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  1. HoSS

    welding lessons.

    I self taught myself TIG incl AC on Alu, i'm not perfect but good enough for DIY. This is a good resource https://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/ you can ask questions, even post pics of your practice welds and get advice. For AC prep the tungsten with a ball as detailed on the above forums.
  2. HoSS

    Any pneumatics experts?

    Nobody? There must be one pneumatics bod on here...
  3. HoSS

    Tig welding thin aluminium

    No good to me, he's using Alu-min-um, not the Aluminium that we weld over here 😁
  4. HoSS

    Cheap-ish welding helmet recommendations?

    I have one of these, mid-budget for a helmet. https://www.r-techwelding.co.uk/phantom-xl-light-reactive-welding-helmet/ But i do TIG as well. You could go for their 39 quid model, seem to be similar tech/supplier, but a tiny window. Fixed lens, just no. PITA.
  5. I have a simple tyre machine with no side arms and i want to add them. Can source a dual action cylinder, but am a bit confused about what control valve i need. Arm needs to be controlled by a hand valve, 3 positions- up, stop, down and maintain its position in stop. For instance, what would i need from here? https://www.apiuk.com/product-category/valves-accessories/manual-mechanical-valves/ Secondly, i need to add a cylinder to move the vertical head back and forth, it needs constant pressure to maintain it in the forward position, so 2 position valve
  6. HoSS

    Is this practical

    I think there are better, more economical engines than the rover v8 to consider. e.g BMW M57. Ford, its all been done. If you really want the rover, i dont think its too complicated. - If carb, simple. If injection - means HP fuel pump - get ECU with engine or MS it. - Clean the fuel tank and lines, maybe a diesel filter to change /remove. - Maybe new engine mounts. - a V8 tunnel is required - different bigger radiator? Other than that it should drop in pretty easily
  7. HoSS

    TIG Welder Throws The Trip...

    Best to do as lo-fi suggests, put a C even a D in the house (check cable run is sufficient gauge) and a B or a C in the garage, the it should never trip in the house.
  8. HoSS

    TIG Welder Throws The Trip...

    No not correct. If you are talking thermal-magnetic over-current, then voltage drop will have no effect. If you mean RCD the also voltage drop has no effect, but on a long run possibly with moisture you may start to get a higher leakage current, which could cause a trip
  9. HoSS

    TIG Welder Throws The Trip...

    Type C or D have higher short term peak tolerance, less sensitive to surges, usually used for motors. C = min trip current is 5-10x the rated current D = 10-20x the rated current So check the cable to the welder can handle 80-160A (16A C type) for a short period. Or derate the breaker a little.
  10. HoSS

    12v USB port recommendations

    +1 for blue sea, very good https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/dual-usb-socket.html
  11. HoSS

    Any auto sparkies?

    What charging profile are you talking about, please clarify. Lead-acid, AGM and deep cycle all use the same charging principle, constant voltage.
  12. HoSS

    Any auto sparkies?

    ^ what he said. For 10% the cost of a CTEK you can get something that perfoms 95% as well. FWIW my solution is integrated into an arduino which monitors both batteries contents and chooses when to link or unlink the batteries (my own program), I also have a manual bypass switch for jumping or winch use.
  13. HoSS

    Any auto sparkies?

    The charged battery will charge the discharged one, its not all supplied from the alternator, and unless the VSR is switching in and out the load will not change. You're thinking about it the wrong way round. A lead acid is charged constant voltage (not constant current like NiCad, Lipo etc) its charge current is self defined by the fixed input voltage and the internal resistance.
  14. HoSS

    Any auto sparkies?

    Thats the part i disagree with. Alternators do not have an current sensing (except maybe the very new digital ones) the regulator provides a fixed output voltage, and that determines the battery termination. Both batteries will be taking the current they need based on internal resistance and the applied voltage. But connection is important, see this https://www.impactbattery.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-charge-marine-and-rv-batteries-in-parallel/
  15. HoSS

    Any auto sparkies?

    2 Batteries will charge slower than 1 as the current is split, but i dont see any reason why they will not reach 100% as the alternator voltage will still be the same at termination. Of course you are correct that the intelligent chargers are kinder on the batteries. But within a budget theres nothing wrong with the relay method.

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