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  1. There are several connector manufacturer's products used on the D2's harnesses. PM me on here, with what you're looking for. I've much more than I have listed on eBay. Paul.
  2. The secondary terminal lock will only go in one way. Your picture shows the side that goes into the connector towards the terminals. You have it the correct way up - the 3 x pegs go in above the terminals, stopping the terminal retainers from lifting. This image shows the connector's correct top/bottom orientation - Before inserting the secondary terminal lock, make sure that the terminals are correctly seated in their cavities.
  3. I am. I have the 3-way connectors to fit the TD5 blower. I'll PM you tomorrow.
  4. There's not a 'kit' as such, parts have to be sourced individually. In the case of the grommet 531689 (and some of the screws and washers), you have to buy a bag of 10 AFAIK, all of these parts are available from a main dealer or Genuine Parts reseller, to anyone who orders them. Military parts have always been available from dealers (if you know the Civvy part number) - although, this may have changed. I'll check this out the next time I'm at my local dealer's parts counter. From previous experience, I would take anything John Craddock says, with a LARGE pinch of salt. .
  5. From the 'Wolf' ISPL - .
  6. I've attached all that I have for 1991 to 1994 Defenders. Defender 1991 Wiring diagram.pdf
  7. It's for the headlamp levelling switch.
  8. VAG terminals to fit the relay socket 8E0 937 527 are - Smaller terminal To fit two cable sizes, both available as - A Repair Wire - 000 979 133 (1.0 mm²) A Crimp Terminal - N 906 844 05 (1.0 mm²) A Repair Wire - 000 979 225 (2.5 mm²) A Crimp Terminal - N 906 845 05 (2.5 mm²) Larger Terminal To fit one cable size, available as - A Repair Wire - 000 979 236 (2.5 mm²) A Crimp Terminal - N 103 197 01 (2.5 mm²) I can't find a match for 000 979 236 (N 103 197 01) from anyone other than VAG Polevolt sell relay terminals for the MTA Modular Fuse and Relay System, these look very much like the 'Timer' type terminals used in the VW relay sockets. 6.3mm Terminals for relay modules 1 - 2.5mm cable, Ref: 3-2030 6.3mm Terminals for relay modules 2.5 - 4mm cable, Ref: 3-2050 These look very much like the Terminal used on the Repair Wire - 000 979 135 Which is also available as a Crimp Terminal - N 907 326 03 2.8mm Terminals for relay modules 0.5 - 1mm cable, Ref: 3-5620 2.8mm Terminals for relay modules 1.5 - 2.5mm cable, Ref: 3-5630 These look very much like the Terminal used in the relay socket 8E0 937 527 above.  Unfortunately, Polevolt don't ship outside of the UK. Vehicle Wiring Products will ship abroad - http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/ http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/750/terminals-for-micro-standard-relays-4-8mm-blade http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/751/terminals-for-micro-and-standard-relays-6-3mm-blade .
  9. C0195 is a 3-way female Econoseal III 070 connector - It's wired as follows - Terminal 1 - White/Green - Ignition-switched live, from fuse 12 (10A) in the bulkhead fuse box Terminal 2 - Black - Earth, to header C0550 (earth stud on bulkhead in engine compartment) Terminal 3 - Black/Red - Signal, to speedo Pink ISO connector (C1060) The wiring for these is already in your main harness (from connector C0448), and would normally go through connector C0162 on the engine harness, that mates with C0448 on the main harness. In C0448 (and C0162) the wires are on the following terminals - White/Green - Terminal 12 Black - Terminal 6 Black/Red - Terminal 10 I can supply the Sumitomo 14-way male connector (C0162), if you wanted to make your own engine harness? .
  10. The speedo transducer connector (C0195) is on the engine harness. It's wired via the main harness to engine harness connectors C0448/C0162 .
  11. The four connectors in your picture, are - A. Main Lighting Switch (LH side of column) B. Rear Fog Lamp 'one-touch' ECU (behind instrument pack) C. Wash/Wipe Switch (RH side of column) D. Horn/Dip/Flash Switch (LH side of column) For the rear fog lamp switch - 1999 - 2001 - have the Lucas type rocker switch down by your right knee 2002 - 2006 - have the push/push type in the console in the centre of the dash .
  12. The 14-way Grey connectors are Sumitomo HW series - I have these complete. They are available from Land Rover, in a bag of 10 housings, without the White plastic terminal lock, without terminals, wire seals or cavity blanks. The 4-way connector is a TE 2.5mm pin and socket, made for BMW. These are not available from Land Rover, but can be bought at a BMW dealer. I've previously posted-up some BMW part numbers for these, I'll have a search and see if I can find my post. .
  13. Mo, I don't know what the washer pumps draw, but both the front and rear washer pumps are wired in 1.0mm² cable, which is good for 16A I'm a bit dearer than Autosparks, but I have the proper connectors, with 'PosiLock' terminals, which have a sprung platform which locks them to the male tab. Available in 'Natural' or Black, they are supplied with 2 x terminals, for £0.95 each + £1.25 for 1st class P&P (cheaper than Autosparks) .
  14. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I thought that I'd found some stocks of the Blue headers - but, after chasing them for an answer, all they had was the Blue terminal blocks, without the splice cap 😞 Anyway, I'll send you a PM regarding the headers you want. Paul.
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