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  1. Yrm solutions do alternate ones, I fitted their black ones (only just fitted) but they do orange polybush ones as shown at the bottom which I might try if the black ones don't last. https://yrmit.co.uk/?s=Exhaust&post_type=product
  2. I have a removable steering wheel and MOMO (boy racer) steering wheel which does make it easier getting in and out. Cheers G 🙂
  3. Hi Mean Green, The only negative is if you ever want to go down the route of turning it in to a pick up in the future (which is what I did 1) cosy winters 2) look cool 😁) you will need to reinstate it again. Given your height that's probably unlikely to go that route. Thankfully I kept everything I removed originally and reinstated it with some cosmetic chequer plate over the top both sides I still have the bar I removed (think it was mudstuff) which I can take dimensions off of if you want to draw it out on your bulkhead. HTH for your planning. 👍🙂 Cheers G
  4. Hi Big66, I'm in the process of fitting mine (lt77) at the moment. The hand brake needs cut out, the gearbox is already cut out/formed to fit the "mouth" that comes up through the tunnel for the gearstick/transfer stick. HTH G 🙂
  5. Much appreciated Snagger. I want to do it right first time so I dont end up with a pepper pot of holes! 🙂👍 Cheers G 🙂
  6. With rails removed, approximately 35mm from edge of box to centre of hole.
  7. I do one and two, I bought them as a three piece suite. 😁 The Wright Off Road has the centre of the holes to be 50mm / 2" from the edge of the seat box (front) to the first inboard bolt. I placed my rails (see pics) 1.5 cm in from the infill panel to the outside edge of the rail. They also mention to stack washers to the same thickness as the matting where the bolts go through to prevent crushing / distortion of the matting. Cheers G
  8. Hello All, I am about to fit my Wright Off Road sound proofing and want to "true up" my seats/seat rails on the seat box. My 90 is a 1986 and it used to have the series 3 type seats & rails and I managed to aquire some later 90 seats a few year ago (newer rails only have one bolt at each end, the older rails had two at each end) . I fitted the seats as I thought best and I can see I have a bit of a variance between the markers on the underside of the WOR matting and my actual bolt holes. Can someone please measure the centre of the bolts to the edge of the seat box fo
  9. Hi Jimmy, Any further thoughts on your choices? Would like to see how you get on. All the best G
  10. Thanks Mike, Your Profile name has just reminded me I need to watch Troll Hunter again, its one of my favourite Winter films! oh and it has a 110 in it as well........😁 All the best G 🙂
  11. Hopefully this one works: LINK 👍 Cheers G 🙂
  12. Thanks Ralph, I thought I was going bonkers!!! 😁 G
  13. Just one thing, IIRC from fitting mine many moons ago (its 1986 - 90) I think there may be security bolts (torque bolts / shear bolts?) that are used when fitting the column but cant seem to see them/find them in the diagrams on the thread Pete showed. Essentially IIRC when you fit the column you use bolts that essentaialy shear off the head of the bolt head during fitting. Think I have lost the plot as I cant see them anywhere! Just worth noting if you find a bolt that doesn't seem to have a head for removing. HTH (?) 😖 All the best G 🙂
  14. With night time running lights from my "LED Interior Bling" thread:
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