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  1. Probably why I couldn't find it , thks, dd
  2. Hi all, range rover classic 3.5 efi v8 auto 1989, when I removed centre console, I found a single black/pink trace wire with a connector on the end but wasn't connected to anything, couldn't find anything in wiring colour codes, anyone know where it should connect, dd
  3. Hi all, range rover vogue se 1989 efi auto v8, looking for part number for auto gearbox oil cooler retaining nut, the nut that holds the pipe in the cooler, or thread size, search high n low to know avail, dd
  4. Hi all, just wondering if I remove the return pipe off fuel regulator, would this tell me if I have enough fuel pressure, thinking if there is fuel pressure it would release excess, as I don't have pressure kit yet to test it, efi v8 range rover, dd
  5. Hi, up date, I have something dragging battery down, a brand new one very quick, that's why question about positive earth, I have positive battery feed to starter motor terminal, from there to bulkhead,should this be insolated, 2, ignition on, friend opens flap can hear fuel pump, I get fuel,but no start, 3, ignition on have power at relay mount by AFM, and power at relay drivers seat brown wires, 4, ignition on have power at fuel pump relay mount but only on the white wires, nothing on white/purple or white/green which I believe is the switch wire I just altered timing, incase it was out 180 degrees, but waiting for battery to charge again, can't get to ecu because electric seat not working , dd
  6. What's this, it was unplugged when I found it, mounted photo 3 on the inside, dd
  7. It'll crank for ever, no start, can't get fuel up, investigated yesterday and and took pipe off filter inlet by tank, and had blow back, going to take it off outlet today to see if fuel is coming through and work me way up to engine, my fuel relay won't switch, but switches when used in the other one by it, noticed in fuel mount relay there's no connector in the middle but have prong on relay, the relay by AFm does that one connect to coil - or + side, when ignition on can open flap by hand then hear fuel pump start up,dd
  8. So do I leave it as it is, and my problem lies elsewhere, I think there must be an immobiliser on it somewhere, how can I find it or bypass it, range rover efi flapper 1989, read somewhere they didn't put inertia switches on this model, range rover was a barn find hadn't been used since 2008, dd
  9. It was bought has a barn find, it all connects to a bolt which passes through bulkhead positive cable in the engine bay, and bunch of brown cables on the other, this is how I bought it, I was thinking of removing bolt bigger hole with grommet and connecting up otherwise, need to get it back to negative earth somehow, does this setup alter wiring elsewhere because truck won't start fuel pump relay won't kick in, headlight come on when wipers move its a nightmare,dd
  10. Hi all, this is all new to me, but it seems I have a positive earth on my range rover classic, live from battery goes to starter motor live, then another live cable from there to bulkhead bolt,which is connected to a load of brown wires, on the inside, so if I disconnect the positive earth I lose all electrics, battery negative cable goes to chassis, this is so confusing to me, because I can't get the range to start, any info on this, could I change it to negative earth somehow, dd
  11. Just noticed on fuel relay with the white and purple wires mount there's nothing in the middle connector to pick terminal on relay, two earth's into one connector, but the relay with all the brown wires has, it has a blue wire, so how does relay work with connector missing, dd
  12. Hi all, range rover classic 89 efi auto v8, come to start my project today but can't get any fuel through, tried different relays to no avail got no power to white/purple wire, pump works, checked all fuses I can find, opened flapper slightly,and can't find inertia switch do I have one?, found something that resembles one but there's nothing in there see photo, the relay holder behind it whats it for, when I put a relay in there the car turns over in position 2, been on this all day nearly, dd
  13. Range rover vogue se, auto efi v8 1989, the wiring loom that goes underneath bulkhead to gearbox, the brown/red wire which comes out the loom, does that go to the starter switch on the solenoid, dd
  14. Worth a try, hope you get sorted
  15. I was thinking of fuel lines being empty, might be a lot of cranking before fuel gets through, dd
  16. Hi all, range rover vogue se v8 efi auto 1988, almost ready for start up, firstly new tank, pump and sender installed so tanks empty, head gasket and any other gasket that came with kit fitted, new crankshaft bearing, new camshaft and bearings fitted all lubed up, new followers fitted push rods, engine and rocker covers cleaned thoroughly, new timing chain kit fitted, oil pump jelled up, new oil filter filled up and fitted, plus loads more, wondering what startup procedure is, do I leave plugs out for instance, any advice appreciated, dd
  17. I'll get the welder out then, thks, dd
  18. Yh, done that one, where at the joint where copper meets hoses, should there be on there somewhere, dd
  19. Hi all, doing front brakes now, two brake lines to front calipers, across top of inner wings down inside inner wing to the hole in the side connect to brake hoses, where do I fit anchor brackets for hoses to stop them flapping about, photo would be good, it's a range rover classic efi v8, 1988, dd
  20. Sorry guys but having trouble locating the connection on gearbox, anyone got any photos, have trouble lying on my back to long as it makes me feel sick for some reason, so trying to do this in short bursts, dd
  21. I'll have a look tomorrow, can you access it from underneath, or through gearbox tunnel, dd
  22. That's what I thought with the green/brown wire but where does it connect can't see anything underneath truck to connect to, dd
  23. Hi all, range rover classic v8 efi 1988, trying to figure out where this plug go's, wire colours are, green/brown, black/orange, single green and single black, further up the loom is a spur thick wire brown/red trace, any ideas, the last photo shows where it's plugged into on the other end, dd
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