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  1. Don't connect the WG wire to anything. It's an ignition switched live used by the TD5'S Denso alternator. It's not required on the P38 alternator.
  2. The Defender 300Tdi under-bonnet fuse box doesn't compare to the TD5 underseat fuse box, as you've discovered. The TD5 underseat fuse box is based on the engine compartment fuse box used in early Freelander-1, and 300Tdi Discovery-1, which are based on the engine compartment fuse boxes fitted to Rover 200, Rover 400, MGF and MG TF cars. They all have the same Sumitomo connections, but I don't know if they all have the same functionality. The Freelander-1 and MGF use the same fuse box - YPP100310L in the Freelander, and YPP100310 in the MGF - the MGF version is cheaper. Rimmer Brothers currently have an MGF version - YQE000400 on sale for £10.00 + VAT https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-YQE000400 I'm sure that you could make it work with a Defender for that price. The Rover 200 has a front mounting bracket for this type of fuse box - callout 7 in the diagram below - This bracket is now unavailable from Rover - but, I've got a few brand new ones kicking around somewhere. .
  3. I've always used 'Galvafroid' paint to cover the cut surface on Galvanised metalwork, such as conduit, trunking, tray work, etc...
  4. YWY000080 was also fitted to Rover 75 / MG ZT cars.
  5. et voilà BLACK Sub-divided into five circuits - BLUE Sub-divided into four circuits - GREEN Sub-divided into four circuits - GREY Sub-divided into three circuits - ORANGE Sub-divided into six circuits - YELLOW Sub-divided into five circuits - Supplied (as pictured above) with a 20-Way Splice Connector, Splice Cap and 20 x Sumitomo 090 Terminals. They are £11.95 each + Postage .
  6. The terminals you've pictured, are Sumitomo 090 unsealed terminals to fit the the HM090 and HD090 series of connectors. As Peaklander said, they are for interior light and alarm interior sensor, and should be located behind the headlining, at the top of the driver's side A pillar - The 300Tdi (and 1999MY TD5) used a 'Natural' 4-way HM090 connector for the interior lights, and a Red 3-way HM090 connector for the alarm's interior sensor. The 2002MY TD5 combined these circuits into one Light Grey 10-way HD090 connector, along with the central locking circuits for the tail door.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. The heated seat loom shouldn't affect the operation of the hazard switch. Maverik has already answered correctly, regarding the hazard switch's illumination and operation. It is probably just the bulb. If you remove it from the switch, you can test it by putting 12v across the contacts on the bulb holder.
  8. I posted some info on the crimping tools that I use, here - https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/14892-wibbly-wobbly-speedo/?do=findComment&comment=802149 (the pictures have been ruined by PhotoBucket 😠 ) I now have two models of reasonably priced (Chinese ) ratchet crimpers in stock, which perform an adequate crimp on these Sumitomo 090 terminals, as well as the TE(AMP) 070 terminals used on the switch connectors - For 0.25 - 1.0mm² For 0.5 - 1.5mm²
  9. That one's the Lucas-Rists 5-way wiper motor connector.
  10. The lighter connector in the forground is the male connector, with pin terminals. The darker connector is the female connector (YPC10038), with receptacle terminals. The female connector is on the vehicle's main harness, the male connector is on the tails from the column switch.
  11. Sumitomo HM090 6-way I can supply both the male and female connectors with terminals. PM me.
  12. Yes. There's a replaceable clear bulb and holder (STC1205) on the underside of the switch body. http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-STC1205
  13. There are several connector manufacturer's products used on the D2's harnesses. PM me on here, with what you're looking for. I've much more than I have listed on eBay. Paul.
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