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  1. More importantly width doesn't change the gearing. 235's and 7.50's are near enough 31" iirc so that means you could run one of each on an axle (though I wouldn't advise it). Mike
  2. Err the wall behind the truck.....OK I'm going now. Mike
  3. I've fitted 24 spline internals in a 10 spline rear axle. I'm pretty sure you can do the same at the front but you may need to change the cvs as well. Assuming it's a metric axle. Mike
  4. A. I'm in that one. And B. I couldn't find it quickly. Anyway back on topic keep up the good work I'm enjoying it. Mike
  5. Built by jez(dollythelw) and Vince assisted by fridgefreezer, TSD, myself and others. Raced in Russia (ladoga) then bought by some crazy Belgians.... Mike
  6. See told you it was an addiction. Mind after mouse and lotus is normal. Mike
  7. Not me this time. but I do have a soft spot for lotus and was lucky enough to drive an original elan once. The man in question "had" to come over here to buy a replacement esprit iirc after his last one got a little to warm in a workshop fire. I seem to recall an eventful return to Belgium. Mike
  8. He might know someone with a lotus addiction.....and a land rover one. Mike
  9. I've been making steady progress washer systems all done just need to change the trigger wiring. Coolant hoses done, main battery cables run and connected (no battery yet). Need to sort the heater wiring I should point out I'm using a Discovery loom in a defender layout. Next I have this little lot to play with. Mike
  10. When I painted 45 I sanded the corrosion areas both aluminium and steel, wiped with acetone then dabbed por15 over with a brush. Once dry a light flat back then a spray coat of super etch (etching filler primer good for tying to existing paint). A dab of filler here and there, more filler primer and 2k top coat. I did that in 2009, beat it into trees and swap in Russia and been off roading it ever since. It's held up well some has come back now but most the corrosion now is new not the existing. Mike
  11. We use lathams no idea on price and I don't know if they sell to the public. Failing that a boat yard or decent joinery shop should be able to help. Mike
  12. 7.50x16 is near enough 235/85x16 and you can get bfg at's in that size. Mike
  13. Rear tank is td5 on. My tomcat had the chassis cut off behind the spring seats and a length of box section welded between there and a standard rear crossmember. This does mean the crossmember sits higher not a bad thing though. Mike
  14. That work would require an IVA here in the UK. An IVA is test with an engineer who checks the construction and quality of the work. I'm on mobile so didn't realise you are in Oz. Mike