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  1. He had a habit of acting before thinking but we all loved him for it. RIP Mike
  2. The last set I bought were bearmach I think, they were the rubber ones not the harder plastic type. They've lasted a whole two months. I thought at the time these fit well and are nice and flexible....clearly that didn't help either. I will get some gen ones a see how they compare. Mike
  3. HD flanges are beyond my budget bearing in mind I have two trucks that would need doing. To add to the confusion it's a drum Salisbury, a disc converted Salisbury, a 10 spline front and a 24 spline front which makes ordering hard work. I think I'll just get a pack of gen caps and just replace them as they split. Mike
  4. I've tried both the plastic and rubber ones can't remember makes. Not tried heating them though, good tip. Mike
  5. Recently I've gone through rather a lot of half shaft dust covers (frc4377). They only manage a few months then spilt. Genuine ones are a little pricey but I'll get them if need be. Has anyone found any after market ones that are any good. Mike
  6. Not helping either of you. Mind not sure that's a practical camper not that, that's ever stopped me. Mike
  7. I for one would love to see a rebuild thread on the Esarco. Mike
  8. It's only a 6x4 so completely useless. However if it was £5k it would be worth ditching the tipper and fitting a camper body. Then if you figure out proper 6x6.......then it could be very cool. Mike
  9. You can also roll stuff backwards and forwards with a pit which can be useful. Mike
  10. That looks like it could work out fine. Probably easier for me on the Sunday but could probably do Thursday evening without to much trouble. I've pm'd mat so as long as he's happy I'll pay him and we can sort the rest out as we go. Thanks, mike
  11. If your building the workshop a pit is a no money option and can be built with proper stairs/ramp to get in and out. Ramps are more versatile especially 2 post but 4 post is definitely safer with 2ton+ of land rover. Mike
  12. As long as mat is happy with this it looks like a plan. I can definitely get it from fridge and possibly on the A303 depending on timings (though I probably shouldn't do the 26th as it's my daughter's birthday ) Mike
  13. It's this one: there's no rush so if we can get this to hang together that would be fantastic. I can collect from fridge or Salisbury ish without to much trouble. Mike
  14. In my infinite wisdom I'm interested in mat2495's welder. Is anyone able to get it a bit closer to Southampton. Or collect it from Matt and hang on to it till I can get down to collect it (likely about a month). Mike
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