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  1. Must be me but I have never managed to use a grease gun without getting far more over me than in the nipple! As for filling them - don't get me started, I've got one that you have to fill from a tub and one that takes cartridges but no matter what, they still won't pump grease and then suddenly explode it like a time delayed curry! I'm OK with spanners, hammers I'm pretty good with, soldering and wiring yep, but grease guns - nah they just don't work. Malcolm
  2. I wondered out loud why the drain plug on engines didn't have a magnet and was told that most of the stuff whizzing around in there is non magnetic/alloy so no point. Must admit when i dropped the sump, the bits in the bottom were all alloy but still, it can't hurt can it? Malcolm
  3. So each item should only be earthed via the "star" (header) or direct to battery, not both. Is that correct?
  4. Sorry to hear that. I had a Defender stolen from outside my house one night and still feel gutted. Funnily enough I had the same steering lock as yours on mine. They obviously don't work! Malcolm
  5. My new workshop came with the breathable membrane already fixed to the outside of the timber studs with half round T&G cladding directly on top (no air gap). I'm planning on boarding out the inside with 11mm OSB but am now confused about the insulation. If I put celotex/Rockwool in the gap then it will sit on top of the membrane. Is this OK? If I use Rockwool etc then I need a plastic vapour barrier over that before I board - is that correct? Malcolm
  6. Mine did this intermittently then one day after a run through a large puddle stayed on - even switching on/off wouldn't clear it. As has already been said, go to a decent independent and get the fault code read. Then you know what your problem is. Mine said OSF abs. It turned out that the sensor cable hadn't been clipped properly and chafed through. New sensor plus reset of the code, job done. Malcolm
  7. Trying to de-mist the screen on my old 90 I turned the blower on full and got instant fog inside! Turned out to be water in the inlet duct to the blower. Previous owner had swapped the dump valve for a solid grommet so in wet weather there was a pool of water sat there just waiting for air to be blown over it and into the cab. It's a daft design with the inlet being open on the top of the wing letting rain in and if the valve isn't cleared regularly you get very humid air blown in. Malcolm
  8. I did something very similar with a spotlight switch some time ago so that when you flashed the full beam the orange led would light as the spots came on then as well. This was as well as when you used the switch to put the spots on. On here somewhere. Once you get brave enough to open one up you find they're very straightforward (apart from springs pinging off) and you can do all sorts of mods to get them to do what you actually want. Malcolm
  9. I've just spent a morning with a hosepipe trying to find where it's coming in mine. Seemed to be dripping from the blower motor so I took that out and found it fairly wet. The duct from the bulkhead was also wet so I reckon it must be coming in from the inlet under the bonnet. I've sealed the edges but there doesn't seem to be anything stopping water getting into the inlet apart from the fact it's under the plastic scuttle. Is there supposed to be some sort of guard/filter on the front? It's just an open duct straight to the motor - at least my old Defender had a low point with a drain on it
  10. Mine is also leaking into the passenger footwell. Took the glove box out and it must be fairly recent as there's no sign of rust there. It certainly seems to be coming from round the heater inlet, so decided to take the scuttle off so I can get at it to seal it. Got the side trim off, the wipers off and the "scrivets" and the whole thing is now free. But how the hell do you get it out! I just don't seem to be able to manoeuvre it out no matter which way I try. Given up for the night and will try again in the morning with some fresh swear words. Malcolm
  11. Thanks, got a blind on it's way - only problem is I don't have any hooks at all to fit it onto. Trim is pretty immaculate and no sign of them ever being there. One suggestion I have is they screw onto the bodywork behind the trim which means taking it off. Recipe for ripping fum methinks! Malcolm
  12. HI folks, I'm new on this forum but have previously been on the Defender forum for a few years until some ba***rd stole mine! I now have a Discovery 2 and have a few new owner questions. It's described as an "E" model and is in very good nick ( damn, not much tinkering to start with) According to microcat it should have air suspension at the back but it has coil springs, looks like it's been that way from new with no sign of a compressor or any associated pipework. I assume it came out the factory like this. I'd like to get a cover for the rear load space, but can't see how it would fit!
  13. There is a better way, it's called the ITV and it's Spanish. The only place you can get an MOT (ITV) in Spain is at a government testing station. That's all they do all day long, test cars/lorries/coaches. They don't do any repairs so no incentive to fail, they don't sell any vehicles so no dodgy certificate to get rid of a vehicle - they're just government employees who just test them. They're very thorough and also very efficient. Plus depends how old the car is how long the certificate lasts e.g. newer cars have a longer certificate but anything commercial has only 6 months. Oh and y
  14. Just filled in their form allowing them to access the Police report - eventually spoke to them today and got a crime number. They said no trace as of today and reckon it was targetted and probably either in bits or going abroad. Gave them a partial reg of a car that neighbours saw looking at it last week. Insurance company initially questioned fact it was taken from the drive until pointed out that was where it was declared as normally kept on proposal form! They e-mailed "what happens next" and it clearly states they do NOT sell any recovered vehicle back, so even if it's found I won't get
  15. Both got photo licences and both in date. Know all about the "expiry date" confusion and mine needs renewing next year, the wife did her's last year so both O.K. Both got clean licenses, I had 3 points in 1972 so time well expired, no speeding, no parking nothing! We were surprised that they're talking written off after 2 days - despite e-mailing the local community police, still haven't had any contact from them after the initial call so still trying to get a crime number as opposed to a report number that the insurance want. Initial call to insurance said they wait approx 2 weeks before
  16. That was my 90 on the avatar. Since then I'd put small triangular windows in the hard top for better view at cross roads (declared to insurance) With Admiral, who phoned today and said send all your paperwork, V5c, keys etc in, your insurance is cancelled as it's now written off (due theft). We must expect a conference call between the named drivers (me & the Mrs) Admiral and DVLA regarding driving licences. What's that all about? We've both had full licences over 20 yrs and it's a theft. http://s611.photobucket.com/user/Dadstoy/media/DSC_0065-3.jpg.html'> Malcolm
  17. The only news is I got my 555 timer working and it could connect to the speedo to make the led flash! Not quite as elegant as yours though. Oh I nearly forgot - I don't have a Landy. Police promised to ring me so I could give possible details of someone seeing lurking a week ago. Neighbour got a partial reg but it's Bank Holiday week-end ..... Insurance company say they have to get in touch with DVLA (but it's a Bank Holiday week-end....) to check whether me and the missus have correct driving licences!!! Never been in this situation before but I get the feeling that a) the police can't
  18. Thanks guys, Absolutely gutted after all the work I'd done on it, thanks to a lot of help from here - Td5 instruments, disco drop arm, triangular side windows in the hard top, spots - the list goes on. Only amusing bit was when the missus opened the bedroom curtains and said "where have you put the Landy?" Oh, I put it in the cupboard under the stairs last night! What the hell do I do now I haven't got it to play with? I know get another. Malcolm
  19. Do it Quick! My 90 was nicked off my drive last night. I live in a small close, I've got security lights that activate if you walk on the drive and I'd also got one of those steering wheel bars - complete with flashing led on it. Not a sound, no marks if it has been dragged, no broken glass and I still have both sets of keys. Bas***ds
  20. Blimey, I've not had time to build the 555 timer yet and you've already got something from scratch working! Also without using a relay it's a lot neater. Impressed ! Malcolm
  21. OK, I'm going to get a relay to switch it on using the ignition as per Western's plus a 555 astable timer and should then have a flashing led that I can put in a spare place on the dash/console. To get the led in the speedo to flash it seems I need to switch the earth on and off and I thought maybe I could use the output from the timer to switch an earth on and off. Being more mechanically minded, can I not use another relay with the timer output energising the coil and the speedo led earth being on contacts 30 and 87a? From physics lessons many years ago ( i learnt about valves) I reme
  22. Great, found a 555 astable timer, now need to find the relay. There seem to be loads of them that look the same to someone who doesn't fully understand them. I realise I want one as in Western's diagram, that when the ignition power is off it connects 30 to 87a. Do all relays with those numbers do that? I can already get that distinctive smell when I'm soldering - burnt flesh! Malcolm
  23. From Westerns attachments, I think I can see how the relay will send power to the led when the ignition is off so that's one thing to make up and try. I guess what I need now is a circuit that's fed by that relay that flashes the led rather than light it permanently. It would make a nice little addition to the Td5 dash if it can be made to work. Thanks so far Malcolm
  24. Sorry if this has been answered already, I did a search and trawled through the thread but only found a part answer. Has anyone made a circuit to make the alarm led in the middle of the speedo blink when the ignition is switched off? Like most cars that have the speedo conversion, mine doesn't actually have the alarm but any small deterrent has got to be better than nothing. (I also use a steering wheel bar) Malcolm
  25. I'd consider using the "waterless" stuff next time - BUT I can't find anyone who's used it. The spec sounds good but the ads always do, I just wanted someone who's used it to say what they thought. Malcolm
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