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  1. JSG

    My Health

    Hi Jason, Firstly, I hope things are improving and good on you for having the courage to post this. As someone who has met you I'd like to echo what has been said and if you fancy a chat or a beer remember I'm only just down the road so just email or PM me. Cheers, John
  2. It sounds like you have missed one of the connections to the battery, or that they are not tight. Even if the battery was iffy you'd expect to get some indication of life.
  3. Whenever I've had something other than a Defender I've always got bored and gone back to a Defender. I've had six, 2 90s, a 110 Double Cab and 3 110 CSWs. I find the 110 to be the best for an all round vehicle for me. Totally practical and maes you smile.
  4. Heated seats and screen are fine with me, I wouldn't want to be without my heated seats lately
  5. That advert says it's a G4 - it's not though is it? You may find you get a bit at the last minute but you have set a fairly high start price for a 90 of that age.
  6. The wide track tub is wider but this would mean that the roof would need less cut out of it. I'll post a photo or two.
  7. My narrow track has a hinged lid made from a cut down Series roof - woorks well and keeps the weather out.
  8. I was there all weekend, marshalled the record attempt on Sat and chatted to Si on Sunday who talked me out of buying a radiator cap lol.
  9. My icon hasn't changed even though I have a S O and I haven't seen my t-shirt yet ...
  10. This is the same scare mongering that the TD5s suffered from, build quality is no worse than earlier models (no better either lol) and as with most forums people don't tend to post that their Defender has been fine, only complain about problems.
  11. I'm currently on my second Puma, a 2011 2.4 and prefer it to the earlier models. The six speed gearbox is great and the clutch is not a problem at all. I like the dash layout, it's different at first but the layout of controls is much better. I have driven a 2012 2.2 demonstrator for 24 hours and it was very similar, not any better than the 2011 though. My 2.4 110 CSW does about 27 mpg average. Cheers John
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