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  1. 2.5 NA versus 200TDI Exhaust Internal Diameter

    Pretty much all exhaust td and on are the same shape excluding the down pipe for the 110. There is some differences to the tail pipe and mounts. I have a v8 system on our 200tdi converted 110. 90s on the other hand varies considerably. We have a td system on our 90. The 200tdi system is hideous and I wouldn't use it on a 90. Our 90 has the middle box deleted sounds good without being stupid loud. Straight through is to loud for regular use unless your deaf and you don't like your neighbours. Mike
  2. Helicoils

    If the thread is in the block you will need to strip the ladder frame off to helicoil it. You need to drill it oversize, tap it and then fit the helicoil none of which will go up an 8mm bolt hole. If the thread is in the ladder you either need to take the sump off or the bodge would be to do it through the sump then use a washer over the now oversize hole in the sump. Mike
  3. New Series - RR Heavy

    Thats where faceache etc will come in as many will get the notification through them then go find it. Mike
  4. Rotodama Rediscovery

    That would go through IVA with no problem. Design/crumple zones are not considered provided the exterior projections meet the regs and the structure/seat belt mounts are up to the job. Mike
  5. Rotodama Rediscovery

    A camper version might be more viable as the only market I can see for it at present is tree surgeon. But I do quite like it styling aside. Mike
  6. Summer Sisters - Wales off-road weekend, 23-24 June

    Only a few days left to get your bookings in see you there. Mike
  7. Steering judder

    I've got until the weekend after next (before the 2nd) to get this sorted but it needs to be known good as I hadn't noticed a problem with this one yet he picked it up. Worst case I'll swap it with the one on the 110. Mike
  8. Steering judder

    Yeah I've only just changed the one on the 110 from 3 to 4 bolt. So I have a spare 3 bolt but not a 4 bolt. TSD has said I can borrow the one off 2bex if need be but I will look for one on the basis that this one may not be long for this world if I refit it after the IVA. Mike
  9. Steering judder

    To be honest I was hoping for the best but fearing the worst. As usual the only bit I don't have a spare for is the steering box. Mike
  10. what residue is this

    The white gunk is aluminium corrosion it's where it's sat with water with little or no antifreeze in it. It should just wash out but you will see some pitting left afterwards. It shouldn't be a problem unless it's got really bad pitting. Mike
  11. Steering judder

    Well it's not the pump so I guess I'll be swapping the box out. Mike
  12. Steering judder

    Ed, He's a land rover man....That ain't going to work. It's difficult to tell with the engine off as everything is heavier and slower. Mike
  13. Steering judder

    More of a pulsing and it's only returning from full right hand lock quickly. To be honest at first I couldn't find any thing wrong so didn't know what he picked up. Mike
  14. Steering judder

    Not bushes or mechanical part of the steering (haven't ruled out damper yet but was new 2 years ago). I can make it judder while jacked up it's only on right hand lock. Fluid was filled two years ago (hasn't been driven yet really) and system is as it should be. Mike
  15. Steering judder

    That was next but ran out of day light last night. Mike

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