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  1. I see to have cured the problem!! Yay! I did the 'abs mod' and it seems to have cured it.
  2. I know... Very strange... Would the shuttle valve cause this problem?
  3. Hi Folks Ive searched the forum and cant really find anything on this... My 03 disco 2 v8 is having trouble with the three amigos. Normally everything is ok, but when you press the brake pedal fairly hard the 3 lights come on, it doesnt seem to matter if the engine is on or off, whether you're moving or stopped. If I press the pedal lightly the lights dont come on, but if I brake sharply they do! The lights reset after turning the ignition off and on. A plug in hasn't revealed any fault codes, so im all out of ideas Have any of you had something like this?
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply! I'll get on it tomorrow and let you know how I get one Thanks again.
  5. Hi Folks I've searched this topic but haven't found anything.. Every now and again I get the same six dash lights come, plugging the laptop in doesn't seem to reveal anything about the issue There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. I've attached a photo of the lights that come on, hopefully this has happened to someone else as well. Thanks
  6. Hi folks, I've recently upgraded from mega tune to tunerStudio, but, in mega tune my ve tables always had rpm along the bottom and MAP up the left hand side. Now in tunerstudio there is rpm along the bottom and MAF VOLTS up the side.. Is there anyway to change tuner studio to display MAP? I'm running MS1 SnE 029v. Thanks
  7. Right, After much messing around with all sorts of settings, ive very roughly tweeked the ASE settings, and guess what, it seems to work, ive been using these settings for a week or so now, and although theres the odd first start where it seems like it'll stall out, she usually starts up beautifully. Here are my settings at the moment, they still need some fine adjustment, but they seems to be good.
  8. Well I've been trying a few different settings with mixed results.... I think this is just going to take a long time and I'm just not being patient enough!!! I will update my progress if and when it happens Bowie... Did you have any success?
  9. All of the above makes good sense, my WUE graph is pretty identical, I have more or less done the same as Bowie, and although the engine started and nearly stall out it kept running... Tomorrow I will reduce the ASE a bit more and see what happens, I think it'll work, I'll post up my settings if it does
  10. Thanks Neil, I will amend the frequency to 100 and check to see if the valve is actually shutting. ta Jon
  11. Zim, Can you remember what you did at all? Ive attached a copy for you all to have a look at, yiou, just in case its something blatently obvious
  12. Hmmmm seems like a few of us have this problem. I tried upping the first start enrichment figure this morning with no effect, so this would tie in with what Bowie69 has said.... Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to cure this?
  13. Hi Folks, Ive been struggling with this for a little while now, and ive been fiddling with all sorts of little settings, and to cut a long story short, ive decided i dont really know what im doing and its time to ask for help!! The trouble is; that one the first start of the day the motor (3.9 v8 running MS1 Spark and Extra) fires and runs for a couple of seconds then stalls, then if you crank it again she fires up and runs perfect. It'll start perfectly all day then, but come the next morning it'll be crank-run-stall-crank-run. Has anyone had any similar problems? Or got any solutions? I
  14. I thought so, I've dropped you a PM. Jon
  15. Hi Folks, I'm running MS1n extra on a kit supplied by the lovely Hybrid from Hell. Does anyone know how I can check what version of firmware I have? Ta Manxey
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