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  1. I think I've done it right, the one I done is brown one etc8496, in which I think has been superceded with 73355A, have I done this correctly, dd
  2. Yh I know that, but I couldn't find a replacement for the faulty sensor, 33704A the brown one, so I found a bolt to fit the thread in the housing, then drilled hole through centre of bolt, then tapped it with the same thread as the new type 73355A, all fits nice and snug, just waiting now to test it, dd
  3. Hi all, will a discovery 2 td5 aircon radiator and fan fit a discovery 2 4.0 v8 auto, dd
  4. Hi all, range rover classic efi 3.5 v8 flapper 1989, removed temp sensor the one that talks to ecu, done some tests have no resistance, tried sauce pan test boiling water slowly but nothing, part number says, lucas 33704A, but googled it but throws up 73355A, which I have but thread size is to small, also nut size on original one is 24mm, new type 19mm, where can I get lucas one, or is there an alternative? Need the brown one which is made in west Germany, dd
  5. Hi all, range rover classic auto 3.5 v8 1989, looking for part number for, the clamp that hold the gear box sump on, in the process of changing transmission fluid and one snapped,attached photo, dd
  6. Hi all, need some descent ht leads ,cap, and rotor arm, for my rrc efi 3.5 v8 auto, 1989 flapper model, any pointers, seen a few sets on fleabay but not sure which is best for me, dd
  7. Hi, anyone have the correct part number for tail peice exhaust for , discovery 2 4.0 v8 auto 2052, dd
  8. OK, so I don't need it them, dd
  9. Probably why I couldn't find it , thks, dd
  10. Hi all, range rover classic 3.5 efi v8 auto 1989, when I removed centre console, I found a single black/pink trace wire with a connector on the end but wasn't connected to anything, couldn't find anything in wiring colour codes, anyone know where it should connect, dd
  11. Hi all, range rover vogue se 1989 efi auto v8, looking for part number for auto gearbox oil cooler retaining nut, the nut that holds the pipe in the cooler, or thread size, search high n low to know avail, dd
  12. Hi all, just wondering if I remove the return pipe off fuel regulator, would this tell me if I have enough fuel pressure, thinking if there is fuel pressure it would release excess, as I don't have pressure kit yet to test it, efi v8 range rover, dd
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