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  1. It looks better with the box up there. But because of the box I'd be keeping an eye on either side above the windscreen for fatigue. Mike
  2. Personally I think the "sun visor" is a bit long and may cause issues with wind turbulence and the wipers. But I understand shortening it requires some tricky fab work. Mike
  3. Why not use cut a flat plate to fit in the recess on the wing then fit your light surrounds. Personally I think this will look better and it doesn't need to be pressed. Oh and you can see the fixing holes in the picture that they haven't fitted screws to so they are using the light surround screws. Mike
  4. I'd be tempted to move the RSJ lifting beam forward so you can lift the engine out, push the 90 back and drop the engine onto the floor with the door shut. Mike
  5. A while after I sold my tomcat it was rebuilt by the factory. They fitted two small radiators on either side and ducted them in from just behind the doors, I believe it worked well. My limited know of aerodynamics is the flow coming off the cab rolls in on itself creating an up draft directly behind the cab. So if your out let is as high as you can get it and as close to the cab as possible it should draw on the up draft. The out let on my tomcat was two big holes in the rear roof which used the roof flow to draw the hot air out. I've seen some with the exit on the back, this tends to dra
  6. Roof scoop, radiator vertical on bulkhead, vents on rear roof. Worked so well the fan never came on no matter what I did. Mike
  7. Oh and use lots of lub. Mike
  8. 430mm high 1357mm wide at the top 1417mm wide at the bottom All measurements are approximate edge of glass. Mike
  9. Or use starrat (spelling maybe wrong) hole saws you can get them in nearly every size. Mike
  10. Laminated screens are normally 6.4mm think from memory. My ibex one is and the last defender screen I did felt the same. Side windows are normally toughened and only 4mm. I'll try to measure a screen later. Mike
  11. Yeah my firm is small to hence them staying open. I feel like I'm letting my boss down because there's a chance this could bankrupt him, but I know in my heart I've made the right choice. I just wish the government would now make it clear for him to. Mike
  12. Thanks guys. I may have one or two projects that can keep me busy. Mike
  13. I've decided to stay home from today. It was a tough decision because my work place is still open and I'm unlikely to get paid. However I have two young children one with a suspect chest who is always getting coughs. I feel guilty being off with nothing wrong with me/my family. However I felt far more guilty yesterday being still at work and potentially spreading the virus. Having said that I will be working on various projects while at home. Mike
  14. A continuous circle that's getting tighter. If you put it on the rear your Speedo will also be out. Heaven forbid you put it on the front steering and handling will likely be seriously affected. A final note different widths will be ok it's the overall diameter that needs to be the same. Mike
  15. I've always had same size spare though not always the same make for the reasons above. You might get away with it but for the cost of a second hand tyre or a new one for that matter it's not worth it. Mike
  16. I'm still going to work but it's difficult to build boats from home. I simply cannot afford to stay home for a week let alone two, three or four. If I don't work we would be homeless and starving very quickly. Mike
  17. We can't even smuggle some to you......if we could just find a way to catapult it across the channel..... Mike
  18. I think you misunderstood me a little whilst I'm grumpy about Newbury and not sure it's entirely necessary. I hadn't heard the UK's response when I wrote it.The UK's stance seems to be the most sensible compared to other countries. Mike
  19. The whole thing is a joke. You can't hide from it, all that is going to happen is the economy is going to get screwed in the process. I'm just glad they haven't shut schools etc yet, because that is very short sighted. You can't work if your kids have to be home. Victorian era here we come! (Not sure if that's a bad thing though). Mike
  20. If you doing kits the wife would love some for hers. Mike
  21. The lower window runner is the one that comes out to get the glass in. Top, front and back are all felt runners. The bottom is a track and runner, you remove the track (it's a pig to get out) then the runners just lift off with the glass. Yes the td5 locks are longer. Mike
  22. Not sure what they are. They do look like they take sliding windows but mine are two piece. So I suspect they are first incarnation of wind up windows (85 onwards from memory). Mike
  23. I'd be interested though I think I'm the other end of the country. (Southampton) Mike
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