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  1. Thanks, that looks promising.
  2. Really from Yorkshire? She's spelled 'owt incorrectly
  3. Thanks Mike, that looks a bit overkill. It will go on a trailer, circa 1.5 tons at a guess
  4. Does anyone have suggestions on vehicle transporters that will do France to UK. Vehicle in question is a Volvo TGB 6x6, in progress project. Rolls but not under its own power. Bonus would be if they can take care of customs matters if i'm not able to be present with it.
  5. Reminds me when i visited a Danish Navy vessel, all of the gas hobs in the galley gimbaled to 45 degrees whilst cooking in high seas.
  6. Yes it was a floppy suspension Ducato based thing, it did occur that it might no be so bad in the 6x6 with leaf springs. But the levelling might also come in handy when not on level campsites. Slightly out and the shower doesnt drain and ones eggs are down one end of the pan. Did find these: Folding Electric jack for caravan from China manufacturer - Hangzhou Henghong Machinery Co.,Ltd. (hisupplier.com) It did occur to me not to do it down to the ground, but rather between chassis and axles.
  7. One thing i learned recently having hire a camper for a holiday, is that if there's more than one of you in it, you need stabilising jacks. If one gets up in the night the rocking wakes the other. But the issue with overlanders is the ground clearance, such that the commercially available jacks (manual or electric) dont have the stroke. So would require some kind of folding jacks. Sounds like a nice project for you I visualise some nice laser cut legs and an auto-level controller....
  8. I learned the 'never heat ball joints' one a few years ago, thankfully the bits missed me, but i still have tinitus in one ear.
  9. Ah ok, not seen that. I thought OP was referring to normal solid nuts.
  10. Go get them checked by a doctor. Seriously, Cant see that being very useful. The nuts dont swell, they just have surface corrosion. Brush it off and use the correct socket. Most times the nut will be undersize from the corrosion. Edit, just seen you mean chrome wheel nuts, so that advice is not totally correct (difficult to get in and brush) But i'd still try getting a scrapper or chisel in the and cleaning the chrome off the face.
  11. Aluminium self heals, the oxide is not like rust it wont propogate when the galvanic source is removed. Just brush it off. Its usually quite pitted though. If its gone through it will have to be welded.
  12. Brake fluid is a great paint stripper, exactly what i'd expect. Sand off, clean with alcohol and repaint
  13. Contrary to stereotypes, the rules on modified vehicles is actually more sensible in CH than some European countries. In France for example you cannot change engine fuel type, whereas in CH theres a well written document on mods, and i've even had the local authority respond personally to questions.
  14. I know the outfit that would have done this (or supplied the parts), its local to me. Went in once and laughed at their prices. But then most things in Geneva are about 3x what they would be in the UK, Not unusual to pay 10 quid for a pint downtown. OFF ROAD ACCESSOIRES SA That said some of their converted vehicles were very well done.
  15. I put mine on wheels too (not as flash as yours) but it can be tucked away against the wall most of the time and pulled out when something longer has to go through. That cabinet below will get filled with offcuts pretty quick, if like me you don't throw any useful bits away
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