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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply I'm putting on a new Cylinder head because my old one is broken. and I also put on a new turbo that's broken to. and a new down pipe. How dos i seperate the 2 manifolds from the turbo. ? regards BO
  2. Hi My turbocharger on my defender 300tdi is dead, And I need to change it. is it DIY job or is it a job for a mechanic. kind regards Bo Paaske
  3. Hi I have just ordered new tyres from paddock, thanks for your help. kind regards Bo Paaske
  4. Hi Forum I would like to hear your experience or see a review, with 265/75-16 Enduro At tyres for a 90" 300TDi, I drive 95% onroad. And 5% light offroad. Kind regards Bo Paaske
  5. Hi Lars Thanks for the reply Bo
  6. Hi I have a 90 Defender 300TDI year 1997 where the rear oilseal on the diff is leaking. is it a DIY job. is the somthing about the Collapsable bearing spacer i need to take care of. when I refit the drive flange. I just changing the oil seal. but I'm not sure how to assemble the drive flange. Tourqe??? or how do I know when the driveflange nut is all tight Sorry my English I'm from denmark Kind regards Bo Paaske (easter)
  7. Hi What is the partnumber for these Valve caps regards Bo Paaske
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