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  1. Did it improve the fuel consumption?
  2. TFR, a brush, Snow foam and a jetwash. Then finished off with some engine laquer for the shine and hopefully future protection from the mud.
  3. I decided to steam clean the engine to prepare it for sale.
  4. I am thinking of selling my Disco since it does not get used any more. I there anybody that does summer green laning?
  5. A few pics from Bures yesterday It was very dry and the ground was like concrete (Literally in parts eh dan.. ) so I kept getting stuck with my standard wheels and suspension, where normaly in the mud I would slide through.
  6. That would leave to 2 rods welded to the bonnet and surely that would be worse.
  7. Have you got a 3.9 EFI Disco 1? Where is this one way valve? I dont seem to have one.
  8. How bad is the missfire? Just a long shot but my 3.9 EFI run rough until someone told me the leads 5 and 7 (Rear on passenger side) should not be touching. It made a noticable difference.
  9. Why does Megasquirt not get effeted by water? I did a google search and read a bit but its just another form of ECU isn't it? I cant get my head around it. Does it remove the dizzy or something? If not it will still be effected by water surely.
  10. They are there only for light recovery, for when I fall into a ditch maybe, or the engine dies in a puddle. I try to avoid the deep mud and difficult stuff. The steering guard has a very strong welded hole for those shackles but the bullbar covers them unfortunately. I may look at a way of cutting away the bullbar metal and drilling through to make a very strong hole.
  11. Sounds like it gonna be nice and noisy. What do you need to do before the 3rd then?
  12. When are you fitting the headers? It would be good to hear yours then I can convince myself I need a set. As for the roar, I'd just rather leave them in our dust.... Bures is open on May 3rd, Whos coming?
  13. Time for an update. I've not been out for ages now, the timing is always wrong for Bures and my mates seem to have given up on the Laning. But I've done a few bits to the wagon. I brought a replacement door after picking up some damage and its been in my garage for months so today I decided to fit it since I am trying to clear out the garage. The old door. New door on There is a lot of nuts and bolts in a Landy door And done. I've spent some time cleaning her up and following round the rust with rust cure. I also fitted some 8" 100w driving lamps and will be wiring them up tomorrow. Finally a picture to explain my cleaning obsession. My other toys.... Comments always welcome.
  14. Brian S

    Rear Washer

    I had the same problem and it was solved with a new switch.
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