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  1. I've just spent a morning with a hosepipe trying to find where it's coming in mine. Seemed to be dripping from the blower motor so I took that out and found it fairly wet. The duct from the bulkhead was also wet so I reckon it must be coming in from the inlet under the bonnet. I've sealed the edges but there doesn't seem to be anything stopping water getting into the inlet apart from the fact it's under the plastic scuttle. Is there supposed to be some sort of guard/filter on the front? It's just an open duct straight to the motor - at least my old Defender had a low point with a drain on it
  2. Mine is also leaking into the passenger footwell. Took the glove box out and it must be fairly recent as there's no sign of rust there. It certainly seems to be coming from round the heater inlet, so decided to take the scuttle off so I can get at it to seal it. Got the side trim off, the wipers off and the "scrivets" and the whole thing is now free. But how the hell do you get it out! I just don't seem to be able to manoeuvre it out no matter which way I try. Given up for the night and will try again in the morning with some fresh swear words. Malcolm
  3. Blimey, I've not had time to build the 555 timer yet and you've already got something from scratch working! Also without using a relay it's a lot neater. Impressed ! Malcolm
  4. OK, I'm going to get a relay to switch it on using the ignition as per Western's plus a 555 astable timer and should then have a flashing led that I can put in a spare place on the dash/console. To get the led in the speedo to flash it seems I need to switch the earth on and off and I thought maybe I could use the output from the timer to switch an earth on and off. Being more mechanically minded, can I not use another relay with the timer output energising the coil and the speedo led earth being on contacts 30 and 87a? From physics lessons many years ago ( i learnt about valves) I reme
  5. Great, found a 555 astable timer, now need to find the relay. There seem to be loads of them that look the same to someone who doesn't fully understand them. I realise I want one as in Western's diagram, that when the ignition power is off it connects 30 to 87a. Do all relays with those numbers do that? I can already get that distinctive smell when I'm soldering - burnt flesh! Malcolm
  6. From Westerns attachments, I think I can see how the relay will send power to the led when the ignition is off so that's one thing to make up and try. I guess what I need now is a circuit that's fed by that relay that flashes the led rather than light it permanently. It would make a nice little addition to the Td5 dash if it can be made to work. Thanks so far Malcolm
  7. Sorry if this has been answered already, I did a search and trawled through the thread but only found a part answer. Has anyone made a circuit to make the alarm led in the middle of the speedo blink when the ignition is switched off? Like most cars that have the speedo conversion, mine doesn't actually have the alarm but any small deterrent has got to be better than nothing. (I also use a steering wheel bar) Malcolm
  8. Well it works! I got a 1/4" ball from my local bike repair place (it's the biggest they had) rebuilt the jack and bingo. The seal under the ram that sits in the base of the jack has to be thin. I originally put a normal size o-ring there and whilst it seals nicely you have a problem fitting the cover. Because the cover seals on an o-ring at the top of the first stage ram any extra height at the base means the cover won't sit in the groove of the gasket in the base. Apart from that very straightforward. My original problem was I lost the ball bearing in the relief valve (but didn't know it
  9. The bore that the ball bearing sits in is horizontal. Anything significantly smaller than that will surely just sit at the bottom and not seat into the recess, which is central at the end of the bore. I'm still hoping a kind person with one of these jacks will measure the one that's in theirs so I know what size I'm looking for. Malcolm
  10. Tried Halfrauds but the only one's they have are for push bikes but come caged and look far too small. Still hoping someone will be able to tell me what size I actually need. Malcolm
  11. Yep, oil been binned, garage swept at least twice since I changed the oil (kitchen fitter cleaned up after he'd made a mess!) I've been looking at sites that sell ball bearings and strangely some come "not attracted to magnets" You learn something every day. Malcolm
  12. Eureka moment! Yesterday I couldn't work out why the pressure relief screw had a flat end when it had to seal the hole in the bottom of the well The end of the screw looks like this and then the penny dropped (sorry if you are post decimalisation) I think there should be a ball bearing in there! The indent on the screw looks like it, the seat in the well looks like it would seat nicely and it would mean that the screw sat a little further out in the housing - I wondered why I couldn't get the operating arm onto the tags properly. I took the screw out to empty the oil and reckon t
  13. The cover is held on by the collar in picture 4. It screws onto the top of the bottom ram. Sounds like you have a problem with the ball bearing valves, maybe the big one isn't seating - hark at me , I sound like an expert now and all I've done is take it apart! Malcolm
  14. Ok here we go. This is the jack we're talking about. I started by taking the operating arm off. It's held on by an e clip and has a spring washer inside. You can then pull the piston out. Next I took the cylinder the piston runs in off. It was tight but a 22m socket on my windy gun soon sorted that. Next was the collar on the top, ideally I wanted to take the saddle off the ram but i don't have a round allen key!!! When you pull up the 2 rams this allows the cover, which to my surprise is plastic, to lift out of the seal at the bottom. I then unscrewed the ram from the base by
  15. Funny you should say that - mine's now in pieces. As usual a couple of stubborn bits but down to it's main constituents. Wanna see some pictures and how I think it works? Malcolm
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