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  1. Hi, The floors are typically aluminium with steel ribs underneath for strength (at least on my 90). Its not unusual to see holes in the floor. If its been removed for a purpose a piece of aluminium could be riveted in place over the top (easy to remove in the future if needed and it shouldn't need welding nor fibreglassing. Don't forget these are working vehicles by design and do get bashed about. If you can post some pictures that would help to see exactly what you have. There's a wealth of more knowledgeful people than me that can advise further. HTH Grant PS That's a great inheritance.
  2. What a great idea Mo. Unfortunately I have a fuel tank in the way on my 90. G
  3. So Lancaster informed me today they cant improve on the quote. Last years insurer is no longer on their books which was £250ish last year. Thats quite a hike. Need to find another agreed valuation broker.......
  4. Mine came through from Lancaster for £650ish for an agreed valuation. A certain hike since last year. Will do the dance with them this week and let you know if I get the price down at all. Cheers G
  5. Hi Phil, I have 4 x steel wheels (land rover rims) with old bacon slicer tyres on them that I used during my rebuild. More than welcome to them, I'm just west of Dunfermline about 10 minutes from Kincardine Bridge. If your still interested IM me and we discus further. All the best Grant
  6. Hi Phil, I think we have all been there, it took me 5 x years to do a full ground up restoration and probably cost 3 x times as much as I had estimated. Just get yourself out there in the garage, once your out there working you will start enjoying it again. Stinky overalls with the smell of EP90, a good cuppa, the radio on and working with your hands is so satisfying. I found making small packages of work and achieving them helped me rather than seeing one big list of things to do. Keep at it my friend. G
  7. Hi All, I recently converted my 90 to a pick up and wanted to fit a cover that can be semi permanent and reasonably easy to remove if required. I has a dig around the internet and there are some companies that do "proper" kitted out versions and also got some great ideas from a few of the other forums out there. Please see an early sneak peak below of what I have fitted. Big thanks to my Dad for the fabrication and fitting (not bad for a 70+ Senior Citizen) and the extended use of his garage and the help from Graham at "thealuminiumshop" for the fabrication of the lid and supply of ali sheeting. Oh and please be nice and no flaming!!! (I'm a sensitive soul) All the best G
  8. Hi, An old post on my galving experience and hopefully some info that may help.http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=38064&hl=%2Bgalvanised+%2Bbulkhead Cheers G
  9. Yes, nothing like luke warm oil heading south to your arm pit whilst you realise theres nothing you can do until you negotiate the filter down and out
  10. Hi Richard, Some pointers in an old post of mine. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=38064&hl=%2Bgalvanised+%2Bbulkhead Cheers G
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