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  1. Thanks for the diagram Nige... Used it to sort my leads a week ago.. Very easy and looks real smart in the engine bay now ! Neil
  2. So.. Pugwash..... You are voting for bearings... Did I get that right?
  3. I know that feeling.... Every Friday I like to take to 110 to work just because it feels like the weekend has started... I have to park it out of sight round the back of the building where the parking is but always take the opportunity to nip and see the rest of my team in their building which takes me past my car... Looks so cool standing there head and shoulders over the other cars !
  4. Glass....... Without glass half of us would be virtually blind, our homes would be very cold or dark. Cars would probably not be possible!. How would you see where to go.. A hole maybe, but never dry, cold, windy.... No goggles, no glass! (I know, I hear you all thinking.. It would be a Land Rover...)
  5. Already posted in the International Forum in the original event thread, but thought it wouldn't hurt to post here as well as more people will probably follow this thread now. More pics from Sunday 24th for people to see just click here. If you want a full size jpg version please PM me and we'll make arrangements. (Pics are up to 5 Megs per shot...If you want Canon RAW version, slightly bigger but can also be arranged.) Enjoy Neil
  6. Easy to fit for a numpty like me ?? See they even do them with speaker mounts.. Now that was something else on my list.... Any other gems I should know about... Like I said, the fuel cost ain't gonna cripple me, but what I wanna do to the beast will !
  7. V8 Freak

    Saying Hi

    First failure was a little black wire..... Never mind eh !! Was a nice experience standing on hard shoulder of M25 for 2 hours ! Makes you realise how cushy a life you have with a reliable company car for the majority of journeys !! BUT.. That aside, I wouldn't dare come to a LR event in the safe one.... LOL Doubt I'd have the ground clearance at the front to get into the car park... Back to topic.. Lincoln I see.... We escaped from Spalding a number of years back... All too flat you know.. At least you got that big cobbled hill to attack with the V8 of yours.. (Remember, slippery when wet..)
  8. What fantastic idea for trim... Roof trim in my 110 "sags".... (Another added to my list Ralph...)
  9. 24827 when I got in there.....
  10. As promised, I've sifted through the photo's taken on Sunday and I've made all the presentable pics available for you to view here. If anyone wants to download the web sized picture, just copy the following link into you browser address bar and amend the picture number for the one you want.... http://www.neils-pics.info/LR4X4/Pics/CRW_0001.jpg If you want a full size jpg version please PM me and we'll make arrangements. (Pics are up to 5 Megs per shot...) Enjoy Neil
  11. V8 Freak

    Saying Hi

    Ok.. I can take the insults..... It's going again now... (but for how long you all ask ! ) Cost of fuelling isn't an issue.. It's what I want to spend on other things that's gonna cripple me !
  12. All sorted..... So much easier to see a wire that's rubbed and earthed in daylight.... Little bit of temporary insulating tape, re-route cables and tie back til weekend and all fine and dandy again... Thanks to all those willing to assist.... (Note to self.... Better inspection lamp required..)
  13. Has considered that. May do it for the winter and then look into a "proper" solution next spring... (Or sometime in the future !!)
  14. No filter at all... I was impressed myself. I think it's long exposure giving an exaggerated effect of the light collection by the CCD. Since CCD is uniform pattern I think it must be that, if not I have no explanation... Happy with the result though. Neil
  15. V8 Freak

    Saying Hi

    Hello and welcome..... Ignore the oil burner comments.... V8 IS the way to go...
  16. Sorry... Standard 3.5 ltr V8 (Re-engineered approx. 3k miles ago) Carb (weber 500 on Edelbrock manifold) and Electronic dizzy (I think 35DM8) I wish for more intricate systems but it's just our dirty run around..... Neil
  17. On my way back from watching the LR4X4 team come 3rd today I had and un-characteristic thing happen.. I broke down.. (No tears.. Just car failure..) On M4 got stuck in a queue. Engine warmed a little and at one point it just stopped idling. It re-started no problem at all. Ran through the waiting and after traffic cleared I got a misfire near Reading. Misfire cleared but came back when accelerating onto M25. (Didn't feel like fuel starvation, really felt electrical and could see misfire reading on tacho.) Car ran smooth if not accelerating or under pressure. After J18, without further warning it stopped. Would not re-start and it had a pleasant journey home car of a breakdown truck. Is V8 3.5 All new plugs, leads, rotor arm and dizzy cap last week. (Lucas / LR Genuine / NGK) Does this sound like a coil failure, electronic ignition or something else maybe... I await your thoughts... Not being a person to dwell on bad things, I took the opportunity to capture the scene.... Neil
  18. Very well done everyone.. A well deserved third place.. Great to meet some of you in person and I'll definitely be coming to more events in the future... I'll be sorting through the pictures taken today and will post a link off this thread for all to follow and see just how good the team were... Neil
  19. Ok.. So the list grows again.. That'll be the roofrack off at some point as well then to get at the sunroof properly ! Thanks for advice... (Thinks.. Would a roof without sunroof be an option !! Anyone want to swap?) Neil
  20. I've got enough holes etc. too but I just get sick of having to either wear waterproof gear for days after rain or just get wet etc... Are these drain tubes easy to get to ? Anyone got some hints... Thanks in advance
  21. Good tips..... I've had to do this before.... Is there any way to re-vitalise the rubber ? Mines judder free, just a bloomin click at the end of each wipe... (How long before the mechanism fails me !!)
  22. Steve.... If you find out how much the rain order costs, I'm sure a few of us can much in together to outbid for sunshine.... Let me know when you find out how much we need, I'd prefer BBQ and taking pictures in the dry ! LOL Neil
  23. Jumping on the sunroof comments..... Mine seems to store water around the inside of the sunroof and only leaks it into the cabin on the drivers side.... I feel this is something Mrs Freak has been working on.... Any suggestions how to seal the sunroof or it it just wise to take the glass out of the hole and get used to being wet ? Neil
  24. Les.. I'm drooling here.... Flight panel indeedy !!! Very impressive! Neil
  25. PM sent matey.... Respond and we'll see what we can do... Neil
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