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  1. Litch

    Going auto.... shifter location? ???...

    Used the Ashcroft console myself.
  2. Litch

    swapping to a carling hazard switch

    Yes, the Carling one works perfectly. Have one on my 1986 90 and that works fine, wired up with the instructions supplied by Mudstuff.
  3. Litch

    Wheel wobble

    Even slightly worn front radius-arm bushes can make any steering wobble feel a whole lot worse, do you know if they are in good condition?
  4. Litch

    Windscreen washer jet adjustment

    When I started to drive ( a long time ago now) my late father told me to always keep a pin stuck in the edge of the sun-visor so I could adjust the washer nozzle. Always done it and never been caught out, makes it easier when you realise that adjusting the spray for when you are stationary is not so good for when you are travelling at speed.
  5. Litch

    Britpart X-Column lock protector

    I've had one for a couple of years. As stated, relatively easy to fit and then you can forget it exists. Does it work? I don't know as I am not a car thief and therefore don't know how much noise / mess /time they like. Another layer of security, can never have enough in my opinion.
  6. Litch

    Yet another 'what battery ' question

    This is a post I placed on another forum just a few weeks ago......... Just got around to replacing the battery on my 300TDi 90, the old one hadn't given up the ghost but I thought that with winter coming and the fact that it is often left parked up for weeks at a time it was better to be safe than sorry. The vehicle has been SORN'd for the past 3-months and despite only being started up for short periods of time (to move it around on the driveway) it still turned over perfectly and fired up like a watch. The old battery? A Mercedes badged Bosch S5013 which I fitted in Aug 2005. Think it is fair to say that it gave good value for money and there are no prizes for guessing that I have replaced it with a new Bosch S5013 (100AH / 830CCA).
  7. Litch

    110 1991 CSW door lock barrels & ignition switch

    There you go........................... http://optimillraceproducts.com/ As already stated, take a deep breath first. Got the door-handles and F&R hinges, not cheap but lovely pieces of kit.
  8. Litch

    110 1991 CSW door lock barrels & ignition switch

    “Only 2002+ door locks can use the ignition key, due to the barrels being wider and longer. Unless you upgrade to these then it's always going to be 2 keys.” Not so. My 300TDi used matching keys which I bought from SP Global Parts, long key with short barrel door-locks which fitted & worked perfectly (I say did because I have Optimill handles now which use a different type of lock entirely). I see that others now offer the same kit as SPG.
  9. Litch

    X-Eng handbrake conversion

    I have had one fitted to my 300TDi 90 for several years and have had no problems with it. The OE hand-brake is fine if correctly maintained but for some reason some people seem to have difficulty with it and think that it is easier to replace the whole thing with an X-brake, it may seem an extreme way of resolving the issue but each to their own. One thing about the X-Brake is that in my experience it will not clog with mud and when wet dies out in an instant, it is practically maintenance free and still on its first set of pads. I would love to know what the term "emergency braking" means in what I assume to be a situation where the vehicle is still moving?
  10. Litch

    Insurance - gearing change

    Always declare everything, what price piece of mind against the potential for a claim not to be upheld? I had been with my insurer for well over a decade with an agreed value policy but this year the premium went up 50% (no change in circumstances on my part) so I decided enough was enough. Checked with a couple of the likely suspects and while it took me a while to put together the history, list of modifications and vehicle history the agreed value was confirmed 3-days later and my annual premium has dropped 30% compared to last year (this years premium £170). 1986 90 with an agreed value of £14K and enough modifications to fill more than an A4 sheet, now insured with Adrian Flux.
  11. Litch

    Mud dash

    My R380 gearstick was fine with my Raptor centre-console but when I fitted the undertray I found that it was too close for comfort, I tried rotating the gearstick but I never found a position that was completely comfortable and as I didn't want to bend the gearstick I removed the undertray instead. I then found the perfect solution............................... I removed the R380 and fitted an auto instead, undertray fitted and still plenty of room. Problem solved with an easy & quick solution plus no messy bending of gearsticks.
  12. Litch

    How to tighten crank bolt on 300TDi?

    Everytime I read this sort of thread I wonder why people just don't buy the correct tool? The aren't expensive, make carrying out the job a breeze and if you intend keeping this (or another) LR then you will probably use it again anyway. Also there is the chance to rent it out to another soul who would appreciate how much easier it makes the job and be willing to pay the price of a couple of beers to use it.
  13. Litch

    Recommended a swivel kits?

    BP swivel kits (inc swivels) were fine on mine, fitted perfectly and never gave a problem.
  14. Litch

    Mounting Auto Dead Pedal

    As someone has resurrected this old thread.............................. Decided against the footrest, after nearly a year of driving the auto I have not felt the need to rest my left foot on anything other than the floor. Took it back to Ashcroft for a refund. X-Eng pedal lock fits fine, even with the larger foot-plate & rubber.
  15. Litch

    Lighter Clutch Spring.

    The spring will not fit the early clutch pedals as they are made from a three sided pressing, the later ones are flat and the spring will fit them no problem. About three years ago I wanted to replace my clutch pedal assembly (the old one needed painting plus I liked the idea of the later one with spring). As a genuine part it was only £35 (part number SKB500280) so it was a no-brainer, same item now is £100 or more. Ironic thing is that I have since gone auto so it is sitting in the shed with all the other bits that "might come in handy one day".

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