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  1. 100-200 already sold sounds like a rather bold claim. I'd guess more like 8-20 vehicles a year, depending on price. But suspect it won't be cheap at all. To give a little perspective. Lotus only manages to sell 300 Elise's per year...
  2. Don't think it'll worry Ineos, or anyone really. It looks pretty cool, but very much in the kit car style. Doesn't look at all production friendly or likely to meet Type Approval regs. Not sure on the specs, but 4000 mile range. Umm... why aren't others doing this? Or is it more likely not reality.
  3. Why not? The physics is still the same and loading can be just as important. And I'd take a fair wager that the majority of non commercial/work towing on the roads is holiday makers towing caravans. And as the most popular cars in the UK are of a weight and towing class that nearly everyone with just a basic driving licence would be able to tow a caravan with them legally without having to take the trailer test already, getting rid of the test it will have zero impact on this segment of people towing. The only thing it'll change is it will allow more people to tow a full size car on a trailer. Which is i suspect a rarity by and large. And usually only done by those with an active interest in cars or motorsport. The only other major segment will be horse boxes, although even under current regs you could still have towed some (single horse, maybe in a re-plated trailer, but certainly possible). But one would hope, that anyone towing livestock of any kind, would be somewhat more sympathetic to what is on board the trailer.
  4. Oh, I'm not knocking having training. But there is no mandatory requirement to have training to take the test. You can simply book and turn up. Which I know lots of people to have done (and passed). In which case, the test doesn't really teach you anything or check anything you couldn't have legally done before hand. BTW - wasn't suggesting you had towed illegally. I'm saying that someone with a post 1997 licence (pre 2013), such as myself. Can tow quite a lot legally without taking the trailer test. It is all about the GVW of the tow vehicle and combined MAM of the vehicle and trailer. The reality is, with the correct choice of tow vehicle, you have, without taking the test, always been allowed to tow most caravans and up to a small transporter with a lightweight car on. A Freelander 1 should allow you to tow 1450kg. A Series II/III slightly less. And I think there are some 80's saloons cars that you could even get close to being able to legally tow 2000kg with, all legally and all without needing to take the trailer towing test. The law was odd, because if you opted for a "better" tow vehicle, such as a Range Rover or Discovery then chances are, you would indeed be limited to only legally being able to tow 750kg. e.g. without taking the test, you could legally drive this: And this would also be possible to tow too:
  5. The corn cart in my 1st post hauls approx 10 tonne of wheat. We have a pair of them on the farm and this year is their 50th harvest. Today we don't run 'modern' tractors by current standard. We have an MBTrac 1000 which my Granddad bought new in aproox 1982. It has about 100hp. And a Fastrac 1135 with 135hp which was new in 1995/6. We do have a more modern Valtra with 180hp, but it isn't generally used with these trailers. 100-135hp is about idea IMO for this use. Plenty of power, but not too much. The JCB can top just over 30mph is you want and the MB about 26mph. Not that you need to go that fast. In past times we used to use some 2wd Massey 575's with the trailers, but yes did have the trailer brakes coupled. And when the trailers where new the old Massey 65 was used to haul them. Although in fairness, they probably were filled to more like 8 tonnes back then.
  6. I don't disagree. But as said, you could already tow legally without the test. And the test did nothing to address the delta in the privilege you'd gain by taking it. So I'm unsure where the actual 'training' happens with the current test setup? i.e. people who have taken it and passed, would not be any more knowledgable on the hazards or what to do on the points you raise, as they simply aren't covered by the test.
  7. To some extent yes, although the physics are still the same, but a tractor is usually better placed to 'bully' the trailer into order. But would depend on the combo being used. For me though, the Towing Test never covered this though, which I feel made it more of a 'tax' than an actual training activity. As post '97 licence holders could with the right vehicle tow 1400kg (race car on a trailer and most caravans) without additional training. I feel the Towing test should have centred on the differences of towing 1400kg and 3500kg. Which loading would be a big part of it as well as towing something heavier than the tow vehicle.
  8. Don’t think it’ll make any odds. As said, people could still tow legally anyway. It was just a lower cap. If you are legally entitled, then insurance companies won’t be able to contravene it.
  9. If that pic is in the U.K. and a post 97 licence. I’m pretty sure 750kg MAM is all you would be able to legally tow with a 110. If it was a 109 you might have been ok if the trailer had been replated to a lower MAM. At least it won’t be an issue in the future 😃
  10. See my post above. It never stopped you being able to tow. It just made it hugely complicated. But it did mean the better the tow vehicle, the less you could tow. And encouraged people to use less good tow vehicles.
  11. I hear ya. But as someone who was 6 months too young to be able to get a licence with full towing rights on it. I know loads and loads of people with pre ‘97 licences that have towed with no additional training or issues. And as the law currently stands, post 97 licences you can still tow quite a bit with the right combo. Eg my Jimny has a tow rating of 1300kg. So legally I have always been able to tow a caravan with it. As the combined MAM is less than 3.5t. With a Freelander I can tow up to 1450kg legally without taking a trailer test. Which means a small transporter and a sports car on it. The crazy thing is. The recommended trailer for the trailer test is a 1 tonne box trailer. So you could use something a Freelander. Driver there own your own with the test trailer, put L plates on. Fail the test, then remove the L plates and legally continue towing the trailer! Utter craziness if you ask me. Also the test had no content at all on towing heavier trailers. Most of it is about general driving, using mirrors and indicators. And then some reversing, which as said. With the right vehicle you would have been doing without a test anyway. Oh and of course I can also legally drive this with 10 tonne corn on board. On the same licence that says I can’t tow 3.5t if I use a Land Rover.
  12. I agree about displacement. More is always better. The V8 was still offered alongside the 200Tdi. Although it was rare. And of course the 50th Anniversary model. Not sure what you mean about unable to tune with a Weber??? Mine range great. 230hp and 219lbft on the dyno (TR7). Personally I’d use V8 Developments or Realsteel over RPI.
  13. I believe it can be done. But might be more hassle than it is worth. If it is being done to try and get around driving licence laws and age restrictions, then you are on very shaky ground. I.e. if it is being done so that a 16 year old can use it on the road as a car. Then you would be liable to prosecution and might really scupper the 16 year old in getting a full licence in the future. Do you have more info on why you want to register it as an agri vehicle?
  14. I suspect the bigger picture hasn't yet made frontline media in this regard. It is true the emissions from the exhaust of an EV are low to zero (it doesn't have a conventional exhaust). But they are not completely emission free. There are still friction surfaces such as tyres and brakes that produce particulates. And there are moving parts in electric motors too. Not too mention the batteries themselves have the ability to vent should the need arise. IC cars obviously suffer with friction surfaces too in addition to the engines emissions. Although I suspect the particulates from the engine are probably vastly exaggerated in the media.
  15. Afraid I don't have a new Defender. But I'd have thought you'd be fine. The size difference is only very minor.
  16. At the end of the day it is your choice. But nothing regulated by the MSUK (aka MSA) that I know of would allow aluminium roll cages.
  17. In motorsport there is no such thing as an aluminium 'roll cage'. They just don't provide sufficient roll over protection. That said, if you are fitting just for a styling exercise, I guess it doesn't really do any harm. And the roll over protection of a standard lightweight is rather limited. So while aluminium tubing isn't a good material, it may still offer a minor enhancement on a gentle roll over. I guess the bigger question would be if it posed a danger on a more serious accident vs not having it.
  18. Make sure you have used high tensile bolts to attach them. Mini 8.8 grade or higher (3 marks/grade 5 for SAE).
  19. Are planning on making it look like the factory 100” ones? Or more of a competition Tomcat style? We have just stripped a D1 down to do the latter as you can now trial 100” Series/Defender style vehicles at ALRC trials events.
  20. Dunno if this would be any help. These are the ALRC roll cage regs, we are MS UK (aka MSA) regulated, but as a general rule our roll cage regs are a bit tougher. https://www.alrc.co.uk/stylesheets/downloads/Roll-cage-regulations.pdf
  21. Not sure what mods you'd really need to do to the Bronco or Wrangler? 😁 As for the Defender spec, well none of us were actually there. I'm guessing it was a vehicle from "stock" not a custom factory built order. Which would mean their choice of options would be limited. Yes 19" rims instead of 20" rims are optional, but do we know if they were actually available? And how much difference would 19's offer off road over 20's? I'd guess pretty marginal. But I do agree they don't appear to have specced the 'off road pack' just the off road tyres. Which Land Rover are explicit that they are off road tyres and not All Terrains.... Re: front recovery points, EU yes, but USA would be fine. You only need to look at what other makers offer in the US market from the factory in terms of recovery points. No reason LR couldn't have offered something over there.
  22. I’m sure importers are already looking. But they will add extra margin for themselves. Cheapest is probably a RoRo (roll on/roll off) transport or a container you arrange yourself. You will then have to pay VAT and import duty. It will then need an IVA. Which might take a bit with the Bronco. As the factory fit bonnet tie downs are likely a no no here. And maybe some other bits. once IVA’d it’ll need registering and away you go. It will all add up. But should still be feasible. Eg you can get a really good spec Bronco easily for $43,000 which is about £31k currently. I think duty & VAT would come in just under £10k. Shipping £1500-2000 when I last looked a few years ago. And IVA + alterations to get it to pass might be another £1k+ All in all if you simply swap the $ sign of the US price for a £ sign. That is approx what it’ll likely cost you +- 10% If you get a company to do it all for you or buy from a U.K. importer, then probably add 20-25% more for their margin.
  23. Sadly doesn’t meet EU construction regs. And the tiny market here probably doesn’t make it worth the development effort. Not when Ford are likely to struggle to meet USA demand for a few years at any rate. Our only hope is if they decide to sell it in Oz or look for a grey import.
  24. I’ never seen anyone else running 8.25 x 16 not even sure you can get them these days. On the farm we had a set of 5 XZL’s in this size. I really liked them. More narrow than a 255 but tall. Fitted my Series III lovely and I used them as a green laning tyre. We still have one that is practically unused. But 2 are very worn now and haven’t been able to source anymore.
  25. I bet the US Ranger has a better tow rating using largely the same platform and hardware. edit: yep 7500lbs for the Ranger.
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