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  1. Adi

    hot spot

    As above...what do hot spots look like and what are the symptoms when the engine is running? where on the cylinder head and cylinder block top are the tell tale signs going to be and what do they look like ? http://forums.lr4x4.com/uploads/1174534707..._273_759623.jpg http://forums.lr4x4.com/uploads/1174534707..._273_831710.jpg please point out the areas susceptible...or better yet if any one has pics of hot spot signs thanks Adi
  2. Adi

    cooling system

    thank you Ralph....and i learnt a good lesson...start troubleshooting with little things first
  3. Adi

    cooling system

    i replaced the expansion tank cap...problem solved
  4. Adi

    cooling system

    Ali:- i fill the expansion tank half full. i guess the cap is good...have to press it down...n then twist and turn to open? i have narrowed down the overflowing, happens only when i start the engine...run it for some time...then stop...then start it...after its warmed up enough...that when about 0.5litre of coolant comes out of the overflow pipe on expansion tank.
  5. Adi

    cooling system

    wil do the tickover bleed and report back. yes Les i use anti freeze....50-50 mix with water.
  6. Adi

    cooling system

    aye aye sir..done as u said sir....also...while idling saw the level of coolant rise in the radiator....shut the cap....then saw a gradual rise in level in exp/header tank....no overflows...went around for a road test...no significant drop in level in header tank...let the engine idle for a minute...switched it off. then started the engine again...looked all fine...after about 30 seconds of idle coolant coming out of the header tank overflow pipe:(. repeated the above procedure again....ie bleeding air from radiator...cap it...fil in header tank go for a drive...etc. overflow persists @Les no ice here am not in the himalayas yet Ralph, as Les suggests i guess i'll take a look at the thermostat...will remove it and try out 'boiling water test' wherein i put the thermostat in boiling water to see it operate. Any tips...dos n dont ...things i should look out for on the thermostat...?
  7. Adi

    cooling system

    Mark its a 2.5NAD....well...i had this problem before but dint really pay attention...jus top up with coolant...frustrated me when i saw it happen as dad drove(i was in another car)...so did the radiator flush(ie put in the radiator flush chemical..run for 10 min...den drain with fresh water etc etc) problem existed....and now....checked the heater and its cold...as you say an air lock (had air locks in fuel sys a couple o months back and now here ) and Ralph as it implies i have an air lock. well guys how do i go about bleeding the bl#$@$ AIR from the cooling system? (damn air locks!!)
  8. hi all, problem: once the engine is nice and warm...all running fine...the kenlowe fan turns on/off according to temp when crawling in traffic or at a stop at idle....after around a minute of idling....the coolant mixture comes out(even tho fan is on) of the overflow pipe on the top of the expansion tank...after that the temp gauge rises frequently when driving and the fan remains on for a longer periods. once i get back home ...let the engine idle and cool down...open the expansion tank cap with little coolant right at the bottom...its almost empty...open the radiator cap and see the coolant is about 1/2inch below the cap. fil up as before....drive...stop idle a minute....expansion tank overflow at idle(with the kenlowe on). did a radiator flush...external cleaning....only difference is temp rises very slowly...but the above mentioned problem continues any ideas guys why?remedies? thanks Adi
  9. try here http://www.lrseries.com/shop/category/list...Literature.html hope it helps cheers
  10. Ye Gods wonder what could have caused that to happen??
  11. i also have an elec fuel pump standing by, incase the mech. one gives up. All i have to do is disconnect pipes from the mech one and connect to the elect. one. Elect pump is connected to the wiring at the ignition...so as the glow plugs heat...elect pump, pumps fuel and builds pressure. Adi
  12. hello all.... My 110(2.5NA) going pretty good...starts off nicely. Here's the weird part....after she has run 10miles or more....she judders when i try to get her moving after a stop...traffic et al. after she picks up alls normal......also judders when reversing after a stop....judders horribly when stopped and then going up a slope....and it all happens only after she has run 10 miles or more....does not happen when cold or warmed up...or in low range. clutch is barely 7000miles(90%road)....anyone any ideas what's happening and why the weird 'selective' judders ? thanks. Adi
  13. Adi

    Fuel system

    Thanks les ....correct me if am wrong... wont the little debris in the tank screw up the diaphragm inside the lift pump, if the pump sucks diesel directly from tank,when the filter is fitted after the lift pump??
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