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  1. On my tomcat with a standard prop on the rear I used to get vibration on over run. My tomcat had the engine shifted back 10 inches, enough to swap front and rear props on a 100 inch wheel base. When I built it I re-phased the the rear prop to suit the front location and vice versa. I fitted a front double carden prop on the rear (re-phased to suit rear location) this solved the vibration. Mike
  2. I think there is a second fuse box on a td5 under the drivers seat maybe. It does sound like a main fuse. Mike
  3. I had a double carden front prop on the rear of my tomcat. From memory I re-machined the disco front flange to fit inside a td5 hand brake. I re-phased the prop by pulling the end out and re-fitting in a different spline position. Mike
  4. A picture from a great weekend. Some of Dave lang's on Facebook: Mike
  5. Compress one side and ratchet strap then do the other. Just be real careful when you release, it may be worth refitting the compressor to release. Mike
  6. I've drawn several boat wiring diagrams by hand but I suspect most are done in CAD. It's mostly about logic and simple routes rather than relative positions. Mike
  7. Gearboxes tend to whine. But try knocking it out of gear both main box and transfer box one at a time whilst rolling along. Also go through the gears with in transfer box neutral. Mike
  8. I would suspect you can feel the void between the two positions. Mike
  9. Let's be honest the new defender is no different to the (not so now but at the time) new mini, beetle or fiat 500 etc all good cars but the purists hated them. Now many of the purists own, have owned or would own the new version. Do I want one now, no. But in the future (given a lottery win) would I consider one probably...... Mike
  10. Probably only going do September next year as June has been struggling for support. Mike
  11. Oi pot kettle cough alternator cough. I do have interesting luck but the other thing to remember is both our trucks are daily drivers none of this namby pamby second car lark. Plus my life is incredibly busy so whilst I do maintain my trucks well it could always be better/more frequent. My final defence is I'm on a tight budget so a lot of parts are second hand or repaired. 😜 Mike
  12. Personally I'd just replace the 200tdi with another one no hastle and can be done in a few hours. It's often cheaper to buy the complete car than the engine. If your willing/have space to break it you'll probably get your money back. Mike
  13. I have driven both off road. Up hill and in the mud auto is awesome. Down can be buttock clenching, cadence braking is the key. As stated above they're not that bad and lots of people prefer them as they break traction less. Personally give me manual any day. Mike
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