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  1. My memories of your visit was your poor little car Thanks for your kind words too DD Steve
  2. Stephen , I posted at the same time . Ergonomics , pure and simple also combining what I feel are the best bits of LR . The very first time I sat in a RRC the ergonomics of the Series and then ( worse ) the 90/110 really bugged me . It took a lot of years to get to the right time with the right plan to do it Steve
  3. Thanks all for the kind words , I'll try and find the pic's and do some copying . If there is enough to help tell the story then I'll start something . Steve
  4. No , haven't bothered but probably could get something together . I built it pre digital camera (for me ) so what few pic's I have would need scanning or photographing digitally Steve
  5. All of it , bonnet , roof , front panel and a scratch built back door out of 40 x 20 x 3 RHS to include the rear wheel carrier into the frame . The BH and floor pan and B/C posts are built to end up with RRC seating plan and are in 50 x 50 x 3 and 5mm and 100 x 50 x 4 RHS ( lower B post ) . Windscreen and rear door glass are cut from 4mm vehicle spec laminated glass by a local car glass specialist . Extra width on the chassis is in the outriggers , new fab'd up to suit new BH , floor pan etc Steve
  6. Sorry for the drift away from your lovely axles Stephen Steve
  7. With the extra width three won't cover the screen . A fellow sympathetic 109 resto.at the place of the blue roundabout Side view Other side and rear roll bar detail - note the seam in the tropical roof and at the front the central roof joint with the old central rib either side Steve
  8. Isn't that a Santana 1 tonne 109" with I think a 6 pot version of the 2 1/4 ? A couple of pic's These are quite old pic's , she's not so shiny now, and sadly having a rest after 120k miles of use the gearbox and transfer box and a few other bits.... need some attention . Missing having her on the road so I'm hoping I'll get time on her sooner rather than later Steve
  9. The only one I have split apart for spares is a front unfortunately . Give Jones Springs a call , I speak to Carl when I deal with them . Steve
  10. 88 I assume ? I'll see what I've got split apart tomorrow Steve
  11. Jones not only make new but will also refurbish your old ones so definitely worth a try if yours is gone . Very helpful company to use for springs and really know what they are doing. Failing that , I may have something . Which leaf in which spring ? 88 or 109 ? Steve
  12. I'm pretty sure nobody here would have predicted that report . That is some bad luck Jim . Steve
  13. Have you tried it in diff-lock on the transfer box ? Any props moving when you try it as described above ? Steve
  14. Good work , if it works well enough for your use then leave your exhaust as is , you are non turbo anyway so less volume to exit . When do you hope to be finished and tested for road ? Steve
  15. So it was No2 rod then , good clear fault and of course you can now rest easy that your build was good . A good clean of the block oilways and other related parts and it'll be getting bolted in soon enough . Steve
  16. That spot is over the steel seat belt mount brace , ideally remove the brace clean the aluminium and bond an aluminium plate over it . Clean and paint the brace and refit with thin plastic as an isolator ( old 5l oil can ) and I usually slap grease in between for some extra protection Steve
  17. 577137 should have a pair of flats between the flange and the threaded section 577354 is a collar that fits over the bigger dia. section with the flats to ensure it all clamps solidly to the chassis bracket which should have a corresponding slot. Steve
  18. steve b


    The dowels are there to ensure the cover is dead centre on the flywheel , without accurate centralising it will cause vibration and longer term accelerated wear to rear main bearing. Your choices are 1 series 3 flywheel 2 get yours drilled and doweled for three dowels at a machinists 3 use a series 2 diaphragm cover and 9" driven plate and remove the ring fixed to the centre of the fingers to give correct thrust arm position Steve
  19. It'll work out , and the plus is we will all learn something from it . I'm definitely intrigued , you seemed to have covered all the bases Steve
  20. The No2 big end journal looks nasty . Is that scoring or burnt oil ? I would be pulling that down to bare block for cleaning everything and in the process the smoking gun will show itself Steve
  21. Plastigage No2 big end with new shells ? It could be an issue with No2 rod big end . Was it fitted the same way round as the other three ( tab location )? Steve
  22. I had a pair of SP4x4 S3 door tops earlier this year - galvanised frame and they were painted and fitted straight away . Good quality and delivery date was honest and on time . Good quality and fit . My only comment was the sliding glass lock cut out on the inside face was a tad small . Adjusted the plastic to suit . Steve
  23. Jones Springs front set LRUBF rear set LRUBR Supplied with nuts and are long enough for HD spring packs so once fitted you may choose to trim down . The "square" one OSF inner is formed correctly unlike many pattern ones . No connection other than using them , they also fit the clamp plate which pattern ones often don't. Steve
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