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  1. When i put the autobox into it, i found taking out floor panels and centre tunnel sufficed to get a crane through the door. Obviously i fitted the box up to the engne, so i would say splitting is easier. Also removing the TB first makes life easier. p.s. If you are keeping the autobox you may need a bigger TC for the 4.6, IIRC i had the medium one fitted.
  2. dont zap them, it wont do any good, and may burn them. I have some Ryobi stuff now - you can buy tools without batteries and vice versa, I have 3 batteries common to 4 tools. The batteries seem to have lasted way better the the Bosch and if i do need a new one easy to buy (not the bosch scam where battery is more than tool)
  3. Is this a TD engine or a 200 TDi?

    Wow 11L do they have to make them that big to get the same power as a 3.5L v8?
  4. Any one coming or going to USA

    Theres loads of them, just search for USA Forwarding. e.g. https://www.viabox.com/ you get a USA address that you can order to, and they ship it on.
  5. Can anyone recommend a press

    I made my own based on the pictures below. Mine is the same expect uses a 10t body repair jack. Several bits of I beam cut by supplier. Sliding truck dead easy to make. Sliding truck is very useful. I may upgrade later to a more powerful ram & electric pump with gauge.
  6. Exploding BallJoint Caution

    No, you misunderstand. This is not the small bang of something releasing. The grease boils inside the ball joint and the ball is a perfect seal at the top. The pressure is massive and the rear cap or casing of the sealed joint blows off. Example from youtube The results if you get in the way. (Warning not for the feint-hearted, depicts injury)
  7. At the risk of being added as a HfH accident-prone type, i'll share a cautionary tale... I'm just working on an Espace and in the process of dismantling the suspension to get the GB out i found a lower ball joint would not press out of the control arm with my 20T press. So i proceeded to add a bit of heat to the arm as i've done countless times before in such situations. And at a certain point... BANG (There aren't characters big enough here to represent the bang). A 12 bore or 45 Magnum being fired in my face. Blew the torch out, spattered me with molten nylon and i suddenly couldn't hear anything except a ringing (which still hasn't quite gone away). The control arm was 6ft across the workshop and the ball sitting in a dent in the concrete. In 30 years of tinkering with cars i've never heard of this, but a quick internet search shows other cautionary tales. So at the risk of my embarrassment in going public, don't do it.
  8. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    StarLock - referring to the 12 point hole and its comet like appearance.
  9. Oil and temperature safe hose

    I had thought the second tube was bypass i.e. where the oil is dumped from the pressure regulator.
  10. Probably, but you find the leaks soon enough when you pump the brakes.
  11. Ah just noticed you can take paypal standing orders, i will do that instead next year.
  12. If it was me rather than mod the alternator, i would just fit a magnetic pickup on the crank pulley. Or possibly take a feed from the CPS or starter ring gear. That way you know you have true RPM and its probably easier. e.g. This one would need a little circuit to convert NPN trasistor output to 12v pulses. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hall-Effect-Sensor-Proximity-Switch-NPN-3-wires-Normally-Open-With-Magnet-/172213773664?hash=item2818bda560:g:CRUAAOSwbPxXPtTz or something like this, which seems to have a direct pulse output (but ad is not clear) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Magnetic-Rotate-Speed-Sensor-3-8-24UNF-Thread/222595424069?_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170912102017%26meid%3Dbc15d211df304517b1e5ff60f821015b%26pid%3D100706%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26&_trksid=p2045573.c100706.m4781
  13. It might be nothing in it, just my impression.... Although I have had the pressure cap pop off an eazi-bleed once making a bit of a mess, and theres always the risk of over-pressuring the resevoir. Vac is kinder in that respect.
  14. Electrical help

    My mistake for reading your original posts and not your later heavily edited versions.
  15. Electrical help

    I take it seriously to see bad advice posted, and i try to give a complete answer, it may help people pick something up. But yes in practice a largish cap and any old diode may work. But 1N4148 is the easiest to find at Maplin for example. And measuring the actual current avoids fitting a cap to large or too small.