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  1. If you don't off road often you'll be fine just replace it next time it's off. Mike
  2. We're back there in September Les. Mike
  3. I've got one that I think is failing as if I brake 3 times in quick succession the third time has no servo assistance but the servo seems to be fine so I guess the vacancy pump is going. I will replace it at some point. Mike
  4. With the best will in the world by putting great big locks on the outside you may as well have a flashing lights say stuff worth nicking inside. If original or like for like swapped your door are aluminium and steel. A locked steel box bolted down inside or creating a box with window guards etc is better in my opinion. But leaving anything in a land rover is brave but if you must then hide it or disguise it. Mike
  5. They should be mounted with the inside (hollow side) towards the bearing. It normally says on the seal. Should you change it yes will it be OK till the next time it's off probably the worst that will happen is contamination and premature failure. Mike
  6. Ask TSD what happens when you think the starter feed is to small and up it. I believe he literally blew two starters apart before he worked out land rover use that size cable to limit the current draw of the motor. Mike
  7. Vac pump on a 200tdi is cam driven by skew gear on the block at the mid point (where the distributor would be on a 2.25 petrol. As far as I know there's only one type.the 300tdi was again cam driven but by plunger, positioned lower and further back. I think td5 and tdci are on the alternator but not sure. Mike
  8. He did say it's standard disco Ross. As to using the stud rather than the post, on Marine stuff we tend to use the studs as they are more positive than clamping a post. These days most clamps have a stud for the cable anyway so it's no different. Mike
  9. On a side note it sounds like your clutch release arm has punched through so add a HD release arm and release bearing to your shopping list. Mike
  10. Off road caravan.... due to some interesting circumstances I'm selling a lot of our camping gear to go the caravan route. However caravans are hateful, flimsy and generally don't tow that well. So once we have established a caravan will work for us in feel a build coming on. Mind I do need to shift so other projects first. Mike
  11. If it's any help I have vapour builds monthly but I have been known to actually build some of mine to. Mike
  12. Bookings close tonight see you there. Mike
  13. Only 3 days left to book. Mike
  14. http://www.caranex.co.uk/ Not tried one but did look into one a while ago. Mike
  15. We did find you needed to clean the filter quite frequently (can't remember what with but it does tell you on the packet). The water etc slowly blocks the filter to the point it stops working but a quick clean and away it goes again. Mind your still left with a bucket of sludge that's difficult to burn get rid of. Mike