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  1. defender dinky

    Plenum question

    Hi all, I have a 3.9 efi classic 1992, hard to start seems to be flooding either no spark or to much fuel tested air flow meter and showing 5 volts on red/black and blue/green wires think it should only be.3 to. 34 is there any way of adjusting these volts, I can adjust the Co's with Allen key on the back of meter, also been browsing through bay for parts and noticed a plenum which had a ball like object on top of throttle body mine has not got one, what is it and would it stop my over fueling, don't suppose anyone in this area to help for couple of hours for some beer tokens I'm running out of ideas, thks dd
  2. defender dinky


    Wondering if a 3.5 v8 exhaust centre box would fit a 3.9 v8 range rover classic 1992 are they compatible, dd
  3. defender dinky

    hot wire diagnostic

    hi, will be doing hot wire diagnostic test soon ,do i disconnect the plug from ecu or peel rubber boot back, dd
  4. defender dinky


    hi all, just been informed of quite a few defenders stolen in our area lastest one was last night from cradley heath, 5 minutes away from me he said it was on face book but i don't do face book, sign its coming upto christmas, dd
  5. defender dinky


    What's that wired to the coil with a black wire and what's it for, dd
  6. defender dinky


    Hi, anyone know part number for range rover classic 3.9 efi 1992 12v ignition condenser, dd
  7. defender dinky

    35dml8 distributor springs

    As above part number required for the two springs that tension the weights in the 35dml8 distributor, dd
  8. defender dinky

    Rrc 3.9 auto 1992

    Hi, need part number for coolant temperature sensor one that connects to ecu for rrc 3.9 auto 1992, thks dd
  9. defender dinky

    Range rover classic starter mottor

    had new starter motor, distributor cap, leads, and found that gap was nil on pickup so reset 0.02mm, and then found no spark at no'4 and very weak at no'2 so orders new set of plugs ngk's, found today fuel pump relay had a burnt centre pin which I changed, also found more white flex cable that the blue and brown wires were twisted together, by previous owner and wedged in the fuel pump relay, presuming it comes from fuel pump so going to sort that out, dd
  10. defender dinky

    Range rover classic starter mottor

    Problem is, v8 starts runs rough and misfires when rev it up, removed plugs ngk's, wire brushed checked gaps 0.65 leads silicone type, also removed distributor cap cleaned ect, I found that the flash shield had a piece missing out of it and badly cracked, if I follow ht lead diagram I found on Google it won't start at all, can I buy a flash shield, and where from, dd which is the starter motor for classic auto 3.9, the I took off has no part number on and looks like it's already been refurbed before, dd
  11. defender dinky

    Led lights

    When I fitted led lights to my project build indicators flash very rapid, there's a relay you can by that has a reducer on it turn power up or down which swops with your relay, normal lights need 55wats I think but led only 5watts so the extra power causes the fast repeaters, dd
  12. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    Update, well I found that the pick up in distributor were touching and when I turned the 8 star wheel I could here it clicking when it touched so set it to 0.2mm when I tried to start it the starter motor packed up, so don't know if it's sorted yet, the starter just clicks and sounds as if battery is dead but it's fully charged 12. 60 volts, tried it straight direct from battery to starter still the same so don't think it's. Ignition fault, when trying starter noticed smoke coming from the earth on the condenser a d the bolt was hot, short black wire goes to coil, dd
  13. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    Reading the post on the link, in one section it says rotor arm facing no'1 plug lead on the dizzy is this correct, my rotor arm is facing no'1 spark plug in the engine block? Looking from front of engine mine is 2.oclock, link says 4.oclock, is This my problem, dd
  14. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    My engine will not run to the lead layout in the picture, had to move every lead back by one position, also that 8 star in dizzy has half inch lift in it is that ok, dd
  15. defender dinky

    3.9 efi lpg auto 92'

    interesting reply paintman, first of all it came to me on a recovery truck range rover had been standing for couple of years, drove it off truck to driveway 30ft very rough put new fuel in 25litres kept trying it for couple of days running but rough when revving it was miss firing at high revs, removed plugs cleaned distributor descaled couldn't get rotor arm off so cleaned brass strip with sand paper all back together still the same 1 checked lead diagram different from my layout so changed it to suit wouldn't even start, turning over (had diagram from tech archives, see attached pic) so i had to move 8 to where no'1 was and 4 where no'8 was and so on then it would start but really rough 2 tdc test rotor arm pointing to no'1 spark plug if i turned it like you said yes it goes back on its own, tried to remove rotor arm but stuck fast and brass strip which was riveted on came off, so collecting one tomorrow 3 got rotor arm off at last and the shaft had rust stains on it and metal strip inside of arm was rusty previous owner has put a ignition amplifier on it by the coil on the nearside wing its been done badly with two core electrical cable something you see on a fridge and use them square connectors with grub screws on the top i have no lpg at the moment re moved tank to do some welding refitted but empty i will see what new rotor tells us tomorrow and up date thks for your advice, dd

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