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  1. Hi All, Currently scratching our heads over an issue that has been plaguing us for a while. We run a car on D2 axles with a D1 brake set up, plumbed in as per Rave. It's a Rover V8 running an edelbrock. The trouble we are having is a sinking brake pedal when the engine is running. It's had all new components including master cylinders (various different types/makes), new servos, SS brake hoses, fully renewed copper pipes, bias valve (again multiple including a new one currently) and a full set of D2 standard pads/calipers/discs on it. It's also had a good 15 litres or more of fluid through it through various means (gravity, old school pedal pumping, easi-bleed and mityvak) and the master cylinder was bench bled each time prior to fitment. The brakes with no servo are rock hard but with very little stopping power. The brakes with servo assistance are spongy to say the least but stop on a sixpence. Pedal travel is about half way as is normal, however if you hold at that or hit it hard it will sink to the floor within seconds. We have also tried the servo vacuum off both the Edelbrock take off and also the standard fitment on the performance intake. All of which run at the same hg. as a standard V8 Discovery 1/P38 does according to the Mityvaks vacuum gauge on our other vehicles. Any body have any advice on where to look next? The brake stop well but when you're hurtling across a field on an event and the brake pedal hits the floor despite stopping immediately, it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence. We have tried over the years even plumbing it in with a mix of D1/D2 set ups on the plumbing to no avail. Thanks in advance.
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