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  1. Sealing cables from engine bay

    Will do......Arrgh That's better!.... SUPERGLUE now it starts to make sense!?! 😉
  2. Sealing cables from engine bay

    Could you not get some aluminium plate or thin metal sheet cut it to size, then mark the fixing holes and drill, then drill x3 large holes for the cables? It doesn't look anything special maybe wrong.
  3. roof width

    Have just measured my light bar (gutter mounted)...... Inside measurement is 143cms. about 56.25 inch...... If that helps any? Not cree lights though and on a 300Tdi
  4. Plug Tap.... Engineering

    Thanks for the info guys, made things a bit more clearer, very much appreciated. I have a decent vernier/caliper already so will look at thread gauges. All the best Andy
  5. Plug Tap.... Engineering

    Thanks guys..... So if lets say the bolt head requires a 13mm spanner, how do i know which tap to use, as obviously i don't want to cut it bigger, just clean the thread out?.... Is there a conversion system/method for this? Thanks again
  6. I am after a few Plug Taps to clean out various bolt holes when working on the Defender, as they are often cacked up with locktite and the likes... I dont want a Tap and Die set, just the plug tap in 11mm, 13mm, 15mm and possibly 17mm..... Could some kind knowledgeable type tell what to ask/look for ie are they called M11 taps as for an M11 bolt hole and M13 tap for an M13 bolt hole and so on? Also what pitch do i need to be getting them in??? And most of all where to get them from? Because if it is the case M13 tap for an M13 bolt hole, most places on the web only seem to do even numbers after M10??? Cheers Andy
  7. Sealing cables from engine bay

    So HOW does SUGAR work then!?! 😁
  8. Diesel fuel waxing / gelling

    Which Fuel filter are you recommending, Genuine or are others any good?
  9. Insurance Saga

    I did tell you to GRAB A COFFE! Well that hated time of year has come round all too quickly again!......The Motor Insurance Renewal! Now me I am with Footman James on Classic Car insurance. Why? Because it was cheap and I have no money (married, horse, dogs, oh a LR the usual drain on the pittance I earn), anyhow a couple of years ago I noticed that they were doing an AGREED Value, which appealed to me as the Defender production was at an end. After enquiring I went with an agreed value of £5000 for my 300Tdi Defender 90 (van type), this was without photos or reports needed from clubs, simple? The usual any mods to the vehicle question asked, and I answer! This only added £8 to the premium so seemed a no brainer for peace of mind. The following year I upped the value to £6000 with no issues! Then we get to this year 2018!!!.......... And I thinks maybe I should up the value a bit more as sadly the Defender breeding programme has been a complete failure and should the worst ever happen, replacing like for like want be cheap!?!..... Yes I could buy a cheap battered example and rebuild it in time, but time I don’t have! So the replacement would need to be in good shape (still happy to go for another 300Tdi). I called FJ and informed them that I would like to increase the agreed value figure, no problem how much? I asked what was the maximum I could go? What ever you like but go too high and we need photos and reports! OK what’s too high? Not telling you! Or you will come in £20 under! (Fare point! He weren’t wrong!) Hmmm £8000 I says. Hold the line I’ll check.........Yes that’s fine! Great me thinks and it only puts the renewal price up by a few quid, just have to tell my financial adviser (Wifey) and get her to OK it I tell him. Wifey agrees, god bless her!... And the following day I call FJ back. Lass on the phone just wants to check a few details then we will be sorted. Easy innit!?! Like ******* Hell was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any MODs to the vehicle other than blab la bla? Me, oh wait you forgot the light bar and Rock Sliders! OH! She exclaims, you didn’t mention them before! I did! Well it’s not down here! I’ll have to recheck the quote now!.........When she comes back it’s gone up £50!!!!!!!! And so had my temper!!!!!! I suggested she might want to pause the recording machine at this point, as I feared it would scare some of the employees when used for Training purposes!!! Out come was, I’ll look round!!! Well after many phone calls to other classic car insurance companies, yes they will do an AGREED Value! But you HAVE to send photos!!!..........My contention is I don’t want some spotty oik sat in an office telling me that my motor isn’t worth £8000 just by looking at photos (and to be honest it probably isn’t!.... But I would be hard pushed to replace it for less!) So back to FJ I go having decided to bite the bullet and go with the hassle free AGRRED VALUE with extra MOD costs GRRRRRRRR! New/different lass answers the phone, I explain what it is I want , she replies I am just checking your notes (from previous phone conversations). Then asks if I still want the £8000 agreed value? Yes I says, Hmmm she ‘s noticed that the light bar and ROCK SLIDERS had increased the original quote somewhat. I explain that this is a sore point! As I have always been open and honest about what has been done to the motor! I did say that I had mentioned these MODs over the years, but whether they had NOT noted them properly and I had NOT noticed they were NOT included on the paper work may well be the case!?!.........Well fare play THIS lass is a bit more sympathetic to my cause and tells me she will try and sort the issue as it DOES seem a bit harsh! 2 mins later she’s back and exclaims having read further back on my FILE it WOULD appear that there was mention of ROCK SLIDERS back in 2015! So she will go away and check what price she can get with the underwriters and call me back. 15 mins. and she’s back on the phone (Good girl!)...........And she has managed to lose £45 off the amended quote, but very apologetic that she couldn’t reduce it anymore!....... For me it was a result and I was more than happy, if only due to the fact that this lass was bothered enough to check/read all the notes and see that I HAD stated Rock Sliders as a MOD previously!!! Up shot is my 1995 Defender 300Tdi is again insured with a now AGREED Value of £8000 without the need for photos or reports!!!
  10. PAS steering box for defender

    I think there are x2 types?.... x6 bolts and x4 bolts???...... So long as you replace like for like it's fine, but i would hang fire 'till a qualified grown up confirms
  11. 300tdi Kenlow - shroud or not?

    I dont think this will help you any? But when i got my 300Tdi 9yrs. ago it didn't have a fan of any sort fitted! After owning it for a couple of years with no issues i decided i wanted a fan just because it started life with one, no other reason. Fitted a viscous fan but never bothered with the shroud set up, radiator and cooler is standard set up! And still have no issues with temp. I dont do high mileage and little to mo towing, so again no hard work or too much load on the engine. It's my daily drive and is pretty well maintained ie regular oil change every 8 months. Seem a bit unusual for a 300Tdi not heard of one like this before? So will be watching with interest, hope you get what ever the pronlem is sorted.
  12. Defender flooring

    If you are referring to me?..... I'm the leak, keep climbing in and out with wet muddy boots, oh and x2 dogs that will do anything to go in water! And they ride in the front too!!!
  13. Defender flooring

    No the mats are straight rubber no soundproofing, i just put them on top of the tunnel footwell mat..... Not much point bothering with foam underneath as it's surprising it still gets wet under there any way plus it's a mud trap!!! Have to take mine out every so often to give it a clean/brush out and a whipe.
  14. Defender flooring

    I have these off ebay and can recommend them
  15. Defender flooring

    Just be aware that stable mats being 15mm plus thick will affect the peddle travel....... ie break peddle may bottom out on the mat before you stop the motor!!! Same for other x2 peddles. Whats wrong with the heavy duty rubber mats that are designed for the job, not overly cheap i know but good old ebay has a fare selection genuine or aftermarket..... Think i got a pair for my 300Tdi under £40 with LR logo in one corner and are holding up well after a couple of years hard use.