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  1. Torque Wrench Calibration

    I find a good rough method of calibration is to check it against another torque wrench by coupling them together.
  2. Welder recommendation

    Probably why i binned it
  3. Why the slots in an exhaust flange?

    noo water jet is way cheaper than laser
  4. Why the slots in an exhaust flange?

    Its for thermal expansion, avoids stress cracks and/or warping. http://www.davidenglish.com/swift/Tech/Manifold_Design/manifold_design.html
  5. Quick Q -electrical connectors/crimps

    Can you post a pic?
  6. Welder recommendation

    In fact it did work when i skipped it, but i had a mig and needed to clear out. Bit nostalgic as i bought that from local Halfords when i was about 16, take care of it
  7. Welder recommendation

    lol i'm pretty sure thats my old welder that i put in a skip about 5 years ago. Recognise the rust and the paint on the handle.
  8. No progress for a while. Winter was too cold in the garage to work and i have another car on the ramp for a gearbox change.
  9. Invisible Defender

    No, i'm with the Bikers on that one. I do both and find that i adopt different styles in car and on a bike. On the (motor)bike i am much more observant, and defensive. This just come from years of experience - (some) people show less respect for bikes and the space they need, less able to see them maybe. I'm not saying i'm lazy when driving a car, just more careful on a bike. And i'm not saying all car drivers are worse than bikers, just that one tends to adpot an increased level of observation.
  10. Plausible theory. I have a mate who works at a local LR dealer, and he offered me a bunch of short lengths of 50mm2 attached to a MegaFuse block with a 400A fuse. He told me that these are temporarily fitted during some phase of the shipping, for some transport requirement. But this begs question, Why do they need extra protection which the end-user doesn't?
  11. No that's not correct. If you size the wire and fuse correctly as stated above, the fuse will blow in the case of a fault.
  12. Volvo c303 disc brakes?

    ^ What he said. C'on seriously, wheel spacers on wheels that size, or on any 4x4 for that matter...
  13. Heaters

    As fridge said, for Eber's / Webastos you need to fit them with the exhaust AND inlet silencers, it makes a vast difference to how noisy they are.
  14. Invisible Defender

    Giles - there was nothing xenophobic about that comment. Its a simple fact that different countries have different standards, and differences in the way people drive and what their experience in certain areas are. I'll give you an example. I live in France, and since roundabouts are a relatively new addition to French roads, a good proportion of people just dont know how to use them, some have never been trained or tested on them. Its not being prejudiced or xenophobic to say that, its simple fact. And for balance i'll add that i often forget about the unique French 'priority to the right' in towns & villages, and when i'm in Paris or Florence, i'm sure i'm not up to 100% with the local style. Please we've had enough snowflakes this week.
  15. Nicad dont have a memory effect, thats an old wives tale based on the very early (late 70s) versions which used sintered cell technology. There are other causes which reduce capacity, including overcharge and heat, and just age/too many cycles.

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