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  1. Yrm do a flat bottom Ali battery tray if that helps. Mike
  2. I would love to build a 304 into a camper. One day maybe. Mike
  3. I'll come and make your tea. But I'm going to need about 400 years to save for the tickets. Mike
  4. Silicone doesn't stick to the hose tail like rubber does so yes they can blow off under pressure but if you tighten them down well they're fine. I've had a silicone turbo hose blow off and induction side collapse. They don't like diesel. I decided against them on the ibex purely based on cost and I'm not convinced they last much longer. Mike
  5. Daan, your not wrong it does bite from time to time but. Like I say I have no choice and I wouldn't have it any other way. My mind set and lifestyle doesn't suit most but I do know a few like escape that completely get it, I'm just greatful I'm not the only one. Mike
  6. I actually disagree with fridge on this and he knows it. Whilst I have a reasonable collection of cars I have zero cash. If I had a normal car (I tried it once and hated every minute) I simply could not afford to run a toy. I would far rather justify a daft car as a daily and live with the fact that I'll be under it in the rain or stuck at the side of the road, than give in to the monotony of a normal car. Hell even my wife's car is a 38 year old 110 and yes she complains when it's broken but see how much of a beating you get if you suggest selling it. Mike
  7. My current project list is early 110 (wife's daily), ibex (my daily). I simply couldn't afford to own these if they weren't daily drivers, neither are finished and have plenty to keep me going. I also have two mini Jem's one is a complete shell that needs restoration then building. The other is a heavily modified shell that isn't complete, it needs sticking back together then building. Wife tells me these are retirement projects but I'm hopeing sooner. There will be a house extension and workshop build in the near future. Then on top of all of this is a aus style caravan or some sort of truck
  8. I know I've already done far to much research into one. It's a good job I've got plenty of other projects to do first...... Mike
  9. Fridge has a worrying obsession with 7.5t lorry campers at the moment. It's just as well he doesn't have somewhere to park one. Mike
  10. Sat around not able to do anything doesn't help mine there's a thread in military that'll contest to this. Mike
  11. Yeah I tapped the screen before I realized. The highlight for me is getting the chassis swapped on the 110. I was wondering how I could have it off the road long enough, then schools shut and the wife no longer needed the 110. The down side was I was still working and having help was limited. Mike
  12. No we put the house on the market back in may and still haven't moved into the new place (found in July) to say I'm fed up with it all doesn't even come close. Mike
  13. Didn't @TSD have a way of decoding fixing part numbers that I think included strength. Mike
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