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  1. All sorted, took it for short run and it changed over as normal, thks, dd
  2. Yes tanks almost full, I'll check all hoses tomorrow, take it for a run make sure its not in limp mode, dd
  3. The gas switch lights up for gas,but just keeps flashing
  4. hi all, just changed head gaskets on my discovery 2 4.0 v8, but now lpg won't switch over, is it because I disconnected the battery for 2 days, dd
  5. Do l need to put any adhesive on block before fitting head gasket, like copper grease, dd
  6. Update, right mess underneath manifold, also found what looks like a dust cap amongst that mess, presume it fit on photo three, rocker covers no better,why does the block look orangery red, had they put some kind of sealant in oil, also had water in cylinder 6, but all the gasket had oil and water bubbles on them, bought this 2yr ago and was told its just had a full service, ( no paper work thou), now the whinging over, do I need to put new headbolts in, oh forgot to say the manifold bolts were loose two each end were tight others the were loose, can I reuse manifold gasket because there's is
  7. hi all, discovery 2 4.0 v8 lpg, 2002, hoping to do head gaskets and others things in there, but first need to remove lpg system from manifold, is it difficult, is there a how to do list anywhere, was going to start it today on the drive, weather suppose to be good, dd
  8. Might leave it off then and give to new owner, because its got all new carpets in and electric seats out of discovery 3, dd
  9. Hi western, it was the original military chassis which was in excellent condition so had it sand blasted and then galvanized, then powder coated, so has original vin numbers, the original vin plates are 3"×2" and other one is 5"×2" so seem to large to go on the dash?, dd
  10. hi all, i have received my documents for my rebuild, logbook with new registration number, its mot and insured now, i was wondering where do i put the vin plates, i think one goes on the slam panel but where do i put the other one, i will probably be putting it back up for sale now, i've attached some old photos still in the same condition but it got brand wolf wheels on, dd
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