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  1. Not silly, i have epoxy floor paint in the garage (actually its road white line paint dyed grey. No it didn't fall off the back of a lorry) and that sticks to anything.
  2. Sandblast & degrease is the best. Etch primer (or special for galva), or an expoxy paint like EM121. I've just done a chassis in that and it sticks like the proverbial poop and is super tough https://www.rust.co.uk/product/cat/em-121-epoxy-rust-proofing-chassis-paint-7 I've not used POR, but i imagine the EM-121 is similar or even the same.
  3. Hey, not all BMW drivers are bad. One of mine is a bike, it even has extra ones.
  4. I once saw a warning in a BMW manual about the LED's used in the dash lights - that they were emitters of radiation and that you should not look directly at them..
  5. You mean for the 3rd axle? Its taken off the second axle
  6. Engine in place, a very nice clearance to the axle this time around. Custom brackets made up for the alternator and PS pump, a much better arrangement than my first attempt, it all makes use of the space quite nicely now.
  7. Well engine mounts made and welded in. Gearbox & transfer box fitted with the custom adaptor. I had a small issue with the adaptor, it was 10mm from closing up, either due to a miscalculation by the chap who made it or that the transfer box input gear was different on his model. Anyway i had the choice of a) adding a packing plate, b) modifying the spud shaft or c) the input gear. I didnt want to do a) as it changes the mount position, b) was not possible as it would need reducing at its weakest point, so I pressed out the tx input gear. Sure enough it was hardened and nothing i have w
  8. I'm with Bowie, i never disconnect and never had a problem. The danger will be currents conducted in the ground wires, if the resistance of the wire is less that the resistance of the welding current path through the body. Or voltage spikes induced, but thats less likely in normally well protected car systems. Put the ground next to the weld and have in mind what you are welding close to.
  9. Yeah CERN, I'm curing cancer single-handedly according to the journos https://www.ledauphine.com/sante-et-medecine/2017/11/30/le-cern-prepare-les-therapies-anti-cancers-de-demain, thats me and my hotcell in pics 6-7 of the article, and yes i'd have shaved the scraggly beard off if i knew i was getting my picture taken Super high vac is not my area, but i see a lot of colleagues battling with it. Beyond 10-8 and things get exponentially tricky, the outgassing of the materials for example.
  10. At the risk of taking the thread off track... thats a debatable concept. Its the difference in pressure that pushes it one way or the other, and since the difference is made by the vacuum, the energy being put in to do it is being supplied by the vac, so i would maintain 'pulled'. Funnily enough i also deal with under-pressure enclosures, I run a hotcell (big lead lined box with gloves and remote manipulators), under-pressure in there is only 100 Pa (1 mBar) and thats enough to stand the gloves up.
  11. yeah my workshop vac is an industrial bosch, the gloves are rigid My cheap hoover doesnt even suck dust
  12. Nice, i might knock something like that up. The only issue is that the suction is so large on my vac that it pulls the gloves taught and that makes life more difficult, perhaps a bypass to use only some of the vac pressure...
  13. I just bought myself an Arwin blast cabinet for the small stuff, and the immediate problem is the dust. Theres a little cone filter on the side and i connected up my vaccum cleaner, it helps but it very quickly blocks. If i were to connect the vac without the filter it would take blast media out. I was musing on making a dust separator, i.e. a box on the outside with the vaccum connected to it where the blast media would drop to the bottom and the dust be taken by the vac. I am i reinventing the wheel? Is this done on more professional units? Any designs?
  14. I'm not all the worried about smoke as it will be detuned a little anyway, the full torque available from the 606 and the DM pump will break the drivetrain. I'll give it a go on mech pump and if its too harsh i have the option to retro-fit the e-pump/ECU back on.
  15. Yeah i'm old enough to have the 7.5t too, but there are folk with these that have had them plated down to 3.5t
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