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  1. My rear tub is an all aluminium pick up tub that is separate to the chassis. If I remember correctly TSD's long and short wheelbase both have wheel boxes that are part of the chassis so assume cosibex was the same. Mike
  2. It's just occurred to me that I have polybush bump stops that are about 12mm longer than factory. That may be why mine doesn't rub plus my springs are a little stiffer than TSD's. Mike
  3. I'd say that's a cracking job. I can see why you used 3mm now. Mike
  4. Could you get a local sheet metal firm to form the long fold's. I know that's not the point but it does save a lot of agro. Mike
  5. No but it's old enough for only us old farts to remember their perfect creation's not plagerised from anyone else.... Mike
  6. I will second this I have both and they are by far the best overlanding videos. These guys prove you don't need all the toy just a bit of ingenuity. I will probably end up waiting for the long way up to come out on dvd. As I flatly refused to have 10 different subscriptions and can't be bothered/not sure I'm capable of a work round. Mike
  7. Surely just a rename of this thread will work let's face it, it's in the right section. Mike
  8. Remember 90 and 110 are rocking horse poo In the states and very expensive. They have a reasonable kit car industry over there much like we do here. So if you can't find/afford a real one....... Mike
  9. 35's will be fine from a normal driving point of view. I found the gearing to tall, but I tow a fair bit so needed either a diff ratio swap or a tyre swap. Mine caught the front valance on full lock with a reasonable bit of articulation at the same time (narrower tyres/less offset may of cleared). I'm also running standard 110 pick up height springs so again with a small lift it would probably clear. I don't recall any rubbing at the rear but I did trim the return inwards part of the arch both front and back at the lower edges because it was close. I not sure what offset my rims are or even wh
  10. On a side note ibex were designed with 33" tyres in mind as a standard fit. Mine is also a 200tdi and tsd is tgv 2.8. My build thread is here Mike
  11. Hi yes I'm here . Mine on 35/12.50x15 (grey one), @TSD on 285/75x16 (33") (yellow one). The 35's rub a little on full articulation but only occasionally. Mine now on 33/12.50x15. the main reason for the drop was gearing and they don't rub at all now. Mike
  12. I have a patriot on our 110 lovely rack lower profile than the brownchurch. I've had both, given the choice it would be patriot because it's way more useful being semi decked and no external rail. However I got our patriot cheap second hand and even then it was double the price of a second hand brownchurch. I'm not even entertaining new prices for the brownchurch let alone the mortgage required for a patriot. Mike
  13. Every boat yard I've ever worked in uses Henry's they are virtually indestructible but only use the paper bags the microfiber ones are rubbish. Mike
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