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  1. Ah that's what the soft top ewok is for drive in fill to the brim with muddy water drive out and dump elsewhere. Easy ditch clearing...... Mike
  2. Been on there for 20 years, never opened but doesn't leak . It'll start leaking this year now you know that don't you . Mike
  3. I've got discovery 1 headlight washer pump and jets fitted to the ibex (and the tomcat before that). The pump fits one of the under wing type tanks (might be a military one though) it's plumbed with something like 8mm ID hose. There's a non return valve at the split (also discovery 1 item). I then cut the jets down the fit on the bonnet. they are quite powerful but the tank does empty quickly if your not careful. Mike
  4. And it will fit over the ribs in my roof without having to cut them..... Mike
  5. I'm also taking part in TSD's experiment though he may not remember. I have two varta stop start batteries in my ibex but they were in our 110 and the one before that as well so they are 6 years old now. Mike
  6. I can probably get them to Basingstoke assuming fridge doesn't mind (probably should unbolt the roof at some point). Mike
  7. If your willing to make or repair then you can save money. But it will cost you more than you plan. Mike
  8. There is a great 100 build in members vehicles. Well worth a read. Mike
  9. 24v to 12v dropper and a standard wiper motor or convert the whole truck to 12v not the cheapest solution but cheaper in the long run. Mike
  10. Take the paint off and polish them....ok....ok.....I'm going now. Mike
  11. If you can find somewhere that will take it. There are lots of recyclable items that are almost impossible to get recycled. Mind I drive a gas guzzling recycled car, that really messes with the greenys when I point out my car is greener than theirs. Mike
  12. @Daan uses polished stainless sheet in his if I remember correctly. Mike
  13. I have a corded makita recip saw rarely use it. I also have an aeg oscillator but I use fein blades there blades are far better than an others I've tried. I have cut through m10 stainless bolts, aluminium panels, wood and grp. As said there are different blades for different jobs. Mike
  14. Thanks Alex I'm really pleased with it and use it as my daily driver. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the next ibex meet as i missed the one last year by a couple of months. @Snagger the alternator is a straight swap mounting wise bar the m10 holes and upgrade to the wiring. I paid £20 for a second hand item but you do need to be careful to get the right one (The s#*tpart up grade is a Mondeo alternator by the looks of it). The pulley I used came off a Mondeo alternator that had been fitted to a 200tdi but looks to be relatively easy to fit and shim to line up. Mike
  15. I have the same panel and controller as fridge but only one. The controller is mounted in the car connected to one of my 110 ah varta AGM batterys. The other identical battery is connected to the engine and 90 amp Mondeo alternator. Between the two I have a voltage sensing relay (adjusted lr rear window item) that runs a solenoid. My winch, fridge (waceo cf25) etc run off the second battery so if it goes flat I can still start. My panel is connected to the car via a plug mounted on the back so I can place the panel in the sun. The only problem is storing the panel while moving from site to site. My system worked well in Scotland and kept the fridge running for 3 days without moving the car no problem. Mike
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