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  1. Hi all, I've got an old 200tdi Discovery sitting around doing nothing and would like to bobtail it for off road use. Can some people advise on where the best place to cut is/how much to trim off. I appreciate I could do as much/as little as I want but would I'd really like some guidance from some people who've undertaken this project. Is there a set place to cut the roof? Also, can anyone give me any idea on how many hours it will take? Am I naieve on thinking its just a case of 'cutting some out and moving the fuel tank'? All coments would be appreciated. Rob
  2. I've got a discvoery 200tdi which i mainly purchased for the modifications it had on it so i could put them on my V8i. The 200tdi is now put back to standard, but is certainly not going to be road leagel without loads of money being spent on it. So, the plan is to bobtail it and make it a bit of an animal! I've seen a discovery which had 12" cut from the chasis and the rear prop shortened. Has anyone here done this or seen it done first hand? The car looked awsome and would certianly be better for trial events. Any information would be greatly apreciated. If not, some general informatio
  3. Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the advice! Just found out a guy i know at my local 4x4 club is selling a 16" kenlow for £50! Bargain
  4. Hi there, I'm wanting to remove my viscous fan off my V8i discovery and replace it with an electric version with a relay in the car so i can turn it off when going through deep water. Can anyone advise which make/model is best to use, where i can get it from and how much it will roughly cost? A local Land Rover dealer told me I need a double blow fan which would set me back £298 + vat!!! Seems a little expensive! Anyway, any information would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Is your V8 carbed or injected? Was thinking about replacing the middle box with a straight through section but I'm not sure if it will muck up the fueling (mines injected). Any suggestions?
  6. Im thinking of getting some 235x85 Insa Tubro Special Track tyres for my Disco 1 but I want to do as little body work alterations as possible. Is anyone out there running this size and if so, could you let me know if they rub on the radius arms or body panels? Many thanks, Rob
  7. Hi there, I'm thinking of replacing my standard exhaust with an aftermarket one to get the awesome V8 noise. As mentioned, its a 1995 Discovery 1 V8i, I also need the car to get through MOT's though. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I may be able to purchase a full system from that doesn't cost more than my kidneys!!!???? Thanks, Rob
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