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  1. New Defender

    I have to say I quite like that to as for length mo it's not what you have its what you can beat it into..... Mike
  2. Design Oversight

    A Cork or a funnel? Mike
  3. Defender 200tdi - Clutch Low Biting Point

    Take the plate off the top of the pedal housing and check the two nuts on the push rod are tight on the top of the pedal. I had this come loose recently. Mike
  4. I have a td5 hand brake drum and cable and a disco 1 (200tdi) hand brake lever on the ibex. Mike
  5. Can anyone recommend a press

    I manage with a 10ton bench standing it's OK and I have limited space. A wider and 20ton one would be better. I like the bench standing because you can move it about and I like the idea of a movable ram. Mike
  6. Are wheel arch spats handed?

    If it's any help i had four rear arches on the tomcat and couldn't tell the difference when fitting. Mike
  7. Transfer Box - Changing final ratio guide

    Depending on where you are and timings I maybe interested in a 1.6 t box but I'm in no hurry. Mike
  8. Transfer Box - Changing final ratio guide

    You do have a rev limiter it's part of the injection pump from memory it's about 4250rpm. However if your t box is a 1.6 it would sound like it's screaming at 50mph especially if your used to a 1.2 t box. Mike
  9. Transfer Box - Changing final ratio guide

    I can get 80mph out of a 200tdi on 33's with a 1.4:1 t box and that's around 3800rpm ish. Granted it will take you longer to get there but with a 1.2 you should be able to see 80mph. Personally I wouldn't have a 1.2 on 33's but that's just me. Mike
  10. What he ^^ said it's not difficult to lock the rear wheels in standard trim why would you need to make them better. Improve the front definitely but rear I would leave alone. Mike
  11. I believe Ash drove said track in the bowler the next day and dragged piers through in his lightly modified freelander. Let's just say I'm glad my winch is pto driven as an electric winch would of taken a pasting. He was well stuck in there and had been since 7.30pm so I heard. I needed a brief tow to get out after sliding off the track while turning around. It was a great weekend as usual. I love this site as there is literally something for everyone from light green laning to rock crawling over 3ft boulders. Mike
  12. What hydraulic winch is this

    You definitely have to cut the grill panel and the winch sits against the front crossmember. Mike
  13. I'm back.........why is it?

    Land rovers are the best and worst car you'll ever own. I bought a skoda for a while it was the best car I've ever owned and I hated it because it bored me senseless. Long live the land rover smile. Mike
  14. What hydraulic winch is this

    I love it. It will pull all day it if a little slow for some people. I've converted mine to plasma rope as for approach angle I've never had a major issue. Mike
  15. What hydraulic winch is this

    I have the same in pto driven form. Mike