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  1. What hydraulic winch is this

    You definitely have to cut the grill panel and the winch sits against the front crossmember. Mike
  2. I'm back.........why is it?

    Land rovers are the best and worst car you'll ever own. I bought a skoda for a while it was the best car I've ever owned and I hated it because it bored me senseless. Long live the land rover smile. Mike
  3. What hydraulic winch is this

    I love it. It will pull all day it if a little slow for some people. I've converted mine to plasma rope as for approach angle I've never had a major issue. Mike
  4. What hydraulic winch is this

    I have the same in pto driven form. Mike
  5. front and rear brake calipers

    Some disco 1 and rangie classic were twin line so they will fit but plumbing needs to be altered. As far as I know all front calipers will fit all front axles (except disco2 and p38). Mike
  6. I'm expecting the ibex to be on the old system of tax as it has a 200tdi even though it will be a Q plate registered hopefully this or next year. Mike
  7. Tyres

    The thing to remember with bfg's yes they are more expensive but I've got around 50000 miles on a set and they are still at 8mm of tread. Mike
  8. My tomcat was built as a radically altered and retained the donor registration. At the time it went for a VIC (no longer exists) which was to check points if it passed you kept the registration. If it failed it was off to SVA then it would be registered based on donor. If you used one donor it would be age related, if you used several it would be Q. Both were taxed on the old system. Unless the donor was post 2001 but I'm not sure what happened then. However this was 10 years ago. Mike Just had a look if the vehicle was constructed after 2001 then tax is based on engine emissions. If engine emission data is not available then it will be taxed on engine size (old system). So I doubt you will keep tax exempt but you will only be taxed on the old system. I also think you will have an IVA like a grey import where they only check the identity and the modifications.
  9. sheared body mount 110 csw

    There is a company on eBay that make 110 half chassis that includes this crossmember. So you could buy that or maybe they could make this crossmember for you. However welding it in will be tricky in situ and I'd be concerned at the integrity of the rest of your chassis. Mike
  10. I think you would come under radically altered not amateur built. Can't remember if you need an IVA. Emissions are based on engine age and as far as I know tax is also based on engine age. Mike
  11. 110 chassis dimensions

    That crossmember looks the same as the one that was on 45 that I destroyed in Russia. It was definitely the original so I'd say yours is an original. You normally need to Jack the chassis apart to get them in or out. The amount of twist in your chassis doesn't surprise me. To be honest I personally wouldn't worry unless it was in excess of an inch. I think there is a full set of dimensions in one of the manuals. Mike
  12. Mach 5 bolt sizes

    Mine look to be M8x20 cap heads. Mike
  13. ibex 300 build

    The panels in the back are machine screws through into the frame behind. The main cabin has two screws either side of the roll bar the rest is either trapped, fixed with something else ie grab handles or glued in place with sikaflex. Mike
  14. Transmission mounts

    The other thing to remember is that crossmember hangs down a fair bit which can be a hindrance off road. Mike
  15. ibex 300 build

    I looked at those but they're £30 the lr relay was a fiver. Yes there is some other options but this was relatively simple. Mike