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  1. Pro comp are white with a boot like that so that would be my guess. Mike
  2. I'm hoping to be able to book the IVA this year..... Mike
  3. Yeah but I did endure over a year of not getting anywhere near it. That and I did point out its a very expensive garden ornament so I need to finish it or get rid of it, which would be at a loss! Mike
  4. Due to the joys of photobucket I will be reinstating the photos in this thread over the next few weeks. Also my wife is taking the kids to the mother in laws for most of August so I plan to spend every spare moment on the ibex. Mike
  5. Now the category system is repairable, parts only or must be crushed. The vic only checked the vehicle ID and I was told they only caught something like 100 ringers/stolen vehicles in the entire time it was in place. Mike
  6. Our 110 was a cat c when I bought it. I repaired it and put it back on the road with no issue they had ditched the vic and the category system as I was just finishing so ended up mot'ing it and insuring job done. I had to apply for the v5 which now states it's been written off and repaired. Mike
  7. Some but I'm more likely to know the car than the person. I've been on the mini marcos owners club committee for about 20 years but haven't been that active at events for about 10 years. Mike
  8. If it aint broke don't fix it land rover knew what they were doing so I would mount the t box as close to original position as you can get it. Why not work the other way find the shortest prop land rover used then mount the t box in the same relative position as used on what ever vehicle it came off of. Do not run uj's flat with no deflection they will self distruct in very short order. Mike
  9. The marcos and Jems is everything a mini is but better. My father had a jem in the 70s and it was the first car I ever went in literally. I had my first marcos at 18 and jem at 19. As for the moulds I'm well known in the club for repairing the cars and producing panels so when the previous owner decided to move the jem mk2 and mk3 moulds were donated to me/the club and yes they are the original British ones. Mike
  10. George if you need help with the fibreglass aspects of the esprit give me a shout. I have rebuilt numous fibreglass cars most mini based and some that were way beyond all logic and reason. You may or may not know but I have a small obsession with mini and mini based cars (as well as land rovers). I've had about 20 so far and a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to become custodian of the build moulds for the mini jem. Hopefully once the ibex is finished in can drag one of three shells out and start a rebuild. Mike
  11. Close, mini jem but up until 3 months ago I had a mini marcos as well. Anyway I'm down to 3 mini Jems, 2 sets of mini jem build moulds, a foers ibex, a 110 and 45 (a 90). Sorry for thread hijack I'm loving your work. Mike
  12. I've no idea what you mean....... Mike
  13. Never noticed that it might be a cold climate thing as I imagine ep90 would be like treacle at -15°. Mike
  14. Cough I've never done considerably more than 50 like that just remember to put the prop nuts back on to stop the hand brake drum falling off. Trust me the little screw doesn't keep it on. I've never had to go back and pick the drum up off a roundabout. Mike
  15. It didn't cause a problem on mine i think i just ran some emery round to take the surface rust off. To be honest that's the only reason I worked out there was a difference. You should of seen the panic on my face till I worked out it would still fit. Mike