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  1. I've tried it from 70mph it actually stops quicker than if you stamp on the brakes. But make sure your seatbelt doesn't have any slack in it. Mike
  2. I bought a new aftermarket vac pump I while ago to replace a suspect pump. The new one was worse than the original. So the supplier replaced it for me the second one was just as bad if not worse. I ended up fitting a second hand vac pump. Mike
  3. miketomcat

    battery isolate

    You need to move the supply from the alternator from the starter motor to the battery side of the switch. This will require a longer cable. Personally I switch the positive with small fuse jumped across the switch to keep the permanent live. Mike
  4. miketomcat

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    They do seem to run better drawing fresh air rather than recirculation. Mike
  5. miketomcat

    Cooling fans

    You can use the top hose but you need a higher temp switch. In theory the temp coming out the top is relative to the temp going in the bottom. The bottom hose is probably more accurate though. I drilled and tapped the thermostat housing on the ibex (200tdi) but used the spigot closest to the rad and had to change from an 88° trigger to a 92°. I works bang on now. The main reason for my choice was neatness. Mike
  6. miketomcat

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    Yes I had an eberspacher d1lc under there piped into the rear foot well on my black 110. Would love to do the same on the green 110 but it has twin tanks so need to find a different home for one. Mike
  7. miketomcat

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    Lay under it and get someone to shake the steering wheel left to right. Start by looking at the tracked ends. Then check the panhard rod bushes this may require more vigorous shaking. The go under the bonnet and check input versus output on the steering box and uj's. With your description I'd put my money on panhard bushes or drop arm ball joint. Mike
  8. You know me why change one part when you can create several more problems. Mike
  9. Ed it's a rotary pump on the 200tdi and they don't make any noise when knackered. I've a similar problem on the 110, the brakes work but are a bit "wooden". The vac pump was changed (along with the engine) but it made no difference next on the list is the servo and master but I'm unlikely to do it anytime soon at the moment. Mike
  10. miketomcat

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    That sounds perfect to me. That should put you at winnall (A34/M3 junction) about 5.30-6 there's a big Tescos just off the roundabout. Though it can be a pig to get back out of. Or if you take the 2nd exit to A31/A272 it follows along side the M3 where you can get back on at the next junction. There at least one layby on that section. Mike
  11. miketomcat

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    I can also do up to 7.30 in the morning. Mike
  12. miketomcat

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    Are you passing through Southampton or stopping either way what sort of timings. I work near Winchester so can meet M3 to M27 end with little trouble from 16.45 on failing that the wife should be able to do something day time. Mike
  13. miketomcat

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    All of the above can work for me. Mike
  14. miketomcat

    Glue for holding on door seals

    Sikaflex/tiger seal will hold it on you may need to tape it in place over night though. However now you have used silicone you are screwed, once silicone has been used it's almost impossible to remove completely. It leaves a residue that nothing will stick to. Sorry but I've said it before and I'll say it again the only place for silicone is a bathroom....... Mike
  15. miketomcat

    Squidgy foam tape stuff

    Sticky back neoprene sold on rolls in various sizes. Mike

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