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  1. It clips into the back of the connector to hold the wire seals in place.
  2. I have the genuine Lucas-Rists terminals - but, they're expensive - £1.50 each + Postage. I’ve managed to source some terminals which are almost identical – but, they require a little ‘tweaking’ to make them fit the housings. These are a much more reasonable £0.25 each They are slightly wider in section, than the originals. They can be made to fit by rubbing them down a bit on some fine abrasive, and snipping the left side and bending out a retaining tang. The contacts can also be re-shaped with fine-nosed jeweller’s pliers, to make them more like the originals. Some pictures comparing an original terminal (crimped to green wire), with the similar terminal - .
  3. Ash Grey on softdash RR, 300Tdi D1, pre-facelift D2 Black on facelift D2 (from 2003 onwards)
  4. Defenders from 2002 onwards, have used 1.5mm² for the HRW.
  5. 1985 will be the SAE type moulded rubber bullets, you can get pigtail connectors on ebay.
  6. Pete's link is to the seller I use when I need a Lucas wiper motor connector 👍
  7. 3waycomponents have the Lucas 5-way switch connectors - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lucas-Rists-5-Way-3mm-Moulding-Wiring-Connector-Kit-To-Fit-Lucas-183SA-Switch/133252214758 I've got the hazard switch connectors - £9.95 + £1.55 for UK 1st class P&P.
  8. I've just checked the wiring diagrams - Discovery-2 TD5 and V8 use 3.0mm2 1999MY Defender TD5 uses 3.0mm2 2002MY Defender TD5 uses 4.0mm2
  9. I'm pretty sure that the factory wiring is 4.0mm2
  10. It's a BMW connector, I recently posted details, here - https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/108548-td5-fuel-pump-connector/
  11. Here's the thread that I posted in - https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/80056-roof-bar-light-wiring-advice-needed/
  12. They're available from numerous places, usually in 100's. I have them in a couple of sizes @ £0.10 each. However, you can make them from a 6.3mm terminal, by snipping off the receptacle and insulation crimp. I'm pretty sure that I posted it on here once before. When I find it, I'll post a link to it.
  13. The first diagram is correct for YUG000540LNF YUG000540LNF switches the earth of the relay (terminal 85) from pin 1, to earth on pin 4 The switch's night-time illumination (pin 2) also earths through pin 4 The tell-tale is illuminated through pin 5, to earth on pin 4 Pin 5 is only live, when the auxiliary lamps are powered from terminal 87 of the relay. Your diagram wouldn't work, for a number of reasons. .
  14. It's an FCI (now Delphi/Aptiva) SICMA 1.5mm Mini-Sealed connector, which comes apart like this - The terminals are inserted on their side and are retained by the 'fingers' in the housing, locating into the recess on the terminal - .
  15. I don't sell the connector housing, but looking on the web, I found this German site that's listing them for just over 4 Euros - https://www.skandix.de/en/spare-parts/accessories/din-assembly-parts/plugs/plug-housing-blade-terminal-sleeve-for-fog-light/1052953/ So, I would expect a similar (equivalent) price from a UK Volvo dealer or specialist. I can supply terminals and wire seals, if you need them. .
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