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  1. Come on Jamie... Time to be honest.... You must have had a change of heart...
  2. Ah... Now you got me Ralph ! Still, I'm an outie, although not always obvious..... Neil
  3. Ralph... Your were fitted letters out, just they are so old now matey they faded.... Mine out.. Loud and proud..... Neil
  4. Nige... I read this in awe and admiration.... A great job well done, fantastic write up and the only problem is you have to drive it around 24/7 stopping only for fuel !!! Well done matey, looks fantastic. Neil
  5. I believe it should be smooth. Mine has a break in the cable connector right behind the speedo and it's "wobbly" below 30.... I'd suggest checking for kinks as you say, and make sure the connector hasn't subsequently been broken on yours.. Sounds like a cable not running smooth.
  6. I thought it was compulsory that you had to have leaks !!! (Wasn't it in the design specs ?)
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