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  1. If only you knew where there was a defender 200tdi that would go straight in.....hat.....coat....out of here.
  2. Perhaps a photo of the whole radiator would help identify it. Mike
  3. What about rising hinges on the doors so the rubber doesn't drag until the last minute. Mike
  4. I had a 200 that did similar, what you don't want to hear is it eventually snapped a cam. I suspect the cam bearings had turned thus cutting the oil to the cam. The other thing that backed this up was a flickering oil pressure light at tickover when warm. Mike
  5. Or a spare tailgate and bolt it to that if you get it right the tyre could rest on the cross member when down at horizontal. Mike
  6. I've seen a 90 like you discribe it was on eBay I think about 3 years ago. It looked kinda cool. It wouldn't be that hard to fab it yourself. But I see no reason why a sheet metal firm shouldn't be able to fold to CAD, template, rough stretch or measurements. Mike
  7. My experience is they don't sell for that much more than the Sankey they are based on. Certainly not what it will of cost. Mike
  8. I got given a Tandy style one, binned it and bought a Steve Parker. Buff said. Mike
  9. We can definitely help you with that. 😉 Mike
  10. If it helps I have a defender r380 tunnel and diaphragm mould or as per fridge I can do custom. Mike
  11. Turn the hazard switch on and off a few times. From memory the indicators go through the hazard switch so if the contacts get dirty in there nothing works. Mike
  12. The resin would either pickle the paint or not stick to it any better than bare Ali. I glued two strips of Ali (6mm x 50mm x 1200mm) to the inside of my tomcat rear roof to stiffen the sides in way of the struts with sikaflex. It worked very well and never came apart in the 6 years I had the car. Mike
  13. Polyester doesn't stick to aluminium very well and epoxy isn't much better. You can laminate over it with either to encapsulate it and if you put some big holes in it to push the glass down into it works well. The best products to stick aluminium to a fibreglass substrate are plexus (an acrylic glue from memory) or sikaflex with the correct primer. I have successfully used both products. Feel free to prod me for more info. Mike
  14. Posting a thread about it on here helps me. You don't manage anything for weeks then post up the smallest thing (that you don't think is interesting) and suddenly your in a discussion..... Mike
  15. I tend to have the opposite problem. I simply don't have time/space to get on with my projects. However getting out in or using a working one will quite often wake you up a bit. Mike
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