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  1. Ok I've been thinking about the td5 option so where is the best place to get a crashed defender td5 preferably rear shunt or a roll and what sort of money am I looking at? It doesn't matter what defender it is or would I be just as well to use the 110 I have and sorce an engine and box as I should be able to use a disco or defender item plus loom and pedal obviously. Mike
  2. Windscreen is a flat sheet cut to shape so can be any shape size to fit. The trouble with td5 is it's £1500 for an engine etc plus a gearbox for something that's electronic which I don't like and I'm not convinced it's that much better than a good 200tdi. I have spoken to daan in the past about his may have to have a catch up at some point. Mike
  3. So a little update managed to extract my ibex from Dave's garage. How else would you winch an ibex onto a trailer than with another ibex. Thanks to dave for storage it allowed me to finish some work on the house to keep the wife happy (condition of the purchase). With a gap cleared in my garage where did all that junk come from! It's all ready to start on then.. Lisbeth decided to put in a 6 week premature appearance so as you can imagine all I've done since is look at it briefly and start planning:- Ideas as follows. Create a joggle to allow a bonded windscreen.
  4. If you scales are like my wife's.........................there very accurate.....hat, coat, running hard. Mike
  5. Unfortunately the tomcat was and the ibex will be my everyday car and it was/will be the truck we use for holidays in Europe/uk. The wife has a 90 (45) which is not much more practical than the tomcat and no we won't sell that! Mike
  6. Mine is actually a mk7 though I believe mk4's never made it into production as to the differences I won't bore you with the details sorry I'll take the anorak off now. I think I've been reading to much. Mike
  7. Trust me my misses added strings. Weight wise it's about the same as a fully tricked up truck. As far as I know all the glass is special but it is all flat glass so easy to get. Mike
  8. Not my garage though as for the ibex/tomcat thing the trouble is you can't get two kids and a wife in a tomcat . Mike
  9. The windscreen hasn't been cut out to full size yet but there is something like 2" box under the aluminum there. Mike
  10. The other ibex belongs to tsd he is lending me some space till I can clear enough in my garage. Dam good photo though. Mike
  11. Current plans are 200tdi/lt77 not sure whether it'll be a disco or def box it depends on prop lengths I have all these so choice was easy. Probably rover front and Salisbury rear on fairly standard suspension as again I have these and this truck will be my daily driver. I'm going to build some sort of box on the back use one one of my dashboards and freelander seats. Colour is not yet confirmed this truck will be IVA'ed and is planned to take about a year to build. Mike
  12. Just some pics to get you started I've still got to clear a space in the garage to build it. Mike
  13. Jason you may or may not know that I have done the Norway trip in my tomcat although I did it in April so only down to minus 20. I had the same system as I currently have on the 110 I used optima's and had no problems your more likely to have issues if you use lead acid as if they freeze they are useless until they thaw. I did little more than a good full service and fit the eberspacher before I went. Mike
  14. I'm running twin battery split charged fridge and an eberspacher but no A/C on a 65 amp alt with no problems I can run the fridge for 3 days without running the truck why on earth do you need a bigger alt. I mean yes I would like a 100 amp alt but can't see you need bigger. Mike
  15. I believe this was common on camels if that's any help. Mike
  16. A blow torch on the housing helps but the rubber and grease smells real bad. Mike
  17. i don't think you need the spacer unless your running over a two inch lift. yes you can rebuild them with greasable UJ's it's very fiddley though i had to cut the old one out and you can't change the large flange as it all part of the double carden. mike
  18. did someone say ibex

  19. from what your saying your use is the same as mine(though mine is my daily driver as well ) in which case i would say 100" is easyer to live with day to day trust me i know . it's less harsh on props and running gear plus slightly more storage etc. mike
  20. it's purely down to personal preferance mines 100" and a friend (perv) is 88". what use are you intending as that makes a big differance mike
  21. sweet vid is all i can say mike
  22. it was definatly an interesting site like nige says a fair bit of panel damage and that was just the marshals. most i spoke to seemed to enjoy it and the farmer seemed happy so hopefully will be able to go back in the future watch this space . any way many thanks to those that marshaled for us even managed to leave the site at a resonable time which is very rare indeed.
  23. just a thought but could you graft part of the bhd and the centre tunnel section of the disco shell (not normally rusty) into the middle of the freelander shell as this would give you all the correct clearance you need. it would need some thought on the dash etc though mike
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