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  1. Hello Boydie What Bilsteins have you fitted?
  2. Thanks for your replies all. From searching and your comments the best reliable way seems to be original springs and heavy duty shocks possibly Koni ,terrafirma, OME. Now to find a supplier ! Wellsy
  3. Thanks for your replyTeam Idris. It seems no one has any opinions on shocks and springs. Wellsy
  4. My daughter is selling her 90 N/A soft-top as in the pic. What price do you think she should advertise it at? It is in original condition. Chassis is in ex condition, some rust by wing mirrors and door botoms Has 6months MOT. Thanks Wellsy
  5. My 200tdi is lower on one side of the rear so it looks like the spring needs replacing. the ride quality is harsh also. I use the vehicle to carry lots of building kit and occasional trailer pulling. Can anyone recommend some decent quality HD springs and shocks for front and rear. It is not used off-road. I see Europarts are offering Sachs and KYB shocks any comments on those? Wellsy
  6. Yes tacr2man, looking back at it now that would have been the best thing to do , but I did not realise insurance was needed and how long this panel would take to become available. . Good news is, panel has arrived and discovery will be back on the road soon. Lesson leant. PS got a spare offside D1 rear arch outer panel if anyone interested. W
  7. Early last july my disco failed its MOT on the rusty rear wheel arches around the seat belt mounts. Major repairs, so I transferred over my insurance to my daughters sorned 90 to keep me mobile. I repaired the off- side arch and sills with a new panels but the nearside outer arch was unavailable at that time. So in prep. for the its arrival I cut out all the rust and repaired the sills etc. I waited and rang around all summer to the suppliers . None available they will be arriving in Oct. I was told. End of Oct. still no sign of arches and also a letter arrives from DVLC informing me to explain why my vehicle is not insured or sorned . I wrote a note on their form explaining as above and said that it was still taxed. Last week another letter - YOUR FINED 100 quid! I could not believe it. Fined for keeping it on the drive for 3 months. B.A.....R......DS I did not realise I had to insure it. I thought as it was still taxed it did not have to be sorned. They don't exactly make it obvious on the tax forms(on the back low down) and who reads it ? Have I any hope of keeping my £50?(early payment reduction) or do I fight? Wellsy
  8. Is anyone running theirs on veg oil? I would like advice and a diagram for fitting pipes ,valves, tank and heater Wellsy
  9. Having to repair my D1 rear wheel arches due to the usual rust issues. it seems that the nearside(left) outer arch panel is unavailable from all suppliers I have tried. Does anyone know where I can get one? Wellsy
  10. Last week noticed strange handling and knocking from rear end of my 200tdi Isolated it to a shock problem. I removed the OME shock and found that the rod / piston had broken at the top near to the mount. Why? Can they be rebuilt? Wellsy
  11. The rubber strip on the outside of my D1 door was hanging off , so i pulled it off completely. What should I use to fix it back on , and clean off the old adhesive? Wellsy
  12. Thanks for your replies everyone. I now have the discovery, going to fit its engine and transfer box into the 90. Seems a shame not to fit the alloys as they will look good. I will get some calipers out to measure various diameters and dimensions to check. Wellsy
  13. Hello everyone Been offered a J reg 200Tdi that is full of rust and not worth repairing. Would the alloys fit my C reg 90? Wellsy
  14. Anyone know where i can get touch-up paint for my Discovery 200tdi J reg, The colour is Green Metalic Carrigada No. RTC6634T ? Various sites do not list it. Wellsy
  15. Thanks for advice everyone. Have gone for valeo and new fork, bought new seal as well. garage mechanic who fitted it( ex land rover) said do not touch it unless needed. Wellsy
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