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  1. The silver coating on my set wore away so bought an oem set from Billing last year for 15 quid have seen the same bloke at Driffield and Peterborough
  2. Had a new track rod end fitted and rear diff bush's yesterday, and now the knocking noise whilst travelling at low speed has gone, the other noise whilst accelerating and decelarating is still apparent though not as bad as it has been, will keep my eye on this. Thanks everyone for all your advise and help :D Cheers Keith
  3. Well the head honcho had a look at it, and it looks normal according to him they came out for a test drive with me this morning and they think it may be either the lower engine stay, or as you had suggested earlier in the post the rear diff bush's. So the old hippo is going in on Monday for a checkup from the ground up. Cheers Keith
  4. Not sure, it could be dead knackered will pop down to the garage later and see what they think.
  5. Just had both anti roll bar link arms replaced Tim when this started a while ago, though the noise wasn't so bad then though has become progressively worse over a period of time, just had a look at the LH engine mount and I can physically get my finger inside the rubber, I would say this is not right though I'm no mechanic. Thanks Keith
  6. Thanks for the reply, so the "Freelander clonk" is a common occurence? Have got the RAVE manual, will have a look today, Cheers Keith
  7. Thanks for all the advise everybody , my vehicle mechanical knowledge is limited though I'm willing to look into any advise given, and soon as I know anymore will post. Thanks Again Keith
  8. Thanks for the advise, will follow it up and post the outcome. Keith
  9. Hello All, This may have been discussed on previous posts though for the last few months, and probably the case that there are a few more pots holes scattered about at the moment, I have noticed at low speed say below 20 mph that over pot holes and sleeping policemen I experience a loud metalic knock which I can feel through the pedals, and seems to be more concentrated on the drivers side. it has been into an independant garage twice and they cannot find any problems. The last couple of days, it may be connected or not, I have noticed when motorway driving that when I press then let of the accelerator there is a loud knock from the front underneath, feels like something is moving so creates a knocking noise someone mentioned it maybe a cv joint, now I know only a little regarding the black magic of the Freelanders working and not so so I'm up for any help and advise from any battle hardened Hippo drivers Cheers Keith
  10. When the old Hippo has been stood for a while and engine cold, then started, just revving slowly then around 2,000rpm the engine runs really lumpy and kicks out grey smoke for as long as I keep the accelerator steady. Then after driving away seems ok, though sure that always around 2,000rpm engine seems to lose a little power. Been into the dealers this week, no problems found on test book, they said it maybe contaminated fuel, so have added some additive to diesel. When starting from warm, seems to be not as noticeable, any ideas anyone? Its not long since I had one new injector, the other three have been refurbished, I thought it may be an injector problem, though apparentley not. All The Best Keith
  11. Found what the problem was, Noticed on door latch there is a switch which the door catch press's against when locked, found this with door open and latch closed I could operate glass when pressing switch.looking at the door catch which is attached to body, that it looked warn on the connecting side, simply unscrewed catch and spun it around and now the door works a treat. Cheers Keith
  12. Evening All, Wondering if any of you Freelander fans out there could shed some light on an intermittent problem I am experiencing at the moment? Occasionaly when closing the back door the glass will not move up to secure the door, this becomes apparent when setting alarm, as the car horn sounds.Normally I can simply open the door and close again and glass moves up and door is secure, however over the last few days whilst driving the interior door open light will come on and the door open alarm illuminates on the dash display, and on one occasion after setting alarm the alarm went off, due to I can only assume the car thinking the back door has been tampered with.Does anyone know the where abouts of the door closure switch / interlock so I can have a look myself, any help/advise would be greatly appreciated Cheers Keith
  13. schuee


    Hello Mark, I have used Elite Direct, they have always seemed to be reasonable. http://www.elitedirect.com/Tyres/tyres.php Cheers Keith
  14. Thanks Llanigraham So from what I gather the 12n is single electric just for lighting board, and the 12s is for supplying leisure battery in a caravan though feel free to correct me I know a good auto electrical factors in Newark I assume if I explained regarding the flasher relay they would know what I was talking about, so I can sort that as well. Cheers Mate Keith
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