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  1. The switch over on our 110 is a tap on the front of the seatbox drivers side. Interestingly it switches the fuel gauge as well. Mike
  2. Land rovers handle well but you need to understand them to go quickly. They need to be driven like a front wheel drive. If you lift off half way round a bend your going into the hedge. But equally if you give it to much you'll be on your roof. I frequently upset cars by hustling along way quicker than they expect. If yours doesn't then it needs loading differently, the suspension needs looking at or I'm afraid you need to learn how to drive it quickly (no offense intended). Mike
  3. Probably around half on here are that way, beards are the way forward. Just not the type you need to comb, I don't need to comb my head I'm not about to start with my face...... Mike
  4. The stock suspension takes some beating. As drumstick say why lift? I get and 1" lift to take up the weight of a winch or the same to fix a 110 SW saggy back end or to fit 33's with better clearance. Oldman emu are very good but again I've heard them regarded as a bit hard. Personally I have pro comp but but they are not widely liked these days and I've seen a few break needlessly. Mike
  5. The people that will buy it are the non beardy types that bought a disco 3-4. They are the ones that bought a disco because it's not a range rover! Because it's capable, you can throw stuff in the back and not care to much and it's comfortable. The horsey types that want a good tow vehicle that can drive across a field and not be a range rover. Those are the type. Good luck to them it's not a defender but it was never going to be, in the same way a BMW mini will never be a mini, great car but not a mini. Mike
  6. I used to have one in place of the mirror in the tomcat (no mirror anyway). Works really well up there would of loved it up there in the ibex but sun visors are to close together. Mike
  7. I've got one of these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352679534162 I've removed the tube mount and bolted it through the dash, but I'm sure you could find a suitable hole to bolt it through. Mike
  8. The only problem with this is in an accident as the belt goes tight it could release the seat back, thus further injuring the occupant. Mike
  9. I used the discovery loom in my ibex but you will need to change the fog light wiring but it's not hard to sort. Mike
  10. how in god's name did you find that out. Mike
  11. It's been sunny for a while now so on that basis it's going to persist down the entire summer . With this in mind it's probably time to sort out the wiper issue that has existed since build. For IVA the wipers must not touch the screen rubber, however in my calculations (I use the term loosely) I managed to go a bit far the other way. The IVA man commented on the lack of wiper sweep but passed it because it just about met the requirements. Over the winter we had a little bit of rain and I became more and more aware that a bit more sweep would be nice, but half the dash needs to come out. My wi
  12. I think they were fitted to maestro vans to if that helps. Mike
  13. I would of thought some 2 door Merc sports type seats might be worth a look. Some are B pillar less so have seat belt in the seat. Mike
  14. I have changed from 3 bolt to 4 bolt steering box and I don't recall changing the shaft. 4 bolt is a direct swap for 6 bolt. Mike
  15. Try a different NFU office. I don't use them but I couldn't insure my ibex with them yet I know other ibex insured with them. It transpires you just phone different office's till you get someone helpful. Mike
  16. There are a few companies on eBay that will bend to a sketch to I have them in mind for a roof rack if I ever get round to it. Mike
  17. The 200tdi engine for my ibex sat in the car for the majority of the build untouched. It spent the first year in the donor being used. Then out of the donor into the ibex for 2 years in a garage slowly being built up. 1 year mostly complete under the bonnet but in garage storage and the final year of build outside for wiring interior etc. In all this time I didn't touch it, but it was still full of oil but no coolant. I turned the starter to check for power it started and ran on the fuel in the injection pump (no fuel in the tank) much to my surprise. I had it running properly the next day and
  18. Is the anti roll bar two piece? It looks to me like bad colouring in! The steering shaft above it is also two colours but there's no visible/reason for a joint there. Perhaps I'm wrong. Mike
  19. My ibex Speedo (stock disco 1 system and tyres) read 13mph fast at 70mph. Ironically when I change the tyres from 29" to 35" the Speedo was bang on. Now on 33" and the Speedo is a couple of mph out which I can live with. Mike
  20. Your tyre size is your perceived problem. I had 205's (29") on my ibex for the IVA it would accelerate like a rocket but was noisy and had a lower usable top speed. If you want to change it see if you can borrow a set of 235/85x16 or 265/75x16 both were standard fit on 110 and optional on 90's. Try these and see what you think before committing to anything. Personally I really like the combination of 200tdi, lt77, 1.4 transfer box, standard diffs and 33" tyres (255/85x16, 285/75x16 and 33/12.50x15 are all around 33"). It's the combination I run on both my trucks acceleration is ok, will cruse
  21. I have a 1.4 transfer box and 33" tyres and have had 90mph but will cruse happily at above the legal limit. Mike
  22. There is steel angle under the Ali box to reinforce it. But I've relied on the shape of the Ali/galv sheet (3mm thick ali, 2mm galv) to form the box. I was more concerned with the seatbelt mounts which is box section bolted to the spaceframe/winch tray. This picture doesn't show much more but may help. Mike
  23. I've got a Freelander back seat in the ibex with integral seatbelts. I built a fairly substantial frame to bolt it to. You can see some of it here. Mike
  24. A good place to start for regulations is the IVA manual. If you make it to pass that you'll be fine. I suspect middle seat belt might be a stumbling block depending on the age of your truck. Mike
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