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  1. So Lancaster informed me today they cant improve on the quote. Last years insurer is no longer on their books which was £250ish last year. Thats quite a hike. Need to find another agreed valuation broker.......
  2. Mine came through from Lancaster for £650ish for an agreed valuation. A certain hike since last year. Will do the dance with them this week and let you know if I get the price down at all. Cheers G
  3. A thing of Beauty! Pete, As you have already done a 2.7 I presume the process will be similar in terms of electrics? For us curious types walking a higher path (200TDi with a 12v supply to the fuel solenoid and thats it )how do you overcome the complexities of all the inputs for the various sensors? I presume there are no dummy plugs or emulators that can be fitted to fool the system into thinking all is good? Mores the point wheres the piccies of the 2.7 youve already done! It would be great to follow a blog of the build(s) if you havent already done so...... All the best Grant
  4. Hi WarPig I have given mine two coats with the brushable waxoyle. The first reason for it was to protect it a bit longer and the second to camouflage the big ££££ sign of its value if some theiving git nicks it! I know, I know, if someone wants it they will take it blahdee blah but its a high value item and if it prevents drawing the wrong kind of attention then its good with me. It looks sexier in Black anyway! Cheers G
  5. I expect to be on the road come June and it will be about three years. However, everything has been stripped and refurbed with exception of the gearbox and transfer box so essentially (to my eyes anyway) I have a new motor that cost half of a new one and being galv chassis and bulkhead will last me all my days. If I was to do it again I would buy one already done! (all stripping and refurbing makes Jack a dull boy! ) I sometimes can't remember what its like to do a bit of off roading......... Cheers G
  6. Get In!!! Just had "The version of microcat you are running is out of date and will not continue to run" error from a very recent downloaded version and using above gets me in a treat! Thank you very much!!!! It is appreciated!
  7. I have a bull bar that was fitted to my 90 probably 10 or so years ago. Once my landy is bolted back together again and put back on the road do I have to remove the bullbar or can it stay on as if was fitted before the law was introduced? ie Is this new law looking to remove all bars completely or just new fits from a particular date? please excuse my ignorance if this has already been asked, (it is a long thread )
  8. Sorry to hear about the problem. I would agree with Mark, you can rebuild the bottom end cheaper than buying a second hand lump (which could be sh****ed, make sure you can hear it running first). Its horses for courses really with regard to time and cost (depends if youre strapped for cash, handy with a spanner or looking to keep the vehicle long term) but you would know the bottom end is solid and would give you years of good service. If only water had good compression characteristics!! Good luck either way
  9. Oh no developers........ "interesting work...." sais it all I work in infrastructure (server team), we wear suits and ties, clean our teeth and don't have dirty finger nails! oh and we get to sit and speak with other people in the business. Only kidding, just saying Hi!!
  10. Did anyone ever get pics of the A2 1.4TDi install or was it a complete wind up?
  11. Started off as apprentice Electrical-Fitter in Rosyth dockyard (when it was owned by the MOD). Worked there for 14 years on submarines and even London Underground Train refiits!! (I had a spell in nuclear refuelling as well, now that was interesting work!) Retrained in IT in 2000 as the yard had gone down hill rapidly (been private for a while) and submarine refits were coming to an end. No longer have to do "real work" however but I do miss the banter. I don't miss crawling around bilges, bumping my head or accidently kneeling on studs though! Land Rovers however seem to fill my "need".
  12. Gents, I have seen the damage on a rolled 90 first hand (my old mans hybrid) and quite a few scary photos on the forum. My main concern is that basically the front of the roof where it meets the windscreen just collapses and the front passengers have to hold onto lady luck for protection. As I build my 90 up I want to make sure the Mrs and Junior (he will be occuping a rear forward facing seat) can survive if the unfortunate were to occur. Has anyone out there seen any lite weight internal roll cages that can protect the occupants? I can see in advance the problems with regard to securin
  13. Ashamed to say I have used T-Cut to remove scratches on CD's that wouldn't play In my defence they were knackered and due for the bin up to that point anyway, and it did work !! G
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