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  1. Hi, my n/s slider is closed when moved to the right, o/s closed when pushed to the left, 1988 efi v8, dd
  2. Hi all, anyone have a photo or diagram of where the air valve transducer fits, missing a few photos from my project, range rover classic v8 efi 1988, dd
  3. hi all, hope this is ok to put here, if not please feel free to remove it, is it possible to transfer a registration number from a tax and mot exempt vehicle, when I did mine both vehicles had to be mot'ed, but this vehicle is 1978, dd
  4. Yes sorted, getting ready to put body back on chassis, thks dd
  5. Back again, had all my exhaust parts delivered today, but there's no hangers on it, how do I fit this exhaust, like I said earlier there was no exhaust on it when I bought project, where do I fix mounts and what mounts are they, dd
  6. hi all, rrc 1989 f reg, efi 3.5 auto, would the exhaust have a catalytic converter on it, has when I bought the project there was no exhaust on it passed the down pipes, dd
  7. Yh sorry expanded photo now, but the one I'm after is from brake servo to plenium, plugs in just behind excelerating cables on the left, the one with the red push fit connector,dd
  8. Hi western, I can't see item 8 on your link, the search bar is in the way,dd
  9. hi all, need part number for, discovery 2 4.0 v8 auto 52 reg, brake booster vacuum line, mine has melted through, and got no brakes, dd
  10. All sorted, took it for short run and it changed over as normal, thks, dd
  11. Yes tanks almost full, I'll check all hoses tomorrow, take it for a run make sure its not in limp mode, dd
  12. The gas switch lights up for gas,but just keeps flashing
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