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  1. Close. But no cigar. Windscreen rake needs to be a bit steeper with driving position correspondingly further forward and smaller front door. I know why it is like it is but just messes with the proportions and ruins it for me. Also should have removable wheel arch extensions. If you are going to have flares like that, which mimic the old ones, but are naturally vunerable, then surely it would have made sense to make them bolt on parts. Would have looked much more retro too. Finally, the back end view just looks wrong, but could probably live with it. Engine line up and perfaormance stats seem
  2. When we were racing (in a 90) we used the side handle off a Snap-On toolbox mounted horizontally to the upper screen frame in front of the passenger seat. Was useful to grab to get in but was most useful to brace to when going quick over the rough stuff.
  3. Tried one (brothers) on my old BMW. Took ages, go and have a cup of tea while it does it's stuff. Then tried again. Moved it around. Pushed and pulled to make sure I couldn't get another drop out. Then just for fun I pulled the sump plug and got another litre out. I won't be using one regularly for any vehicle I service. Was useful for cleaning out the cartridge filter holder mind :-)
  4. My early 110 only had the 2 hinge door. I added the 3rd hinge as it makes much more sense. The cheap ones usually are missing some of the additional bracing that are on the OEM type doors. Easy enough to add if you have a welder. If you have a spare wheel on the back door this will be essential. If not then not such a big deal.
  5. That VW 1.8 T certainly sounds like it would be a nice engine to stick in a Series 2a (along with some disc brakes). Make a useable classic
  6. Get a feeling this is more of a hypothetical question :-) Can't think of a single modern petrol engine with the capacity to move a 7 tonne train at motorway speeds and still be capable of returning near 30 MPG the rest of the time in something shaped like a box. Maybe the BMW 6 pots as you suggest. A VW/Audi 5 pot might work. The Lexus V8 is popular in the fast Ultra4 trucks.
  7. https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/land-rover-defender-split-door-top-lower-seal-mtc6224.html £17 http://www.sp-4x4.com/product_p/sp589.htm £2.50
  8. MTC6224 is the PN from the catalogue. Whether it is available now is another thing. You can just use the generic seals available for a few quid though if not
  9. Cheers Mike & Mav, useful to know. I also know the old bent track rod problem but these HD bars haven't had any real abuse and are still straight. But good shout for anyone else searching for this problem and finding this thread.
  10. The WD40 treatment began this afternoon already. Hoping it is nothing worse than that. My only previous experience with failing UJs they went really notchy in 2 positions rather than uniformly tight, hence wanting to hear if anyone else had differing experience cheers guys
  11. I cannot be sure but I am convinced my steering has been getting progressively tighter/stiffer over the past year or so. Today I thought I would begin investigations. So I have dropped the drag link and track rod to eliminate anything in the swivels and all is sweet and free in that department. I also removed one end of the steering damper and that made no difference to feel either. Without the drag link and damper connected the steering felt exactly the same regardless of whether the engine was running or not. So I am left with a couple of potentials. 1. Maybe a weak pump? No idea if th
  12. Well I have just fitted some Bilstien B6s to the back of the 110. "Made in Germany" clearly stamped on them. Of the 2 TerraFirma sport dampers removed (4.5 years and approx 30K miles) one fully extended under its' own power. The other is still fully compressed and showing no sign of life!
  13. Checking out the Bilstien B6s on Paddocks and there seems to be a different spec for Pre and post TD5 model numbers. And a £10 price difference. Assuming fitment is identical (AFAIK), what changed in the damping characteristics between the 2 to justify 2 different models and such a price difference?
  14. Yes, as some friends found to their cost one christmas in Surbiton. Parked in high street and popped in to grab something from shops not realising there was a temporary parking ban for the week before christmas. Came out and Land Rover was gone (Stage 1 LWB). Council had picked it straight up with hiab onto back of truck and away to pound. £130 to release it (this was 25 years ago too)
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