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  1. theres already a very long thread on this, somewhere down in the noise
  2. Having a Yoda moment Gazzar? 😀
  3. For anyone thats interested (nothing to do with me) http://custom4x4parts.com/product/tornado-portal-kit-land-rover/ (not cheap)
  4. HoSS

    MadMan ETG gauge

    Its not clear who said they wanted my EGT gauge, but to be correct i've put an ad up in the for sale section
  5. HoSS

    MadMan ETG gauge

    You dont need to buy their sensors, the inputs are configurable for standard sensors.
  6. HoSS

    MadMan ETG gauge

    I haven't seen anything better. I have run 2 EMS's for many years and cant fault them. In terms of how much they can do, their configurability and that they are well made (not some dodgy chinese firmware) they are unmatched. If you need an EGT version i have an unused one for sale.
  7. HoSS

    Antifreeze differences

    Drain and refill, or use a SG meter
  8. 99% of antifreeze for sale now is pre-diluted (at least from garages and supermarkets, professional may be still concentrate) - easier to use for stupid people, but we are buying water at some inflated rate.
  9. HoSS

    Antifreeze differences

    https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/a91/1272436/ Basically ignore the colour, read the container. Older cars IAT, newer OAT or HOAT And dont mix IAT with OAT
  10. Sadly i dont have much more on position than already posted here. I did have to move the engine up by about 50mm as i discovered the diff was too close to the sump front/alternator on articulation. Watch out for that. And i had to change the oil pump / sump to the rear sump type to clear.
  11. All i had to do was cut a half section out of the round crossmember for the parking brake, and that was only to do a shoe change. But i'm using Volvo t-case. I'll have a look for pictures for engine position.
  12. FWIW i bought a new MM 1T crane some years ago and it never stayed up, contacted them and they asked me to bring it bacj, but at that point i'd taken it abroad. Tried bleeding it multiple times, still no good. I'd be interested if you do take it apart, i may do so myself Where did you find the seal kit? is it on the website?
  13. HoSS

    Paddocks Jump Start packs

    Thats what i said AGM are more tolerant of being held flat for a while, try recovering with a c-tek or similar, may be ok
  14. HoSS

    Paddocks Jump Start packs

    I have a similar one. It starts a motorbike from flat, it sometime starts a partially flat car, but i wouldn't expect it to start a LR. It does work well if left connected for a few minutes to recover a partially flat battery.
  15. HoSS

    The closer you look, the worse it gets

    I actually dont mind it, i've seen a lot worse.

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