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  1. Incase it helps any one else on here Ive had a little success !! I have found and ordered this https://www.falon-nameplates.co.uk/productdetails/54/LandRover-10Percentoff-SmallCastAluminiumLandRoverOval It should fit exactly (maybe a little fettling !!) and it is cast so shouldn't have any heat issues. Also the side oval badge on a freelander (DAG100260) is only 71mm long so should also fit. Anyway will let you all know if the cast one is ok when it turns up Andy
  2. Thanks for looking, I will have a rummage through my spares as I have a couple of those sound deadening rubbers somewhere. the item I’ve seen on eBay is only £29.00 ( only lol ) but the shipping is £50.00 !!! But it is cast alloy so would withstand the heat. thanks for trying though. andy
  3. Hi guys, im after a Landrover oval badge that is 75mm along its long side. it’s to go in the oval blank on my 300tdi inlet manifold.. silver letters on a black background would be ideal ive looked on eBay and google and have only found a cast jobbie, it is the right size but is only made in the USA and the shipping is ridiculous cheers andy
  4. I used to have 4 KC daylighters on a roof bar only disco. I converted them to HID and I thought they were very good ( nearly said brilliant!!) Used 55W micro ballasts and fitted them into the shell of each light ( ment they were self contained and only needed a +ve 12v and earth out of each one) There are loads of spares available for them I tried a combination of different lenses think I finished up with a pair of medium floods in the center and a pair of floods on the outside pair. the long range lenses were like pencil spots and too tight for me. Very tough old lights took a fair bit of abuse being on a roof bar. ive still got them somewhere in the lock up.
  5. Right, just to finish this one off ive finally fitted the front spacer, will get round to the rear one another time. Thought I would post ups few pics. Decided on making proper gaskets rather than sealant (I need four !!) And here it is all bolted up, I had to order 5mm longer bolts so that delayed me a bit but I am really pleased. It fits perfectly, does exactly what its supposed to. Thanks very much Ross Oh and Ive fitted the stainless swivel seal holders as well but no one wants to see yet another swivel set up I guess ?? Right off to the back end Andy
  6. hopefully week after next, its a beautiful job. Its almost a shame to cover them up...
  7. So, dragging this thread back from the depths, these arrived today. ( thank you Ross) would love to rush to the workshop and fit them but I’m only home for a couple of hours before I’m off again. Will fit them hopefully week after next. And be a little bit closer to getting my landrover back on the road !!
  8. Im thinking a 5mm (ish) spacer and redo the airline holder on the right side of the crown wheel and Im golden ! Im not home long enough to get to the workshop for at least two weeks though......
  9. Just to say, Im not being rude ! I just haven't had a chance to get back to the workshop yet as im still away on work. Andy
  10. Ummmm, sort of !! I had the axles media blasted before i welded on the rings i then resprayed them with RCP and CIO from Buzzweld but my masking sucked and I got paint on the surfaces so sanded them clean with an old flap wheel. but it is smooth just a weird light thing...
  11. I will have a look when i get back next week, cheers
  12. That would be fantastic if you could. cheers
  13. im a little worried about trying to re route the pipe incase i break it ! Im working away at the mo but will try snaggers idea and also have a little go with a die grinder, Snagger is correct though its touching the case to the right of the crown wheel.
  14. Yes spoke to them about it when I first realised I had a problem. They say they haven't come across this problem before. They were going to talk to there fabricators about some spacer rings but I haven't heard anything fro them yet. Just thought I would see if anyone else had a similar problem.
  15. thanks for the answers so far, At the moment the pipe isn't hitting the gear. i can spin the diff and its defiantly not catching but you can definatly 'feel' the pipe making contact with the cover when it goes on. I could relieve some of the inside of the cover with a die grinder (good idea using blue tack !) but obviously taking to much off would weaken the cover, guess a little wouldn't hurt. Ive had a look on google and there are some pictures of the pipe run a different way but to put in a new pipe and ring thing would be a real pain and I would probably have to send it back to nige to have done if im honest. Question ! How much, if at all, does the ring gear move ? the diffs are not pegged and the truck isn't a challenge truck so will mostly be driven with a little mechanical sympathy (honestly !) can anyone recommend a cnc or laser cutters who can do small orders ? I found a place near me but they wanted £100 minimum order. Just wanted to sound out the spacer thing thinking maybe 4/5 mm steel spacer type thing. Maybe a combination of die grinder and spacer might be the way forward......
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