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  1. It would destroy the kit car market over night and weirdly it would surely prevent anyone from converting their car to electric. Mike
  2. What's this corrosion thing, Ibex don't do rust. Mike
  3. Mot this morning......passed, "it's got an oil leak near the oil filter, but it's is a land rover!" Mike
  4. You need to try another club . I might know of one in Hampshire with several members in the upper region. Mike
  5. Joining a local land rover club is normally the best way of getting friends/help you'll be surprised how many people live "just around the corner". But more often it's a case of learning to don't it yourself with the help of others. Electrics are fairly simple and with photos and description on here you'll probably be able to sort it yourself. Doors will be easier off the vehicle but are not nice to do. I think there is a company that does door repairs. Mike
  6. Our lifts tend to be less weighty but still challenging. Mid roll over with 40t crane. Mike
  7. I think there is a que of people that would love to read about your build @steve b. Mike
  8. This looked good on my Sankey, it's just folded aluminium at about 30° and joined in the corners. Mike
  9. The IVA brake test is done on rollers. The only reason the mot is not done on rollers is because some dipstick tried to do it with a diff locked and did a lot of damage. In this instance I wouldn't do the single wheel test on the rear but I see no reason why both wheels on the rear axle couldn't be tested at the same time. Yes they more than likely will stop at different times but the diff should cope with that. It doesn't help but my mot man would do it, he put my ibex on the rollers for me before I took it to the IVA. Mike
  10. Are you sure it's gearbox, I had a uj fail and make a screeching noise on deceleration. If it is the gearbox it's likely to be quicker and easier to swap it out, as gearbox rebuilds tend to be time consuming and often require special tools. Mike
  11. Amp meters don't generally go high enough for modern systems unless you go for an electronic version (not normally guage sized). I have a standard volt guage in the 110 and a fake Carling with twin digital volt read out in the ibex. I wouldn't classifie either as accurate but comparatively you get an idea if something is amiss. Mike
  12. Pull the t-box cover and see if the shaft is spinning. Mike
  13. Will it drive in diff lock, are the props rotating. If yes to either of these it's diff, drive flange or halfshaft. If not pull the round cover off the transfer box here you'll be able to see if the shaft and or the input gear are spinning. If the gear is spinning the transfer box has broken. If the gear isn't but the shaft is the splines have gone on the gear or shaft (you can remove the gear to check if need be). If the shaft isn't spinning the gearbox or clutch is dead. Mike
  14. To me it sounds more like your tank breather is blocked and your not actually putting a full tank in. For it to go up in corners etc the fuel level has to go up so if the breather is blocked you'll have an air bubble in the tank therefore you only have ¾ of a tank. Mike
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