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  1. For what it's worth, John Foers designed this model around 285/75-16's which if fitted to your lovely wide Compomotive wheels would give your Ibex a more beefy look than it has on those 265's without having to enter the world of pain (longer springs and bumpstops, raised gearing, reduced braking, cost, cost, cost etc) that would come if you fitted 35's. Alright it would look monster-truck cool with 35's but in my humble opinion you could spoil a car that drives nicely. Very jealous by the way. Cosibex was a real favourite of mine. Shame it never achieved it's aim of cracking the US marke
  2. That is very impressive by the Defender. BUT is it just me or are the rollers set up differently for the G-Wagon - those for the Defender look to be hidden down inside the ramped bit whereas for the G the rollers sit proud up above the ramped part.
  3. It has also been styled to give it "presence" for those who are too important to give way to others.
  4. You're spot on with this reply. It was the body construction and the dashboard/wiring that was so labour intensive with the old Defender. If that aspect alone was modernised then it would start to be a more profitable product.
  5. Simtek can supply most OE loom parts. In my experience very helpful with queries and advice too.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if the road speed is double checked by gps too, but I do know that if you fit larger diameter than standard tyres to a Jeep built in the last 13 years it will impact on the ESP and ETC due to the incorrect speedo reading. Before too long various dash warning lights also start flashing. Google "AEV Procal" for an example of how it can be solved. I think the new Defender will be similar in this respect due to its use of even more complicated interdependent electronic systems. It would be interesting to know how "hackable" JLR have allowed their systems to be.
  7. Very interesting! That's the first reliable person I've heard say it could be possible to fit larger tyres. If the factory has found that 33's or 35's fit (I'd love to believe they designed-in customisation from the outset, like Jeep did with the JK/JL) the question is will they release a software fix to compensate when you do, or will they partner with an aftermarket company to provide this? One or both of these would be necessary to avoid it screwing up the electronic control systems. Jeep have a number of trusted partners such as AEV to fulfil this function. Who would JLR use?
  8. Dave at Ashcrofts sorted mine out a few years ago when I supercharged the 4.6 and wanted the 4L converter I was using to be a bit less slippy. He explained it was a bit of a dark art and he couldn't be sure how it would turn out but mine ended up just how I wanted it to be.
  9. Built by a very good mate of mine in 1992 to a very high standard, before all the fuss of IVA etc. Very normal to build a hybrid in those days when 90's were still out of reach financially. Several owners later I know he's shocked that someone would think they could get more than a couple of grand for it. As nice as I know it is, it's still just a bitsa!
  10. Good to see they sent a tow car out behind it in case it broke down
  11. MJA 4x4 gets my recommendation. They are all Landrover enthusiasts, proper engineers who understand the marque and my good friend Simon works there!
  12. It's always good to see a new innovation in the Land Rover world, but looking at the "GBLS" website they only list 51 exhibitors with just over a month to go (most of which were at David's show in February!) so the impressive looking floorplan at the bottom of the list with 109 stands marked on it could look a bit empty on the day. Maybe they'll have room for a Top Gear Live-style indoor challenge arena! Giles
  13. It's starting to look close to finished now! Regarding your cable runs, I believe John Foers runs all the "rear end" cables through the inside of the cab hiding it with trim and with hindsight I would have done mine that way too. It's surprising how bulky and vulnerable it looks clipped along the side of the chassis rail compared to a defender where it's all hidden within the chassis box. Enjoying watching yours grow, Giles
  14. Thanks for the suggestions chaps, that gives me a bit to work with! Giles
  15. Slightly odd request, but I'm going to the the D-Day commemorations in June and need somewhere to park my Landrover and trailer safely from Wednesday 4th until Saturday 7th. (We're going over to France on an old Russian motorcycle and sidecar which will have been on the trailer) I don't mind paying but would prefer it if it was free, however I'm not relishing leaving it in a residential street in case the trailer goes walkies whilst I'm away. I'm really thinking lorry parks or a boatyard or such like. Any suggestions by someone with local knowledge would be great thanks. Giles
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