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  1. Thanks guys. This car is now in Denmark and the worry is to wether the mot-guy will accept it as an 127". Do you know if its somehow possible to verify this, maybe via the seriesnumber in the vin ?
  2. Hi I've got a friend who have purchased what is supposed to be a 127". But when looking at the vin it states that its a 110" Where 110" chassis used when making 127" or is it budge ? Regards Morten
  3. Hi I have a friend who is looking at a couple if F1's with the V6 engine and autobox. He asking what to be aware of and what kind of reputation they have got. Thanks
  4. Just read this now. I cant remember which car it was 🤔. Had a few passing thru at thst time. Maybe I can find some paperwork on it ?
  5. Thanks guys, I was just wandering if it was of value for some rivetcounters. It'll be weighed in.
  6. Hi I have a friend who have bought a chassis for 127" among a lot of other LR parts. There are some rust but its repairable. There are no papers/id with it. Is this of any value or is it scrapmetal. Its placed in Denmark and there is no market for it here.
  7. Finish building Racer before summer - same target for the last 4 years. Mindfull building. Refurb 110" STW for wife before easter ? Am I optimistic - nah.
  8. HI Any new tips on how to free up the front suspension on a Defender/Disco/RRC ? Apart from drilling the bushes or using the narrow radiusarms combined with the wide spaced axlecasing. The mods have to be "within" legal standards, as the car needs to be roadworthy ? Any ideas welcome. Thanks Morten
  9. I need some help finding a RDW approval on a certain item.
  10. Hi Any dutch around, who can help me with the RDW ? Morten
  11. I think I need to clarify my question. I was trying to ask about the winder mechanism and not the lever. Guess that what happens when you post when you are supposed to sleep ?
  12. Anyone know the difference in these winders. 94-02 v. 02 and onwards? Are these by any chance interchangable and which would be the best choise ?
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