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  1. V8 Freak

    juddering wiper blades

    Good tips..... I've had to do this before.... Is there any way to re-vitalise the rubber ? Mines judder free, just a bloomin click at the end of each wipe... (How long before the mechanism fails me !!)
  2. V8 Freak

    Interclub Challenge

    Steve.... If you find out how much the rain order costs, I'm sure a few of us can much in together to outbid for sunshine.... Let me know when you find out how much we need, I'd prefer BBQ and taking pictures in the dry ! LOL Neil
  3. V8 Freak

    warning all defender owners in blighty

    Jumping on the sunroof comments..... Mine seems to store water around the inside of the sunroof and only leaks it into the cabin on the drivers side.... I feel this is something Mrs Freak has been working on.... Any suggestions how to seal the sunroof or it it just wise to take the glass out of the hole and get used to being wet ? Neil
  4. V8 Freak

    2002 style Defender dash panel

    Les.. I'm drooling here.... Flight panel indeedy !!! Very impressive! Neil
  5. Well after several days of avid reading in the forums here I bought new plugs, leads, dizzy cap and rotor arm.... Gaps checked, out with the old, in with the new, leads exchanged, cap swapped and rotor arm switched.... Cold start, fired immediately on all 8, very little choke needed and runs like a dream........ I wish I'd done this some time ago. Read and believe what the experts in these forums post.... Genuine LR parts rule in terms of engine ignition. Get the right plugs (NGK), check and re-check the gaps etc.... Thanks to all for your previous posts in Tech area etc. Very , very useful. (I didn't do a "how to change leads and plugs" photo thread.... I do hope no-one minds.. Failing light was a barrier tonight!) Neil.
  6. V8 Freak

    OT: suspicious behaviour

    PM sent matey.... Respond and we'll see what we can do... Neil
  7. V8 Freak

    warning all defender owners in blighty

    Calm here.... But.. Just had a few pints with a friend.... Could be gusting to gale force overnight !! Beware all ye in Cambridge area !!!
  8. V8 Freak

    Richard Hammond

    Reported as in a stable condition this morning.... Hopefully they got it right and we'll see him make a recovery. Last nights reports suggesting serious head injuries because of the hospital chosen (not the nearest etc.) so we will have to wait and hope he makes a full recovery... Neil
  9. V8 Freak

    2002 style Defender dash panel

    Cool.... Did wonder what they all did ! Nice selection of relays too.. Are they all additions or moved from the more vulnerable areas behind the panels ?
  10. V8 Freak

    new stereo recomendation

    Gromit, thanks for the idea for placement of the rears... (And other peoples descriptions...) Well out of the way and pointing in the right direction ! Would save too much hacking in other roof lining areas.... May be another project to add to the growing list ! Can match you with the size 9's but bet I beat you big time on the body circumference !
  11. V8 Freak

    warning all defender owners in blighty

    Hehehe... Does anyone in here claim to have a Land Rover that does not leak ? I heard from a dealer that someome once took a Defender back and asked; "I know it's a Land Rover and it will leak, can you see if you can sloew the leaks down somewhat please!"
  12. V8 Freak

    2002 style Defender dash panel

    I think the Mark90 one has style, panache and a sort of "one of a kind" look....... I wouldn't consider a change if I were you. I'm only doing it because I have a wuss Land Rover that sees very little mud etc... Yours is probably used and abused ! Neil
  13. V8 Freak

    Richard Hammond

    Wow.. Sad to hear... I think he's real good at balancing off Jezzah ! Fingers crossed he pulls through and makes it back... Neil
  14. V8 Freak

    new stereo recomendation

    I'd like to add to this thread if I can by asking where people with normal 90/110's place their rear speakers if I may... Perhaps some pics too. I've got an Alpine something in mine presently and only front speakers sort of tacked on under the front dash. It's got separate cd changer whic is very slow, jumps etc.. It's got to go ! So I'll be following recommendations with interest.... Over the years I've had Sharp, Blaupunkt, Sony etc. All much of a muchness.... No recommendations on current technologu though I'm afraid ! Neil
  15. V8 Freak

    2002 style Defender dash panel

    I checked when ordering.. Scorpion version does need some of the lower dash cut away if you want to install stereo thingy..... Is in parcel office now so if Mrs Freak is ever in long enuff for white van man to deliver I'll be able to verify !!
  16. V8 Freak

    2002 style Defender dash panel

    Oh no.. Now they got me worried if I should have waited to find out about the MUD one... (Isn't 20:20 hindsight a powerful thing !) Well I made my bed.. so I'd better go ruffle the duvet. Looks like both will need a lower dash mod so if I don't like the expensive Scorpion one I can always trash it and install the cheaper model... (Must explore my logic someday soon..) Neil (now off to lie down)
  17. V8 Freak

    Broadband ISP

    I had major issues with BT many years ago and now we are totally BT free in our house. NTL provide all of our services. We have a 10MB connection now. The service has been very reliable for last few years. Other family members have Pipex (BT Based) which is also proving very reliable. I also help friends and family to maintain their computers.. (Am I mad or what !) This may be a gerneralisation but..... Those that run AOL have had far more general PC issues than those without. Those that have converted into AOL generally develop PC performance issues. (The AOL program is Bloatware and incredibly resource hungry.) It seems weird though, those who like the "We will show you how to live your life" approach from AOL are very forgiving when it dies on them, fails to connect, or just kills their machine. Neil
  18. V8 Freak

    2002 style Defender dash panel

    Well I have to hold my hand in the air and admit I've ordered one of these from Scorpion. I want to sort out the dash and get a few switches and dials where I need them and not have the radio jutting out at a jaunty angle..... When It arrives I'll see if I can pull together a thread with pictures about my installation experiences. Neil
  19. So cute...... Do they play well together or just scrap like all siblings ? Neil
  20. V8 Freak

    PLEASE HELP 16th September 2006

    Oh to be a fly on the wall for a weekend.. I'd learn sooooooo much with you guys... Can't come tho, Wife and Mum doing charity walk and I got to look after kids and go see them finish as well as other stuff... I hope all of you have a fruitful weekend and get it all done... I'd love to see some pics if anyone is clean enuff to do so ! Neil.
  21. V8 Freak

    Interclub Challenge - 24th Sept

    I may join u there.. Sure we have a 2 man in the cupboard somewhere.... (Beats erecting the 5 man challenger tent.) I'll let you know and potentially get some contact details in PM's. Neil.
  22. V8 Freak

    Interclub Challenge - 24th Sept

    I didn't know you could stuff that grid ref into Multimap ! Cool... Thanks for your help again Divster... (Now all I gotta do is convince Mrs. Freak that she doesn't want to go out on Saturday night.. Tough call since it's our 17th Wedding anniversary !) Looks like I ought to head down night before and either find B&B or just bum in the Land Rover. (Or sneak our at crack of sparras..) Hope to see many of you there.... Neil
  23. V8 Freak

    Interclub Challenge - 24th Sept

    Hi there peeps... Reading the thread with interest but to date not figured out exactly where this event is being held. I'm one of the non-competitive elements on the board with a pansy red 110 that rarely gets too muddy but would love to come along, spectate and shoot photo's of the event. This would allow me to indulge my other hobby, photography, and to give something back to the board and the teams competing..... Can someone advise of location, start / finish times etc. please for the avid spectators crawling around the forums. I will be heading down from the Cambridge area so if anyone else wants to meet up and come down in my 110, drop me a PM and lets see what we can arrange. Thanks in advance, NeilB
  24. I've recently had a re-con engine put into my 110. V8 3.5 and while I was it was out I had a Weber 500 on and Eidelbrock manifold added. Here's the rub.. The old engine barely used oil ! The new engine is doing about a litre every 500 miles. It's done 2,000 miles since the transplant. Do I wait for it to bed in more or do I panic ?? It's running very well, sweet hum when toddling along and a lively roar and intake of breath when opened out a touch... What do people think ? (I'm not sure if I should be worrying at all !) Thanks in advance.....
  25. V8 Freak

    Clicking Windscreen Wipers

    Many thanks for you wealth of responses here... I think I'll get the beast back, try and get away with things how they are for the winter and then try the easiest first..... Grease the gear boxes, bend the tabs and see how far I get, then if necessary, start replacing parts etc. Fingers crossed for the next few months and thanks so far to you all. Neil.

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