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  1. Another vote for Nokian tyres. Bridgestone 'Blizzak' is anther true snow tyre popular in Canada. I've used snow tyres in Scandanavia and Canada on snow and ice and their performance is truly unbelievable. Only trouble you'll have is getting hold of them in the UK right now. A mate enlisted my help last week to find snow tyres for his Disco after a fruitless search of the usual high street tyre shops. I tried a few places and they all said the same thing. Suddenly the whole of the UK wants snow tyres and is busy buying up every manufacturers stock in the country right now. The suppliers I spoke to were quoting Dec for resupply but the advice was to buy now to secure an order because quantities would be limited. Nokian Snow tyre
  2. Check out: http://www.volker-lapp.de/trailer.html
  3. The aperture in the fascia trim panel in the pic is a standard DIN size.
  4. I think you'll struggle. A customer asked me to source one for their 90 just the other week. Local dealer quoted me 8-10 week lead time...or 12 weeks if I wanted a tailgate with a window! That's the same lead time for a few bent pieces of metal that LR are currently quoting on a new car! The 130 pick-up is a low volume seller so not the kind of thing that a dealer is likely to have kicking around.
  5. http://www.netcarshow.com/land_rover/2011-defender_x-tech/ Cue the inevitable "how much are the wheels?" thread
  6. Hello Kev,

    I'd like to get 2 sets of the MUD rails for my 1988 Def 90 only £90 is a bit much at mo. Might there be a discount from Mudstuff for LR4x4 forum members?

    Cheeky question I know but you will know - is there sufficient room once the MUD rails are used to get the ECU under the driver's seat?



  7. Original 4 spoke steering wheel on a 91 plate = 36 spline.
  8. Please note that the rating of the 12v sockets used in the MUD Tunnel Tray is 16amp. You can find the amp rating moulded into the back of the sockets.
  9. First seat mod I ever did to increase legroom before creating the MUD rails was to grind off the pressing in the seat frame that acts as the stop for the rearward travel. Slide the seat all the way forward and you'll see the pressing in the rails. Grind off the pressing and fill with a blob of weld. Once cleaned up the seat will now slide beyond the point where its used to come to a stop. Don't forget to add a spot of weld to the end of the seat frame to prevent the seat base from sliding all the way off! Even with this mod you'll then run into the problem of the seat frame hitting the raised lip/seam behind the seat on the seatbox. Only solution here is to notch the seam or, I know it's not what you want to hear but raise the back of the seat. Hence the reason the MUD Rail was born! After seven years of sales and literally thousands of sets of Rails sold, I can genuinely only ever recall a couple of instances of customers saying they thought the extra height made seeing out of the screen difficult. I' 6' 5" and have no problem with the raised seating position.
  10. DIN and a half don't exist. The panel you want in order to fit a standard DIN head unit is the one above
  11. The only decent Recaro install I've ever seen on a Defender was where the builder had reduced the height of the seat box. This of course involved a lot of work and meant altering the battery box etc etc. It wasn't a job done over the course of a weekend!
  12. Be careful. Mate of mine was telling me about the Td5 centrifugal oil filters that don't spin and a Kangarooing Puma he had in his workshop that was traced to a fuel filter that was sooooo good at filtering it didn't actually let diesel pass through it! He's given up on filters that come in a blue box....
  13. I wouldn't bother. LR SV isn't the skunk-works everyone thinks it is. It's the department that charges £400 to fit a worklight. A lot of the 'Special' work is contracted out to third parties. I had to contact them a few years ago about a 'special vehicle' I was researching and the response was. "There will be nobody here now who remembers anything about that vehicle. Sorry. Goodbye." For stuff ref the Tomb Raider contact the Team Tomb Raider club via their forum.
  14. You mean 'Yoghurt Pot' lamps as my mate calls them! Not for me at any price.
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