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  1. Duralac or tefgel are another option used in the aviation and marine industry. Mike
  2. Every death is a failure, every life is a win. Every company that goes bust is a failure and every company that survives is a win. There is no right and wrong way to do it because no one know the answer. I just hope as many as possible survive both mentally, physically and economically. We're all in this together so stop comparing sizes and push forwards! Mike
  3. If she's moving from Sweden to Belgium and she likes cars she's a keeper. Mike
  4. Not the only ibex and not the only one that's 200tdi. Though mines a discovery engine. Mines the grey one and the yellow is @TSD. Mike
  5. In the UK we have Shiply. It's a website for transporting just about anything. You post up what, where and when then people give you quotes to move it. You may find someone with a van/empty trailer going your direction. Mike
  6. With a bit of luck seven sister in September is still going to happen. Assuming we don't get a second wave. Mike
  7. My set up is off an utilities 130 300tdi (though I suspect it was V8). Mike
  8. Both my trucks were/are 200tdi (discovery engine fitted in the standard position). From the transfer box forward is the same regardless of chassis length. However different engines are fitted in different positions thus the transfer box moves forward or back depending on engine. Mine came from a 300tdi so I needed to extend the hex. The front crossmember part of the shaft should be the same on all models, mine then has a slip joint and uj next to the front end of the sump followed by a bearing mounted on the sump bolts. Then it's on long shaft all the way back to the PTO box. Mike
  9. Check how tight the rear output flange nut is. As the drive gear is only slid into the shaft and held by friction. So if the nuts loose the gear can spin on the shaft. Mike
  10. This lock down I've finished breaking a 110 (just got a pile of bits to get rid of). I've finished some work on a mini jem so that's going with in a week or so. I've got a pile of bits and a chassis to sort on the wife's 110. We'll gloss over the other two mini Jem's I have stashed. So now seems like the perfect time to look into moving house........ Mike
  11. I may of had one or two of these. Currently have two mini Jem's, very similar to the Marcos but much prettier. This one I had back when I still had hair. Mike
  12. It's not until I drive or at least passenger in someone else's shiny defender. That I realize my dented and scratched creation isn't as bad as I think it is. I have been truly shocked at how bad others are and still have an MOT. Mike
  13. Only if you don't do any maintainance. I've never had it either but I have seen the white face afterwards. Mike
  14. We have a Springer, let's just say she matches our family..... Mike
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