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  1. Could be for the amplifier on the dizzy, which was on mine,
  2. Did you sort this, I have the same problem with my project, dd
  3. Hi all, looking for part number for diff opinion oil seal, for defender 1986 110 mod, so presuming it's a Salisbury axle, I'm not with the truck atm it's a repair I'm doing for a friend, dd
  4. Hi, I'm sure my mate had something similar to this, think it turned out to do with exhaust box broken down but not 100% sure, what's coming out the exhaust if anything, just a thought, dd
  5. Hi all, just an up date, i've learnt that the throttle housing heater plate in photo leaking was only introduced for cold climate countries Alaska, Canada ect, and that people in warmer climates bypass this with a piece of copper tube and join them together, which I would like to sort before I put it all back together, but would it be suitable in my vehicle which also runs on lpg, any thoughts on this, dd
  6. Hi all, discovery 4.0 v8, metropolis 52 reg, had a leak for couple of days so thought I would investigate this morning, the fluid does'nt smell and is clear, though it might be power steering fluid, so removed pump but its bone dry as is the ace pump, investigated further and on spinning ther water pump could here some light grinding so removed, new one ordered, now I took photo and under the plenum it's all wet with what looks like flakey crust any ideas on this before I put it all back together, was it the water pump or is there something under there that could be the problem, dd
  7. Think you will have to unbolt it anyway rubbers are all in one you won't get it passed the ram bracket
  8. Hi all, after some screenwash tube for my 91, 110 defender, enough to reach back door jets and for the front jets, what diameter is the tube internal size and where do I purchase it, dd
  9. Just fitted reversing camera on my van and red wire goes to the connection on reversing light in the light cluster so when you select reverse it powers the camera, dd
  10. When I installed my led lights I also installed a dimmer relay from maplins it acts like a dimmer switch on your house lighting, led lights don't need many watts, dd
  11. Could be relay on the back of fuse board in the cab un screw it off the bulkhead
  12. My left front runs across bulkhead, if I keep the brake box and master cylinder I've got installed, the two ports on the side one to left front caliper one to front right caliper and one underneath to rear brakes, is that right way to do it, I have brake lights, switch is on the pedal, just did'nt know what the switch on the servo was for, would I need to install any more G valves or pdwa's for front brakes, thks dd
  13. Hi, I still have brake lights the switch is on the pedal, dd
  14. Yea mate I'm the idiot, because my other cylinder only had two ports and was unsure what to do so i blanked it, so should I put the other servo on, but it's only got two ports,but has a brake switch, would it work if I just swop the master cylinders over, the photo is of the brake lines on truck, something bolted to chassis can't remember what it's called rear brake line passes through it, dd
  15. I'm confused, first photo brake master cylinder has only two ports at the master cylinder but has a switch, second photo is the one on my vehicle, with three ports but no switch, so what would you suggest if I swop brake boxes then I'll only have two ports for the brakes, do I need a switch on the brake box?, third photo showing three ports one is at the front underneath, dd
  16. so the one underneath is rear brake, sorry to be a pain but looked at brake servo and there's no switch like there was on the other one, it came from 300tdi I think, also I now have a switch on the clutch reservoir could you tell me what wires go to this switch, and what do I do about brake servo, dd
  17. Reason I asked is because on my brake master cylinder I have three connections two on the side and one underneath
  18. Hi, great weather at the moment getting loads done on my project, defender 110 91 reg, with 200tdi discovery engine in it, question is, is the clutch pipe work servo ect, independent from braking system, I used to copy things off my 90 but sold it last year, any pictures would be better, dd
  19. Hi, can't see white/green trace on that wiring chart? What model is it for, Dd
  20. Yes, first photo white/green trace, heated rear window, my fog light is on the steering column, in its place is the internal light, thks dd
  21. Hi, defender 110 project, so part have come from various vehicles mainly ebay, think bulkhead was off 300tdi some electrics come with it, question is three switches by your right knee I have internal light, and hazards switch, one nearest steering wheel blanked off but inside is connector block for a switch same as others it has white wire and a white/green trace wire what is this switch for, dd
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