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  1. Either take off the hook or wrap it rags and zip tie them on, and then ( whilst the enemy is not around) chuck them in the washing machine on a cool wash with half a tub of washing powder. and dont get to near it when it goes into fast spin, you will think the machines going to explode, and "hey presto" 30 minutes later - one spotless rope..... Top tip - Make sure you wipe the door seal clear of any grit/mud to get rid of any evidence that lets them you know how to use a washing machine..... Easy innit?
  2. Steve, there are loads of lads up and down driving "Challenge trucks" but they don't want to use them. We were running the "Challenge North West" but a lot folks didn't want to commit, which as an organiser is murder. They wanted a turn up on the day sort of event, which is nigh on impossible to run, finantially, setting up, choosing sites, caters, camping, putting barbeques on etc, all sorts of proplems. We had aimed to set a 25% easy, 50% normal'ish, 25% difficult ratio of punches to try end encourage new folks into it and keep the vets engaged, we saw a few new ones come along, but not w
  3. After years of breaking pegged diffs, Ashcroft C/W's, shafts, C/V's and 2 ARB's (late ones) on my Supercharged 38.5" tyred V8 challenge motor the best thing by far I ever did is fit a pair of Patrol Y61 axles, complete confidence...... Saves me carrying a trailer full of spares and gives me the confidence to "nail it" where in the past I was always on tenderhooks at times.... No brainer for me......
  4. It the usual view of my motor - upside down. I have no idea why it always puts them upside down, perhaps somebody with more brains than me could educate me or even do the dirty deed.... But it does leave me a 7 peak belt that 2418mm long, useful for a tow rope.....
  5. Trust me, my V8's on Megasquirt and it's Supercharged and it's certainly very capable and very used to being revved a bit, a bit too much some will say, but the whineing up the snorkel sort of pulls you in a bit........
  6. I used a Glyn Lewis bracket on my V8 for a second alternator which charged a pair of Optiima yellow tops which powered my winches. These were were completely seperate from the vehicle 12v supply (because of volt drop etc when winching hard), but what i did do is power the 12 excite winding to the 2nd alternator of the vehicle supply via switch, this enabled the winch alternator to just spin on its bearings and not take any load of the engine when it wasnt required, it worked a treat, there was no point in charging away when just driving around or whatever, and you could certainly hear the eng
  7. 1st July 2006, my how things have changed... There used to loads of old men moaning about things..... In fact...... I'll go with the flow.....
  8. Well noted Mr Conway, buts that is the normal way that I see it, and why are you up so early???? Sorry folks for some reason - probably because I'm dim, I have manage to post the same'ish photo upside down twice. Also for the more astute amongst you may notice that the belt is bypassing the charger pulley, this was because the coupling adaptor was rattling its head off and I used it to do a competition the next day, so decided to do it with charger in place but just revolving itself in the airstream. I was just trying to show the rear throttle body was that I have used.
  9. This was prior to the finished result in my set up. I used an adapted Ford Lightning inlet jointed to a Range Rover throttle body, it gave me the perfect throttle sensor, size and shape for my snorkel arrangement, my kickdown / accelerator cable was kept simple and standard'ish, removed the need for a dump valve and finally kept it simple for stupid. Big bonus - sounds awesome.....
  10. I torqued my ARP studs down to 70ft/lb on my Supercharged engine, no problems at all....... Use the grease/ paste that comes with them though.....
  11. Been reading this and resisting posting. I have owned Series 2a's, a series 3, Discos, Range Rovers, a Nissan Patrol Y60 4.2 LWB turbo and presently a late Toyota Land-cruiser 100 series 4.2 24 valve TD, amongst over 30 odd other cars over the years The Patrol is the second best machine I have ever owned, but nowhere near a good as the Land-cruiser, but £2.5K will probably only buy you a breaker so please don't rate that against a cheap Disco. The modern Land-cruisers are awesome for towing, getting across rough land, or as a daily drive perhaps lacking all the luxury items of the new Range
  12. Thick Hydraulic hose, bomb proof and you can bend it and hit it with an hammer.
  13. Simon I fully agree, I think its a great show, great venue and it gets me inspired ready for the start of the season. From a competitors and I suppose now also an organisers point of view, its great to walk around and meet folks with no stress or last minute panic going on and see what they look like when they're not covered in mud, and the missus sometimes goes for a change, to keep her eye on the budget I think. And its only hour away......
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