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  1. Ha! Apparently a lot of quads turn up nearer the time.
  2. I cut some large cut out on mine to make starter and steering box hoses easier to change. had no problem. Cut outs were only 6 x 4 or so.
  3. Hi Daan, not sure if you remember me ( we met in wales years ago)! I am also off to Croatia but on my Quad this year. Trophy class also so if you see us give us a push See you there and come say hi!
  4. as above go gwyn but souce your own drop arm. i might have one, but would need to check.
  5. i found a smaller steering wheel much better in my truck, especially after i changed the seat (which actually gave me less room). The best mod i did however was remove the whole seat tub and fitted a flat floor with my own seat rails. The gave me a lot more room as i postiioned it to fit my build. I also then had storage under both seats which fitted water proof boxes. thanks
  6. Yes of course you can. I end up doing this a lot.
  7. People say good things about the Prime Tech cheapie RTT but I have owned one and can say they do sweat inside. On a rainy weekend if you lift the mattress it will be wet under there. You need to go Howling or maybe ARB if anyone has any experiences with them?
  8. Anyone got an oil pressure gauge in Farnham / Surrey and fancy looking tomorrow morning
  9. Thanks Guys and thanks Tetsu0san, I will check all of the above and report back either way
  10. ok ill change pressure release valve. thanks. Rad is in the back now. why can you cut the oil cooler out of it?
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Landrover-oil-cooler-defender-110-v8-/321290927786?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4ace6e7eaa#ht_82wt_1255 would this fit the ends of my 300tdi oil cooler pipes? my rad is in the back now see.
  12. It's definitely higher as I replaced hoses . a pressure relief valve holds pressure with a spring so if all fails it should lose pressure not build right?
  13. Hi Guys, I have a problem with my 300tdi engine - 120k miles. i have an aftermarket oil cooler and pipes which has worked fine for 2 years however now its building lots of pressure and blowing the ends off. couple of points to note: the oil cooler is not blocked the pressure is high in both return and flow pipe i have changed the oil filter Any ideas why this is happening? - i dont have an oil pressure gauge but i know the flow never used to swell the pipes like that...there must be some reason why the pressure is higher... Any ideas as im really stuck on this one. thank you
  14. Hi guys just reading this post. Careful of Guildford area also. I drove past a land rover which i do almost everyday early evening. I had a feeling the two guys leaning in werent supposed to be there so turned around and pulled up along side. As soon as i got out of my car they retracted pretty quickly and started walking fast to their car parked behind leaving the defender doors open. I walked to their car, following them 'to get a better look' but then turned as they drive off and got to the otherside of my car incase they pushed through me. I looked at the landy and they had made fast work to remove the wheel lock. CAlled the police, whom came pretty quick and were "very excited" when i gave them the registration plate of their car. Anyway - i never heard anymore but watch out..
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