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  1. LR Security Again

    If fitting an isolator switch run the cable from the alternator to the battery side of the switch or to the battery. If you don't and turn the switch off while the engine is running it won't stop the engine and could burn out the alternator. Mike
  2. 200tdi brake vacuum pump

    Oil lubrication but I would squirt a little in before first run. Should be ok in situ depending on how you plan to clean it but it's only three cap heads and it lifts out. If you do end up replacing it I hope you have better luck than me mine was worn in the slots so bought new. Two later I fitted a second hand one as the new ones didn't draw a vacuum. Mike
  3. The roller he refers to is the aircon tensioner for a 200tdi fits over the pump pulley hole similar to above. Mike
  4. American beam pattern is flat and has no kick up therefore not left or right hand. My crystal clears (halogen) are American pattern, E marked and according to my mot man perfectly legal. Mike
  5. What is this device

    If your going to blank it off I would lift the lid and remove the vanes to stop it drawing a vacuum. Mike
  6. Turbo heat shield - Defender 200Tdi

    I folded up a bit of aluminium for it on one of mine. Mike
  7. LR Security Again

    How about a droppable post. I know they can be removed but your just trying to make another truck more appealing than yours. Mike
  8. New Defender mule

    Some interesting shots there. The rear bumper is not like any others you can clearly see the number plate recess. Mike
  9. LR Security Again

    I use the x-eng gear stick lock as its highly visible. I personally think several and easily visible but there's no substitute for blocking it in whether with other cars or fences, post etc. Mike
  10. Photobucket Fix

    Is it possible with the large number of people complaining and shutting their accounts (myself included) That they've had a change of decision. Mike
  11. Strange grab an go

    Or the liquorice mark you leave on the road.....obviously I don' know this from experience Mike
  12. More Quanlity parts

    Ive put a rakeway in my ibex. I think Nige does a similar version but they both use the earlier style bearing which is a normal bearing with a large surface on the clutch side. On a similar note I've sent back two bearmach vacuum pumps this month because they didn't draw a vacuum. Mike
  13. Cool. I think a build thread would interest many on here hint hint... Mike
  14. Cars (and Land Rovers) of Cuba

    Those boys have definitely got skills. Design ability not so much but skill yes in spades. Mike
  15. As I've said I would mount them as per discovery flat mounts inclined towards the engine. I'm fairly sure a factory rr would be the same as the discovery was in production with a 200tdi before they fitted the 200tdi in a rangie. The chassis are virtually identical and land rover weren't known for reinvention. Mike