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  1. Apologies I forgot to say, it sounds like the master cylinder, I have seen the exact same complaint with customers Freelanders. A fresh master cylinder does the trick. Check eBay for a cheaper master cylinder that stealer prices, but get a reputable brand! Good luck
  2. Replace the master cylinder if your getting no fluid loss, it’s a very straightforward and simple job. Any decent mechanic or good DIYer can do that task I can understand why they suggest a flywheel but at that mileage save yourself the cost. My FL has 220k miles and it’s flywheel is good. Also go to an independent specialist, may be well cheaper. Good luck.
  3. Hi. Looking for any information on Freelander 2 2.2 diesel starting issue. I had a customer come into the workshop before Christmas and their FL2 was brought in on a recovery truck, dead. Replaced the starter as original was badly worn. Starter was replaced and Freelander was sent on its way. Three days later it died. Symptoms exactly the same as if starter is faulty or battery is flat. But it’s not. New battery fitted and workshop jumper box added still no start. Left leads off battery for 24 hours and put original battery back in. Started first touch of the start button. Freelander ran perfectly for three more days then no start again. Left leads off battery for another 24 hours and after that it started and ran perfectly again. Apparently there is an ECU patch for a fault in the software that throws up these symptoms but oddly enough my local LR dealership knows nothing! Anyone come across this fault? Thanks.
  4. After you check all the earths (remove, wire brush and then apply electrical grease. Don’t fall into the trap of giving them a wiggle and think it’s ok) then the next port of call is the spiral cable behind the steering wheel they do give trouble. Are the horn, interior light working? If not try the body ecu which is clipped into the rear of the fuse board it’s easy to replace. But my money is on earths and the spiral cable. Good luck 👍🍀
  5. Hi. Check the inter cooler, intake manifold & EGR pipes for lots of oil. If excessive oil has gotten into the exhaust then I would be fearful for the catalytic converter. Remove the front bumper and access the inter cooler. Flush and dry the cooler, egr pipes and also remove and clean out the intake manifold. Make sure that the negative pressure sensor located at the opposite end of the intake manifold (from the egr) is squeaky clean. These manifolds get very coked up anyway in normal operation. I usually fill it with diesel or petrol and leave it soaking. Then use a good bottle brush. Reassemble the lot and see what happens. Then if your still getting faults check the catalytic converter. Good luck.
  6. Hi, check that you have power coming to the connector under the seat then if you have 12volts there, then it’s the heating pad in the seat itself. It can be replaced but they are expensive and you have to be brave in tearing down the seat coverings to access the pad. The pad is a most common fault Good luck.
  7. Hi. I have done several and I generally take 8.5hours that’s including replacing the flywheel too. It’s a Nasty job
  8. Hi Bob, not too sure as to what needs to come out but if you need a pipe I have one here which I am happy to send you F.O.C. Its from a 2002 Td4 that I have here broken for parts. They are a rigid pipe section unlike cars of old which had flexi pipework. I can look tomorrow and try calculate what would have to be removed to get it out.
  9. Hi Siearl, Have you driven it for a while and then jumped out and felt the back brakes for heat? They could be binding up. Or next time it is taken out once it is driving without struggling park it up without handbrake on (put chocks to the wheels of course) If it drives away without the problem of struggling it could be that. Or it could be the VCU locking up and you are getting transmission wind up I had a 98 diesel Freelander in about a year ago that had the VCU doing that and then coming good but it did so with a bang or loud metallic click in the IRD unit. Both had to be replaced. So lets hope its the brakes
  10. Hi quick update, the Freelander ended up in the garage, long story, basiclly won 1k euro worth of free work. The power cable that supplies the door runs alongside the offside inner wing. It was severed according to the mechanic, how, why or where I dont know until I look at the repair site but there is the update as promised. Maybe try with a multimeter to see if you have power at the door and fuse board end. You will need a helper though and tea, always helps!!! More when I get the Freelander back.
  11. Hi, Might be a common fault as my 96 2.0 tdi is doing the same. I recently replaced the whole tailgate handle as the old ones retaining bolts pulled out from the plastic. The handle was off during a rain shower bt worked fine for months. Fuses etc all checked so far but no joy. Haynes book of lies not helping much either. If I get any progress I will let you know.
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