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  1. Darren Roberts

    Another rough idea problem!

    thanks Bowie, will do.....
  2. Darren Roberts

    Another rough idea problem!

    Thanks guys. New valley gasket, new host between air valve and inlet manifold. So I will check the rest of the hoses and maybe re-torque the manifold..
  3. Darren Roberts

    Another rough idea problem!

    Hi Guys, 1992(K) hard dash de-catted. I've googled virtually all the rough running issues and come up a blank with this one, so any help appreciated. A while back the valley gasket was replaced, and to be honest it's never run right since, due to a whole series of issues. So to cut to the chase, I've followed off LandyZone the process for resetting base idle, namely. Clamp the hose in the back of the plenum between inlet manifold and idle control valve. Unplug idel control valve. Warm engine up. Adjust base idle screw onto of the manifold to get 500 rpm +/- 20 rpm. plugin idle control valve. Unclamp the hose on back of the plenum. I've tried this twice and I can't get it to ticker at 500rpm consistently. The ECU Mate show RPM fluctuating all over the place, so when I get to the end of the process, its. no better than before. Could there be something else causing the rpm to fluctuate (sometimes by 100 odd rpm or more) when the idle control valve is isolated. So I'm figuring if its won't idle smoothly with the idle control valve isolated, it's got no chance when it's no isolated..... So far it's had New rotor arm New coil New dizzy amp New plugs New HT leads Replacement ECU. 1 lamba is showing 128%, the other lean.Its running green fuel map. All ideas appreciated. cheers Darren
  4. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Not Starting

    Rockstar. Thanks for your help. Knowing what Range Rovers are like this could be a possible for next time!
  5. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Not Starting

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the fast responses. 3.9 14CXU. Found the problem today, the feed for the fuel pump was non existent. When I retro fitted the 300 tai fuse box, I attempted to reuse the multi plug. This results in 3 fats wire in the loom (30 amps ) connected to 1 fat wire and two skinny ones - of course one of the skinny ones was the fuel pump. Multiplug no disposed of, crimped connectors on the loom and straight into the bottom of the fuse box. I do have another problem now (all the ignition setup is new, and dizzy strobed in today) but it "hunts" on ticker between 600 rpm and 1200 rpm. Possible dirty stepper motor on the wire control valve back of the plenum?
  6. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Not Starting

    Hi All, So last weekend I went to drive my truck home after standing all day. Wouldn't start. Turned over ok but nothing. So this week I changed the Dizzy Arm, Cap & amp, along with a new coil. Plugs and leads are fairly new as well. Took it to my mates place to time it in as. I didn't have a timing light. Got there and parked up. About 30 minutes later, nothing! We've had a look at the ignition system and its all good, nice healthy spark. Checked the EFI and Mail relays under the seat in the EFI loom, all fine. However they're not getting powered up. Checked the power feed in at the ECU plug plus the Fuel relay feed, both getting power. Any ideas because we're both stumped! We've rigged up a power supply the the fuel pump relay (feed to pump) and it runs ok. Any ideas as to what else to look out for? cheers in advance D
  7. Darren Roberts

    Mig reccomendations h

    Ive brought a PortaMig. Love it to bits. But checkout out Mig Welding Forum - loads of help on there......
  8. Darren Roberts

    Strata Florida next week

    Plenty of help on Facebook via All Terrain Uk......
  9. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Swivels

  10. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Swivels

    Going to catch up with Steve hopefully late this week. I did get a quote back fro Ashford Chroming. £320 for the pair....
  11. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Headlight Upgrade

    Last weekend in Kent - yes......
  12. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Headlight Upgrade

    Any thoughts on this in the context of previous comments about rewiring? http://www.paddockspares.com/boomslang-performance-headlight-loom.html
  13. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Swivels

    Thanks Steve. I may well take you up on the offer. I have one ok and one shagged. I'll give you. shout next week when I have a bit more time on my hands...I'm after ABS ones..... cheers D
  14. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Swivels

    HI All, Swivels are knackered. Ot a spare set but one is completely shot, the other has only a little bit of corrosion. Has anyone had there's refinished? I know someone who brought the teflon ones and the swivel collapsed on a green lane, and it cost him a fortune to get recovered. Worse case I ws going to shot blast them and refinish with JB Weld unless anyone has any better (and preferably) cat effective solutions. PS My hardest us the ABS model so the swivels seem much harder to come by....... cheers D
  15. Darren Roberts

    Range Rover Classic Headlight Upgrade

    Thanks Steve. Just wired them in on the stand 3 pin flat bladed plug. I think I'm going to sell them and go with the suggestions made previously on the thread. I prefer the original look of the Classic new to these anyway, even if they are better than candlelight power!

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