I was very impressed with. ('course mine's a Discovery 300 so probably doesn't qualify! πŸ˜€ )
  2. So you really need one without a line and large capacity but can't see any that aren't already populated with hose? 🧐
  3. Sure I've seen one with bit selection somewhere as an offer - dunno now! Free delivery here - another place to look at: https://www.axminster.co.uk/power-tools/multitools-precision-modelling/rotary-multitools
  4. This is the one I've got my eye on but still saving! As recommended by other car peeps - sort of more durable slightly bigger brother to dremel - reads up well but as for 'in practice' no personal knowledge yet! Worth a looksee tho? https://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/28481.php HTH 😊
  5. Very interesting thread this and nicely put @Snagger 😊 With current specs and range I'd have a 'Rivian' in a heartbeat if I could afford it but.....to leckyfi my '90 now there a thought! πŸ€”
  6. Very useful! Thanks for posting - found it fascinating - would love to get into fabbing and welding my own bits one day..... 😊
  7. Amazing 'Bin there dunnit' help you guys - Great Forum! - Happy Christmas! 😊
  8. Happy Christmas! Nice pic @Cchase 😎😎
  9. PaulN

    Vent seals

    Good to know. I bought some gen ones a while back and my vents still don't close properly! πŸ™
  10. Me too! You might get a few orders, especially for the auto version!! πŸ˜ƒ
  11. PaulN

    Decent Aerial

    What is a 'standard' aerial? πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Š
  12. Great pics - What a brilliant day that must have been! That front man will have to get some lockers on.....
  13. Good pictures those DC_ - especially the middle two! Nice to see images all over the place - better than the Beebs Weather reports and Landys too! Strange but we normally get hit with snow but even though it is perishingly cold and blowing hard there only sand like snow billowing round and round and across roads in circles here at the moment.....
  14. Best if you can get from an agricultural / Equestrian merchant somehow with out P&P. They work well in a Landy because they are so dense and Heavy!
  15. Ditto Cow/stable matt on floor and side boxes - Takes a bashing without damage. Really deadening and easy to yank out and pressure wash. 15mm iirc.....
  16. No expert as I've only had experience of one but..... This is the one I got Linky and from the place I got it in 2015. Took a 300tdi no probs. Only trouble I had was that my floor was a bit rough concrete and so it was a bit of pig to move easily as it would be on smooth. No complaints re quality though. The engine was on it for ages!
  17. Coo! They offer 'group buys' too!
  18. Thanks for the post.....Watching with great interest.....
  19. Very neat and compact looking! Do they have a big enough kick for a cold Landy?
  20. As per Peaklander Dum Dum if you can find it but now I use Soudal 'Car Bond' for this purpose as well: Link
  21. That's really nice! - Something about a Military one! Welcome by the way and I expect some experts will be along shortly. btw - Can I have yer doors and windows!!
  22. Nice! I think Western has already answered this but - if you only upgrade to HD drive members does that mean one ought to upgrade to HD shafts as well because now the wear will be on the shafts more than the members? .....or have you now just matched the hardness?
  23. Just what I was going to say. Gen LR (VDO?) gauges never wonder far from vertical unless there is an overheat situation at which point it is almost too late! They show rising warm up (or not - failed stats) warm up and "ok!!" They don't lie - they're just economical with the truth! You and I will have to fit a good after market gradated gauge to watch for the subtleties of temperature changes as the stat begins to open and close and engine characteristics when is working hard or not or the ambients are variable....
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