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  1. I thought LR had always had at least one eye on that market. The Range Rover Vogue came out sometime around 1980 didn't it??? Not to mention giving Churchill a Series one or building that rather nice 2.6 109 for the Queen Mum in 1960-something-or-other... Seems an image far more in keeping with traditional Landies than rappers in RR Sport blingmobiles, even if the current object of attention is somewhat easier on the eye than Prince Charles... Cheers Luke
  2. Some further info. Had confirmation from someone on another website that this Facet pump is indeed a direct replacement. The Facet part number is 476087. Cheers Luke
  3. Hi John My ever-helpful local NAPA store was the first place I tried but they didn't have anything listed for a '73 SIII (naturally) so I went away to do some more digging. In fact their online website does have a modern Facet pump listed for a '67 SIIa 2.6 so they're getting that one in for me. In case anyone needs it the NAPA part number is BK 6101074. It's listed on the site as $112 but my chum in the store said it was $87. It'll therefore be interesting to see what actually turns up - the photo on the site is of the correct cylindrical pump but the part number is listed twice, for the cylindrical pump and for the cube shaped pump also. We'll see... Cheers Luke
  4. Spooky... Just found this thread via a Google search as I'm looking for exactly the same thing - a modern alternative to the OE pump on my six-potter 109. As dsstephens seems to have found, Rovers North want $414 for one. Er... No.... I'm still digging so if I find anything definitive I'll post it here. Can anyone confirm for me whether the fittings on the modern Facet pumps are all the same? Cheers Luke
  5. Just to endorse Optronic, I've had it on mine for the last three years and it's been brilliant. Piece of P to install too. Cheers Luke
  6. Hi John Sorry, I don't know about brushable etch primer - I was painting over a previous respray and didn't need it. I didn't thin the paint but I understand you can get an even better finish if you do. Cheers Luke
  7. Nice Land Rovers, Landrover598. Yep, you can get a great finish. This was painted with a roller and a brush after a quick wash down - literally. It took under an hour.... Unfortunately the brushable paint doesn't last all that long. Well, mine didn't anyway - I used Tractol. This photo was taken last year and the Connecticut climate has since nuked the finish - dull and peeling in places. Needs re-painting again. Still, very easy to touch up and you can work one-panel at a time. Cheers Luke
  8. A small foam roller, ie a radiator roller, works great. Here's the bible.... Painting Pointers Cheers
  9. Hey RPR, that's very, very impressive! You look about ready for a Jon Fund outing and some kicking of Jeep Butt I think I might relegate the 109 to being a support vehicle rather than try and keep up if you're going to be leaping over obstacles in that thing. Whereabouts in Western MA were you BTW? Cheers Luke
  10. No, you'll be wanting the Land Rover Chronicles forum...
  11. I think it comes down to how many miles you are doing and what sort of driving. You need to be honest with yourself if you're doing a lot of road miles, or stop worrying about it if you only drive a few miles a day. I had XCLs on my 109 which were absolutely superb off-road and acceptable on road for short journeys and the occasional long haul on motorways. I then changed jobs and location and needed to drive about 70 miles a day on twisty roads through all sorts of weather. The XCLs proved to be a serious liability, even at series speeds. I switched to a good AT (still quite aggresive considering the boots being worn by most 4x4s these days...) and the on-road handling was transformed - much safer on corners and braking. Off-road performance has proved more than adequate. They're all a compromise - circumstances dictate which one suits you. Cheers Luke
  12. AHA!!!! Now that's more like it - thanks Richard. Funnily enough I was trying to find something exactly like that at home last year and I gave up. I really want to put a unit under the middle row of seats as the front generally gets warm thanks to the six-pot exhaust next to the bulkhead, while the rear remains completely cold. Also, no matter what you do to the motor, matrix, etc, the air holes in the dash are still a bit too small. I'm thinking ones of those flex-a-lite things and a Kenlowe pre-heater would be very good investment... Cheers Luke
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