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  1. defender dinky


    Sorted Adrian faux. Dd
  2. defender dinky

    Welding chassis

    I was more concerned about upsetting ecu's by removing battery leads and cutting power off to them. Dd
  3. defender dinky


    hi, just purchased discovery 2 02 plate v8/lpg any pointers on insurance quotes, dd
  4. defender dinky

    Welding chassis

    Righto thks
  5. defender dinky

    Welding chassis

    Hi. Just acquired discovery 2 02 plate. Need to do a small weld on chassis do I need to disconnect battery earth lead and if so will it upset the ecu's when I reconnect the earth lead, thks
  6. defender dinky

    Plenum question

    thks for advice ally v8, how do i check fuel pressure regulator it looks like a sealed unit, fuel inlet and outlet little hose on the back, would it be ok take hose off and start it fuel should'nt come out correct?, dd
  7. defender dinky

    Plenum question

    sorry for late update, got classic running steady but ticks over at 1000 revs can't seem to get idle right, still getting fuel in sump, downloaded rovergauge soft ware, comes up on laptop it was showing fault code on air control valve and i cleared it and has'nt come back, the fuel pressure gauge on laptop starts off 25 and after creeps up to near 50, but i don't know or if i should ajust it, i'm not computer minded, really need this sorted all welding done for mot need it running to get to garage, its also runs on gas but its empty had to remove for welding, was thinking of meggasquirt but have'nt got a clue where to start lol, dd
  8. defender dinky

    Plenum question

    Hi all, I have a 3.9 efi classic 1992, hard to start seems to be flooding either no spark or to much fuel tested air flow meter and showing 5 volts on red/black and blue/green wires think it should only be.3 to. 34 is there any way of adjusting these volts, I can adjust the Co's with Allen key on the back of meter, also been browsing through bay for parts and noticed a plenum which had a ball like object on top of throttle body mine has not got one, what is it and would it stop my over fueling, don't suppose anyone in this area to help for couple of hours for some beer tokens I'm running out of ideas, thks dd
  9. defender dinky


    Wondering if a 3.5 v8 exhaust centre box would fit a 3.9 v8 range rover classic 1992 are they compatible, dd
  10. defender dinky

    hot wire diagnostic

    hi, will be doing hot wire diagnostic test soon ,do i disconnect the plug from ecu or peel rubber boot back, dd
  11. defender dinky


    hi all, just been informed of quite a few defenders stolen in our area lastest one was last night from cradley heath, 5 minutes away from me he said it was on face book but i don't do face book, sign its coming upto christmas, dd
  12. defender dinky


    What's that wired to the coil with a black wire and what's it for, dd
  13. defender dinky


    Hi, anyone know part number for range rover classic 3.9 efi 1992 12v ignition condenser, dd
  14. defender dinky

    35dml8 distributor springs

    As above part number required for the two springs that tension the weights in the 35dml8 distributor, dd
  15. defender dinky

    Rrc 3.9 auto 1992

    Hi, need part number for coolant temperature sensor one that connects to ecu for rrc 3.9 auto 1992, thks dd

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