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  1. I think he meant cws, as in: http://www.cws4x4.co.uk/latest-breakers or have you heard of ebay?
  2. Pam's still there then, she's very good. Shame the boxes are complete carp. I got to know her a bit too well a few years back (3 boxes before I gave up and bought a proper one from Adwest)
  3. Damn, was meant to be going to Aldermaston's one that day. Never been to Brick Kiln...
  4. Don't bother, get a new one from Adwest I've had too much bad experience with recon boxes
  5. Not sure that I trust paddocks to be more than about 1.5mm thick though! Seen plenty of cheap sliders go into an event pristine and come out the other side as bent as anything. I definitely want something galv'd, but want a powdercoated/painted finish as I don't really like the galv look on bodywork. Safari Equip are hot dip galv'd then PC, whereas most others are zinc plated then PC which doesn't cut it for me. Bearing in mind that at £202 for paddocks galv, it's only £38 more for SE which get very good reviews (eg Lewis above).
  6. Just seen that the safari equip ones are galv'd then powder coated. Seem to have fairly good reviews too and are cheaper than FF
  7. Slightly simpler job and solution than you're usually rewarded with at least!
  8. I'm looking at the FF tree sliders - I'd rather get the galvanised ones for rust prevention, but would then have to paint/coat them myself (not the worst task in the world admittedly). Does anyone know how resistant the powder coat itself is to damage and how likely to rust they are?
  9. Yep. Heard a few twangs during the day which I thought was them letting go, but held up absolutely fine.
  10. So for completeness: Having fitted 2 heavy duty jubilee clips (superclamp or something?) to the top of each spring, I spent a good 3-4 hours offroading yesterday without anything popping out where it shouldn't do.
  11. I've had one for a number of years and it's great. Not sure I'd spend £60 on it though
  12. If that's not a marketing/PR/research planted post then I don't know what is! So RachelM (read: JLR) make it in Solihul, make it £20k and make it properly
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