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  1. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    Reading the post on the link, in one section it says rotor arm facing no'1 plug lead on the dizzy is this correct, my rotor arm is facing no'1 spark plug in the engine block? Looking from front of engine mine is 2.oclock, link says 4.oclock, is This my problem, dd
  2. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    My engine will not run to the lead layout in the picture, had to move every lead back by one position, also that 8 star in dizzy has half inch lift in it is that ok, dd
  3. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    interesting reply paintman, first of all it came to me on a recovery truck range rover had been standing for couple of years, drove it off truck to driveway 30ft very rough put new fuel in 25litres kept trying it for couple of days running but rough when revving it was miss firing at high revs, removed plugs cleaned distributor descaled couldn't get rotor arm off so cleaned brass strip with sand paper all back together still the same 1 checked lead diagram different from my layout so changed it to suit wouldn't even start, turning over (had diagram from tech archives, see attached pic) so i had to move 8 to where no'1 was and 4 where no'8 was and so on then it would start but really rough 2 tdc test rotor arm pointing to no'1 spark plug if i turned it like you said yes it goes back on its own, tried to remove rotor arm but stuck fast and brass strip which was riveted on came off, so collecting one tomorrow 3 got rotor arm off at last and the shaft had rust stains on it and metal strip inside of arm was rusty previous owner has put a ignition amplifier on it by the coil on the nearside wing its been done badly with two core electrical cable something you see on a fridge and use them square connectors with grub screws on the top i have no lpg at the moment re moved tank to do some welding refitted but empty i will see what new rotor tells us tomorrow and up date thks for your advice, dd
  4. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    OK thks
  5. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    i know nothing about petrol engines, where the ignition amplifier, dd
  6. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    Problem is, v8 starts runs rough and misfires when rev it up, removed plugs ngk's, wire brushed checked gaps 0.65 leads silicone type, also removed distributor cap cleaned ect, I found that the flash shield had a piece missing out of it and badly cracked, if I follow ht lead diagram I found on Google it won't start at all, can I buy a flash shield, and where from, dd
  7. defender dinky

    Chassis number location

    Yeah drill holes 8mm I think, is it the plastic stud type then push peg in to spread the back fins, dd
  8. defender dinky

    Chassis number location

    Just an up date had logbook come today, how do I fit the plastic sill covers back on as previous owner made his own sills and there's no holes, what holds them on, dd
  9. defender dinky

    Steering replacing

    Will try that thks
  10. defender dinky

    Steering replacing

    Hi, trying to get steering box out removed all bolts rack ect, do I have to take oil filter housing off as oil pipes tight up against box, or do I remove compressor and take it out from the top, its a range rover classic 3.9 v8 92, thks dd
  11. defender dinky

    Chassis number location

    Thks for reply Arjan, found it under power steering fluid lol, bought it off flea bay for project cat C hoping all goes well seemed a nice fellow I couldn't go with recovery guy to inspected vin's, make a good off Roader thou fingers crossed ay, dd
  12. defender dinky

    Chassis number location

    Hi all, just purchased a range rover classic 1992 3.9v8 auto, need to apply for logbook can't find vin plates so dvla need chassis number where is it located, thks dd
  13. defender dinky

    Just bought a metal detector

    Mate of mine went beach detecting once got all the signals beeps ect, dug down two foot and realised he's got steel toe cap boots on, dd
  14. defender dinky

    Clutch bled no gears

    Taking slave off today update later, dd
  15. defender dinky

    Clutch bled no gears

    Can get out of gear now with engine running also lift foot off completely while in gear engine running but no movement?, dd

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