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  1. 10K!! He paid 10K for that!? I know it is nicely restored but really.............I sense a change of career coming on.
  2. Many moons ago I worked in a rural garage (think converted barns) I worked off a scissor lift that was recessed into the floor. There where rubber blocks for lift cars by the sills. We used cross beams and rubber blocks under the chassis for LRs and similar. Swapping clutches and gearboxes was not an issue on that lift. Did, LR90, Discovery and Jimny on it. For general servicing they are a lot less of a pain then a 2 or 4 post lift. IME the post are often in the wrong place! If pennies are short but you have the head room (assume you do if you are considering a lift) then the drive
  3. I spectated and I had to walk and there were quite a few spectators. All I meant was that we had to wander around to where it looked like there was something going on rather than being directed by a map or signage. The sections where bounded by bunting so the risk of walking where you shouldn't was minimal. As I say it was an awesome event and I am not surprised by the positive reviews and I really hope that the event comes back to the UK in the future. It was my first visit to Kirton and I was not disappointed.
  4. What did I think of the event? Overall, awesome. I like trial based off road competition and this is like the pure cocaine version of that. I understand more than most the work needed to stage trials events and I can fully appreciate the amount of work required to stage such an event. However, as is often the case with UK based off road motorsport little consideration is given to spectators and publicity. For spectators there needed to be better parking and a site map showing where to find the sections for the various classes. Publicity......well I really mean signage. Only a sign at eac
  5. I know it is not strictly Land Rover related but there will be some LR based vehicles competing, so.............is anyone going?
  6. I have an internal cage in my 3 dr Discovery that is a bolt together unit. It is slightly different to the one above in as much as the hoop behind the front seat is all one piece (hoop, diagonal cross beam and rear stays all one piece) and yes it was a colossal PITA to get that bit in. IIRC I removed the all the seats (it won't fit with the rears in there anyway.....or rather nobody could sit in those seats so I took the view I was adding lightness (!) ) The main hoop parts then had to be passed in thru the passenger door, leaned back so that the rear stay was upright by the b-pillar a
  7. Aren't the front and rear diffs different makes in a Series 109. Rover versus Salisbury? So I don't think a front to rear swap is possible.
  8. You've probably driven most of it already...........on the randonee
  9. And there is a byway that takes you right past as well
  10. You mean all that dodgy MIG welding (sorry thread hyjack)
  11. Indeed they are; but I was trying to show that the geometry is not unusual
  12. Can I suggest that the cost difference figure show positive/negative figure. So, both work out the same then difference is zero (obviously ) but if left side is the cheaper option then should be a positive value, left side more expensive then it show be a negative value. Does that make sense?
  13. Those fancy American builds they use on King of the Hammers seem to be ok with this setup.
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