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  1. Neil, Do you have a link to the loom you bought, please? Thanks, Mark.
  2. Ah okay, that makes perfect sense. Thanks Steve. I had a 2a, many, many moons ago. it was a later model though, I seem to recall it had separate reservoirs for brakes and clutch?
  3. I'm not sure the pipe layout is correct, although I'm not 100% sure. Is the brake master cylinder fed from the side of the resevoir and the clutch from the bottom? If so, that is counter intuitive. In case of a leak on either circuit, the brake master cylinder would lose its supply before the clutch, it should be the other way round from a safety perspective. As said, I could easily be wrong. However, even if I'm right and they are the wrong way round, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the problems you are seeing with regards to the clutch.
  4. Add Yodel to the list of ineptitude. I recently purchased an item off evilbay. I received a notification of the delivery date from Yodel with an option to track the delivery. I later received a notification saying that the parcel had been posted in our postbox, I have my deliveries sent to my works address as there is rarely anyone at home to sign for anything. I was suspicious about the claim that the item was posted as it was too large to fit throught the letterbox opening! Anyway, I checked the postbox and it was empty, so I contacted Yodel customer services. They acknowledged that the item had been returned to their depot and would be redelivered the following day. Despite several phone calls and interactions with Yodel through a "Livechat", I never received the item and their customer service was shockingly bad, it almost felt like i was being a nuisance for imposing on them! In the end, the seller sent me a replacement item, which duly arrived, although I'm not sure which courier company delivered it as I was out of the office when it arrived. Easily the worst customer service experience I've ever had with any company, i would never recommend Yodel to anyone. Mark.
  5. Thanks both, I have taken the exhaust off now. One of the studs snapped, it was badly corroded. Of the other two, one came out with the nut, the nut came off the other stud. Anyway, the studs are 5/16 unf, seems eBay was incorrect.
  6. Hi Ralph, Thanks for the reply. That seems to be the same manual as I have been looking at, it certainly has the same part number for the studs, anyway. I think I'll have to try to remove the studs and check the thread before I will be able to order the new ones. Regards, Mark
  7. Hi, happy new year, everyone. Does anyone know if the later series 3 2.25 petrol engines continued to use the 5/16" UNF studs to connect the manifold to the downpipe? I have found the part number 568664. However, an ebay search seems to suggest that this does not fit my 1984 series 3. I have not been able to find any other part number so would be grateful for any help. Regards, Mark
  8. On a 1982, i think the retaining bolts will be metric. They are on my 1984 model anyway. If that's the case, the bolt heads are 17mm AF. +1 for removing the heat shield, once that is a off I used a combination of sockets + extensions and a spanner. It isn't too bad tbh.
  9. Thanks for that, much appreciated. I will make my own but was looking for ideas on the mountings. The front will go to the bulkhead bracket.
  10. Where/what do your rock sliders bolt up to at the rear?
  11. Hi, a quick question, if you don't mind. Have you fitted standard dampers with the parabolics? I'm going to fit parabolics to my S3 SWB and I'm unsure whether I need to use longer dampers. Regards, Mark.
  12. Despite the difference in size of the unions, the brake pipes are the same size. It is also true that the Master cylinder has a single bore size. On a SWB Land Rover Series 3 with dual circuit brakes, both pipes go into the PDWA (Pressure Differential Warning Actuator) valve, and from there they go to front and rear axles. If you have a look at the page below, it suggests that the rearmost brake line (nearest the servo) does indeed supply the front brakes after passing through the PDWA, whilst the foremost line supplies the rear. This would make sense based on my knowledge of the master cylinder (I've just refurbed mine), as the rearmost portion of the master cylinder operates momentarily earlier than the foremost part. http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/series3/5_suspension_steering_brakes.pdf HTH, Mark.
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