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  1. Tdi fuel pump spacer

    I can assure you facet pumps aren't all that great either. Granted not lr or diesel but I went through 4 warranty replacements on my Marcos before I gave up and went over to an su pump. The manual pump I took off the 110 had a shorter plunger than the replacement (came with spacer). I tried it without checking it didn't bottom out but it wouldn't pump. Fitted the spacer and it worked correctly. My assumption is one pump will fit several engines just with different spacer to allow for cam throw. Mike
  2. Tdi fuel pump spacer

    I've just fitted one that needed a spacer as without it, it didn't pump. Mike
  3. Ok I've had enough now

    There is a little bit of silver. The engine I looked at last night comes with the car still attached. So at least I can now get some of the other bits I've been planning to sort for a while now. Mike
  4. Ok I've had enough now

    Hopefully I'm looking at an engine locally tonight. I have run through all the options I can think of but keep coming back to swapping the engine being the quickest relatively cheap solution. Mike
  5. Ok I've had enough now

    Daan I either drive a land rover to work or I don't own one end of story. I've almost never owned a normal car in fact I borrowed a disco 3 briefly Saturday it's very nice but simply not me (The subject of a normal car has cropped up with the wife). It's bad enough that the money for getting the ibex on the road is going to be used to purchase an engine. I'm not going backwards when I'm so close. Bowie the first engine has snapped a cam due I think to a spun bearing which I believe is a block right off. The second I though was a blown turbo, I'm now thinking it maybe a holed piston. To make a good one out of the two is work wise in the realms of a re-con but without the benefit of new parts. Mike
  6. Ok I've had enough now

    Thanks ed I've got to find one first but I should be ok. Daan that's a nice idea but that involves a lot of time and money. I did a 200tdi rebuild for a friend a few years ago it took me the best part of a month of evenings, this truck is my daily driver so I don't have that kind of time. Turner short engine is £2000 with head and sump it' £4000 The trucks only worth £2500-£3000 and I simply don't have enough money to buy a second hand one let alone re-con. Mike
  7. Ok I've had enough now

    Well that didn't go to plan either. I had a spare engine with what I thought was a blown turbo. So myself and tsd built it up with known good bits off the current engine then swapped it. Eventually we got it running albeit on 3 cylinders. After much fiddling and a short drive we have canned it as also dead. I'm now looking for another 200tdi to go in. Hopefully I can find one and have another go this weekend. Mike
  8. New Defender mule

    I actually don't mind g wagons and might enjoy confusing them. Mike
  9. Ok I've had enough now

    The engine has been past it's best for a while. It's always been a pig to start and a flickering oil pressure light at tick over. You know how it is no time so just keep fingers crossed. Mike
  10. Ok I've had enough now

    But the disco doesn't need painting. plus......I'll ring you tonight. Mike
  11. Ok I've had enough now

    I had planned to finish off the last few bits on the ibex this weekend. Mike
  12. New Defender mule

    Did a land rover crash in to a g wagon! Mike
  13. Ok I've had enough now

    After the crank pulley coming loose a little while ago. Then last couple of weeks a radiator change and a blown core plug on 45. Now it seems the 110 wants in on the action. I drove home tonight no problem then had to nip out. So jump in turn her over she catches but doesn't fire, try again this time there's a sort of clunk then she spins over very freely. Ok so that now sounds like no compression! I go out in 45 when I get back rocker box off, turn it over valves 1 and 2 are trying to move but not as normal the rest however are stationary. My conclusion is a snapped cam. The rest of this evening has been spent stripping the bits off that need to be swapped onto my spare engine. So of your bored and in Southampton this weekend feel free to come take the mickey out of me doing an engine swap in the rain........ Mike
  14. ibex 300 build

    Steering wheel needs to be padded too. Mike
  15. ibex 300 build

    The 110 wheel and an aftermarket one I have won't pass IVA. The discovery wheel fits the column (110) and the switch gear (disco) but not when they're together. So I've got a mini wheel coming that should satisfy both. I fix the drivers window catch and covered the door mirror bolts. Fitted the gutter trim. The interior light was a broken connection on the disco loom which required the dash out but that's all done now. Mike