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  1. New shiny bits

    That's a good price and a very satisfying sight too , enjoy the rebuild cheers Steve b
  2. LED headlights

    I was wondering how those who have bought LED headlights are finding them in longer term use ? If I recall correctly several on here bought them a year or so ago . cheers Steve b
  3. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Excellent news Dave and no lost bits either so a win-win ......at least it wasn't a protective rag that was stuffed in the intake at the start of the job that got missed on re-assembly , some red faces when I found it and a lot of relieved laughter . Happy trails Steve b
  4. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    It looks like a blown HG , all the symptoms point to that . I do appreciate a breakdown at home , so much less hassle . cheers Steve b
  5. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    Where are you going to mount them Nige ? I had some on my 109 for a while but they really don't like water and mud and I didn't want them on the roof so they didn't last long .. They also like plenty of flow with the pressure so big bore feed pipe should be fitted . Enjoy Steve b
  6. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    the 200 tdi sump has the 10mm head bolts through the ladder iirc - could be the length you need ? cheers Steve b
  7. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    those are the "hotspots" which were loose and the reason the head was removed . The tappet clearance is set with the valve fully shut and the feeler gauge should slide in with minimal drag , if you have a 15 thou gauge out too after the clearance is set try the 0.015" in the gap to check . Did you use the rule of 9 method ? - ie valve no.1 fully open adjust no.8 , no.3 open adjust no.6 etc. cheers Steve b
  8. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    My reasoning for checking the tappets is : if they are tight or no clearance the valve will be open under compression allowing air volume to escape = same fuel (ish) / less air = black smoke ? . let's hope tomorrow brings a solid fix cheers Steve b
  9. LED headlights

    Yeah , I found that one on Truck-lites website , doesn't seem to be available in the UK from a quick search . I'll watch that Red90 , that was going to be my next question so ta muchly Are you using an LED set up ? cheers Steve b
  10. LED headlights

    thanks for the replies , it all sounds good , I'll have to look into prices and suppliers . If it ever snows properly again I have some old school KC daylighters on the 109 that turn snow to steam cheers Steve b
  11. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Are the tappet clearances set ? Does it black smoke with the air intake hoses disconnected ? Black smoke is always over fuelling or lack of air within the combustion chamber , I'd be very surprised if it is the IP , much more likely to be related to recent work . Always frustrating when stuff like this happens but hopefully it will be a simple fix cheers Steve b
  12. Clattering 200tdi (disco engine in a 90)

    Lily The Pink? .......I may be showing my age there On Topic , it's good that you didn't leave it long to find it Mike , I'm sure you will be fine now cheers Steve b
  13. Nice find Soren , I have an '86 V8 90 stored , it's one I first owned in '89 but sold on in '91 so when it re-appeared a while ago I bought back again . The build is coming along at a good pace , I do like your decisive approach to toys cheers Steve b
  14. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Been following this Ralph , nice job as always and well presented , I bet you have a nice warm feeling about jumping in it and putting the key in . Such a well sorted truck . Do you have any long runs planned yet ? cheers Steve b
  15. New Workshop Planned

    If it is mainly Land Rover then the 4 post Bradbury with wheel free beams are pretty useful and not dear used or a good quality 2 post ~ 4.5T , those move-able units look really useful , giving total flexibility . Scissor lifts don't allow much access to the underside between the wheels . What a great project to have pencilled in your calendar . ........and Ross if you get it done you won't need to have space for two cheers Steve b
  16. Bulkhead repairer

    I know of someone that used to do them near Harwich - I'll try and find his no. , or I could have a look at it for you Sam , you've seen some of my work with my 109 . There is also Daslandroverman on here who is working on developing some very neat repair sections cheers Steve b
  17. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    That looks ok to me - what do others think ? Are the splines on the half shaft ok too ? Certainly nowhere near failing I'd say . Later style drive member by the way . cheers Steve b
  18. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    I'd go for the std. Ashcroft , you will have peace of mind that they will be good quality , and in the unlikely event you have any problems the tech and customer support will be there. Can you give us a pic of your current ones to help identify early or late type . cheers Steve b
  19. 300Tdi jelly oil repair

    It sounds like you had/have emulsified oil in the sump , so probably a blown head gasket - which would add pressure to the crankcase and blow out to the air filter through the breathers . The 300's do crack the heads quicker if overheated - has this happened recently ? also what's the header tank level and radiator level like ? and is there pressure in there too? What colour is the "jelly" ? hope this helps Steve b
  20. Major electrical issue

    Body electronic Control Module , on later Rangies and Disco's , also control EAS , EDIC power windows etc , it sounds good from the dealer , keep us posted on progress Steve b
  21. Major electrical issue

    No worries Nigel , I'll be interested to see what the dealer diagnosis is , does it have a BeCM controlling central locking and start security ? cheers Steve b
  22. Series 3 Petrol Starting Issue

    ..doesn't everyone do this ? Nice fault finding work , a logical and simple way to test it . Good to hear it is sorted out cheers Steve b
  23. Series 3 Petrol Starting Issue

    The 2 1/4 is a 12v coil - only V8 LR products have the 9v coil and ballast wire as far as know . cheers Steve b
  24. Major electrical issue

    On the 300 Tdi Defender there is a common earth on the bulkhead under the bonnet beside the clutch MC/pedal box . My reasoning for earth issues is faint glowing of dash warning lights -usually a sign that live circuits are trying to find an earth through other circuits that have a common earth connection somewhere . cheers Steve b
  25. Major electrical issue

    I'm not familiar with Tdci electric's but it's not unusual on Defenders to have common earth point problems , has there been any recent work carried out on the truck? cheers Steve b