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  1. I already have them, and i've often mused i could probably pitch a tent under there.. (apologies for thread drift) Actually the way it seems to work where i'm talking about, rural location is that barns/stables seem to be allowed. One went up around the corner in a previously empty field a few years ago so that a townie that moved in could keep horses. Thats a 6m high industrial type thing. I just need to say i'm putting 150 horses in it (or whatever that is in kW)
  2. Problem as i see it, is say vehicle height is 2.5m and i want to raise it 2m, thats already over 4m. I think it will have to be a planning consent build...
  3. Yeah it was simon i think, i remember it on here somewhere. Dont want that though, nice cosy dry workshop please.
  4. A friend of mine bought a house with a pit in the garage, has no interest in working on cars. Its now a wine cellar I was looking at the future and how to build a garage high enough for a lift and still stay within the planning-free build option, i can't see it. (flat roof limited to 2.5m or pitched 4m)
  5. I had a fault once on my MIG, had not used it for some months. It would feed for a few seconds then jam, then feed again then jam. Put a new liner in, checked the rollers, still not fixed. Turns out the reel had surface rust just on the bottom half.
  6. I have one of those for the glamping mode, its super comfortable, buy very bulky even when folded. Think most of the boot of a car.
  7. Bluetooth no, does not have the bandwidth for video. Wifi is your best bet. Plenty of Wifi security cameras out there, less so small ones. I have a couple of bullet wired cameras, one for reversing and one underneath as a 'rock cam' for offroad. One useful feature is that the reverse camera is reversed video on the X axis, makes it easy as it looks like a rear view mirror we are used to. A wired camera may tolerate being run through spare pins on the trailer socket, you lose the screen only in the plug/skt area. Or just put another small connector alongside the towing socket. Wh
  8. Is it not something like the ALDA on merc engines? Enriching depending on load (although theres no pressure input in this case...)
  9. Are we talking Diesel or Petrol? If the former i've also struggled, even with stuff marked as 'diesel fuel hose', splits after 1-2 years. Ive just redone the ones on the pump with PVC, the ultimate is Rilsan, or Rilsan lined.
  10. Slight drift, but i've always fancied a lightweight, are they still findable?
  11. In my case that will be under the camper body which will not be occupied when driving, so fumes not an issue. But i wondered if that contravened any MOT or C&U rules?
  12. I was wondering if the exit can be underneath between the chassis rails, pointing down, between the 2/3 axles...
  13. Yeah i might do it in stainless & silicone. I found several meters of 33mm OD thrown out at work but its a little smaller that the motor 40mm, may constrict flow...
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