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  1. Mutley

    Transfer box front flange

    Oh it's still on!!! Well that seems simple enough? Thanks for that, cheers Andy
  2. Mutley

    Transfer box front flange

    I need to change the front seal on the transfer box part number FRC7043 as it looks like it has failed!?! i know i need the Felt washer seal FRC2464 and i will get a new mud shield too FRC6121 My question is how do i lock/stop the shaft from turning when i undo the main nylock nut NY120041L???
  3. Mutley

    squeeling noise at high revs

    On the 300Tdi the tensioner pulley is well known to squeal when it's on it's way out! I am NO Land Rover expert so no idea if a 200 has one? If does look at the centre if it's showing black/brown dust around it, this indicates the bearings have seized iirc?
  4. Mutley

    Urgent NEW problem help please

    Thanks again sorted it, in the end i turned the crankshaft clockwise a fraction and low and behold it gave the pin up!?!....... For some reason or other a got it into my head it need to go the other way??? Why do i set my self these challenges? Wanted do do the timing belt myself for a while, so over time got various tools ie crankshaft locking tool, Westerns locking pins and puller set. Crankshaft locking tool makes life a breeze and 1/2" breaker bar with a pole was a lot easier than i hoped for, decided to push rather than pull, it turned with a good steady lean. The puller and crankshaft tool where more fiddly getting the bolts in as you are working blind but once on the do their jobs easily.! The biggest problems and most time consuming were the crank seal removal! The fron case being alloy you really feel you dont want to hit it! As for the one at the back you just stuggle to get at it with anything, well i seemed to!?! In the end i filed an old screwdriver very thin and bent the tip slightly, so when i firmly tapped the edge of the seal right against the casing it would go away from it before it would cause marks. Worked for me. So being my first time i had a few issues to resolve, work out and overcome! But feel good for doing it! Would have had it done but alas the rain came and beat me, so finish of tomorrow then cut the lawn and do whatever is on the Boss's list! Oh well onwards and upwards
  5. Seem whilst doing the timing belt the FIP locking pin has jammed!?! Any ideas how to reverse the crank a fraction, tried putting the crank bolt in but as soon as i reverse the ratchet the bolt starts to undo? Locking pin seems well stuck and don't want to make things any worse. Cheers Andy
  6. Mutley

    Urgent help please

    Panic over guys. Bit of a modified screw driver and a chat with the hammer quietly did the job. Thanks for being there guys gave me time to think a bit
  7. Mutley

    Urgent help please

    Crank seal on a 300Tdi Err4575 Any info on how best to remove the old one? Doing the timing belt and seals, this one Err4575 had failed so definitely needs replacing! Just can't for the life of me get the old one out!?! Sides are to narrow to get a self tapper in and dont seem to be able to get much leverage, so am well stuck at the moment! Any help is greatly appreciated thanks
  8. Mutley

    Quick help if possible?

    Well the longer bleed nipples work just fine after all! Yeeeha And the upside is, with them being raised up more it makes them easier to get to as they are not down behind the brake pipes. Thanks for all the replies. Cheers Andy
  9. Mutley

    Quick help if possible?

    Cheers guys kind of had the same feeling whilst trying to get the last one out! X3 fairly straightforward after a clean up and an 11mm socket, the last one as always didn't want to play!?! But after a little chat with a 10mm socket and a hammer it eventually saw sense and joined the party!!!
  10. Mutley

    Quick help if possible?

    Photo of each side by side???
  11. Mutley

    Quick help if possible?

    Just checked depth of hole in the caliper, and low and behold they are shollow!?! So Britpart nipples are somewhat longer!?! Have to wait till wifey gets back to bleed and see if they seal???
  12. Mutley

    Quick help if possible?

    Bleed nipples RTC1526 Trying to fit new ones albiet Britpart, they appear a fraction longer than the ones taken out, but i am only able to get them in a couple of 3 threads then they lock up!?! Would have thought they would go at least 3/4 or 2/3 they way in? Any ideas please as idealy need to bleed ready for work tomorrow. Cheers Andy
  13. Mutley

    Analog clock gauge

    When you push the centre button in gently turn it till it goes all the way in, it's like it has a locating pin that needs to find the correct slot. Just finely twiddle it till you feel it once in it kind of locks both hands to adjust the time. Well that's how mine is, i push the button in with x1 finger hold it in then turn it till it goes in again then adjust. May be worth a fiddle with? Otherwise i am no help sorry Andy
  14. Mutley

    Clutch issue?

    Ok guys will check things mentioned on Monday when I'm off. @Yostumpy what rubber mountings? Cheers Andy
  15. Mutley

    Clutch issue?

    I have a '95 300Tdi 90 and just lately when starting off in drive or reverse as i let the clutch out the motor seems to jump/lurch slightly!?! In all other gears u say it's fine only because i can up the revs a bit before engaging and disengaging the clutch. Any ideas, and please dont say clutch is on its way out? Cheers Andy

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