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  1. Well I have to say the ctek charger was a triumph, reconditioned both batteries and the primary battery has even got the green blob back in the "magic eye" indicator. Many thanks. J2J
  2. Hi everybody its been quite a while since I was on the forum. Things have been a bit busy with work and home so I didn't manage to MOT the 90 last year and so haven't used the old girl since last July but I have been firing her up periodically to keep liquids moving around the system. The other day I found it needed several turns of the engine to fire up as both batteries were very low on charge even though I have a solar charger. I was speaking to a friend who said that these batteries develop a memory and as such I might have a problem if they have been run low for any length of time. The batteries are a pair of 12 volt,deep cycle (liquid not gel) leisure batteries the kind with four terminals. I have a T-Max SPLIT charge system and when I pushed the monitor button after charging the levels were 12.2 volts for the primary battery and 12.6 for the auxiliary battery. I know this might be a dumb question but I don't know a thing about "eletrickery" does this sound right as I seem to remember the levels reading A much higher level in the past but that could be a memory fail on my part . Or could it be that the engine whilst running would cause the monitor to indicate a higher level because its charging? The led indicator on the charger states both batteries are fully charged? Any thoughts ? J2J
  3. Thanks Western good to hear from you. N's or 7's I gues N's Do you know if its just one model alternator fitted on early 200tdi engines? Cheers J2J
  4. Hi All It has been some time since my last post. About 12 months ago my 200tdi snapped an alternator belt. I thought well its because I don't use the old girl enough and said belt probably came with a dreaded "blue logo"on the packaging. So I replaced with a Dayco belt and all was OK. Yesterday after less than 1000 miles driven (I know its a shameful waste) since last year the belt snapped again. Fitted as per the book with correct difflection etc. I wondered if the alternator is on the blink and seizes intermittently, this could be borne out by my twin charge monitor just showing a single led charge rate at below the one seen previously since fitting. I have been toying with an alternator upgrade to give the two battery setup more umph perhaps this is the time. Qustion is do all standard defender 200tdi have one alternator model or a range of units like the confusing power steering variants fitted? Also has anyone else had a 200tdi with a taste for belts? Cheers All n good to be back J2J PS. I was thinking about one of these but ditching the belt that comes with it in the photo for the obvious reasons http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Defender-200Tdi-120a-Alternator-Upgrade-DA1195-/181627329539?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a49d51c03
  5. Don't worry about it. You stated your specific terms of transaction it is the buyers responsibility to close the deal and secure the item. If they wanted the item they would have paid and collected or made a firm commitment regarding payment and collection. Take a look at any real time auctioneers t&c's to see what is considered fair practice. Just my two Penney worth. J2J
  6. Hi All its been a while. I recently converted my 1986 90 to a soft top and getting rid of old ribbed roof. A person asked me if it is a straightforward swap onto a 19999 td5 90. Anyone know? I searched but couldn't find the answer. Cheers. J2J
  7. Hi John, I have two 18 watt LEDs fitted to the back they are the flood beam ones here is a picture of them fitted and I will try to find an old post on here I made with images of them illuminated at night. They put out a huge amount of light and you don't have to worry about flattening your battery as much as twin 55w work-lights would. Cheers J2J
  8. OK I think I have found the bracket number: 336577 and from the below diagram it seems the answer is one bracket is all I need?
  9. Hi all. Just in the process of getting together the bits for my van back to truck cab conversion. I know i will lose the security of the rear load area but i never use it any way and three seats is fine also it will be nice once the heater works (one day i will get round to fixing it) to have a warm cab that will heat up quickly. My 90 is a 1986 van back at present and looking at parts lists i am unsure if i will need the rear panel to tub brackets a google search suggested not but other sources have told me i will? If so does anyone know the proper name of even better part number of the items and how many are needed? I haven't got the cab yet having driven 40 miles in the 90 yesterday only to find it wouldn't go in. Going back today to pick up the fully dismantled roof components. Should have taken tools.... By the way does anyone know if the change will effect the insurance.. gulp . I know DVLA need to know. Thanks for any advice regarding the transition J2J
  10. Hi please can anyone tell me the part number of the quick release cable retainer brackets fixed to defender'90,110 pick up tailgates. I am converting to pick up from a van back but my new/old tailgate only has the old "pigtail" fixings for chain retainers and I would like to fit more up to date cables and so need to change the brackets. Thanks in advance. J2J
  11. I didnt notice the steering but then again I was just going straight at that point. If water gets into alternater how can I gaurd against this other than not driving into standing water like an eedjit . When you see people wading through seemingly rushing rivers dont they encounter this? could I perhaps spray the alternator with some kind of water dispersal stuff? Just thinking aloud . Thanks for the replies by the way
  12. Hi All, It's been quite a while since I was on the forum but thought I would just ask a question. Tonight I came through some fairly deep standing water on a flooded lane on my way home. I didnt spot it until I was right in it. The water was not deep but deep enough to send water high over the bonnet log flume style Anyway my battery light came on on my 200tdi 90 and then slowly faded out twice! I didnt loose power or any lights but just wonder wether it was water flooding the alternator? Or the split charge system being flooded in the battery box. I checked the battery box and found that the water had indeed flooded the split charge solenoid ...But would this cause the battery light to come on? If it is the alternator is it on its way out? Or do I just need to give it a good going over with WD40. If it is the alternator why doesnt this hapen when you see people wading across deep water??? Thoughts...please Cheers J2J
  13. I use a Bosch Blue L-ion that came with two batteries and that works fine and is quite light and compact from chuck to back of drill so good for tight spots.
  14. You are correct, I guess without the stays/braces its just a hoop. I will be refixing the stays to the chassis via pick up points secured by a lateral 6mm box beam fixed above the chassis rear legs. Thanks for the suggestion re the ALRC have got some useful info. J
  15. They do a fantastic universal thinners as well. I always stock up on it when they have got it in.
  16. Thanks ..Never crossed my mind but you are correct. The passenger would get a little compressed in the event of roll over. I have got some tube of the same spec so will probably notch and weld another in. In two parts of course. J2J
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