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  1. Mutley

    Dreaded Electrics

    FridgeFreezer where abouts is that block connection? I can't find anything that resembles that in your photo. Have looked all along the bulk head in the engine bay. Andy
  2. Mutley

    Dreaded Electrics

    @monkie...... will check, at work at the moment, so i will look in the morning. @FridgeFreezer.... ok again will check tomorrow. Do like that set up maybe a project job to do at some point.
  3. Mutley

    Dreaded Electrics

    Defender 300300Tdi 1995 At the battery the there is 12.4 Volts At the Fuse box the Voltage is 11.5 Volts A drop of 0.9 volts Where and what do i need to be looking at to increase the Voltage at the fuse box? Andy
  4. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    @ Mo Murphy...... It would seem 5hrs of torturous education accompanied with a story for you to laugh you butt off and chip in with a x5 word comment and collect x2 no sorry x3 (damn i clicked on one whilst reading your reply) hearts/like things at my expense! Oh such is life
  5. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    Here's the story then!......... Having read most of the instructions in the hsrd wire kit and checked voltage at various points, i connected up the dashcam, switch ignition on and after about 8 seconds it comes to life! Yipeeee As i have exactly the same set up for HRH i proceeded to install hers into her little Peugeot 106, which was a damn site easier than mine! Grrrrr Switched it on and up it fires straight away!?! Mmmmm different to mine me thinks! Hers comes on straight away, mine 8 seconds! Not happy!!! So goes back to check mine out, multimeter in hand.... long story short, ok a fraction shorter!.... i remembered on HRH's that i had to put the piggyback fuse holder in the way round to be able to fit it in the crappy designed fuse box! So did the same on mine mainly because i was out of ideas and it was something to fiddle with whilst i was thinking. Switched ignition on and RESULT! it fires up straight away!!! Yeeeeeha! Now what really p@#$%& me off is NOWHERE in the F@#!$%€& instructions does it mention that this f@#!$%€& piggyback thing needs to be fitted a certain way!!!!!!..... Because if it did i wouldn't have wasted 5 f@#!$%€& hrs. of my life on a simple job! F@#$, S%€&^, B@#!$%&*
  6. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    Ok up date.... @zardos ...... yes it's a genuine nextbase kit So multimeter out checked battery..... 12.4v .......down a little i know, but i do a lot of short trips no more than 3 miles at a time and about x5 a day. So i am thinking this is about right? Now the next test bothers me!?! .... i then check a switched fuse socket in the fuse box, this came back as 11.6v??? So i checked another switched fuse socket and got the same!?! Now a drop of 0.8v from batter to fuse box seems somewhat excessive???
  7. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    Have a multimeter not sure how to various test?.... was going to use it in the morning and check 12v was coming out all x4 slots?
  8. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    This is the piggyback fuse holder.... Bottom slot is for the original fuse (10 amp fag lighter)....... Top slot for dash cam (2 amp fuse) It is in place now and the fag lighter works fine but NOT the dash cam!?! @#$%€&* frustrating to say the least
  9. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    So it could be just the case of turning it around then??? That is a great bit of info on the fuse pins FridgeFreezer, i never knew thats how they worked, being just a simple lad and all that. You are a diamond
  10. Mutley

    Fuse box electrical issue?

    Don't understand the question sorry, It's plugged into the fag lighter fuse which is ignition switched, if that helps ( right hand side top row on fuse box)?
  11. I have got a Nextbase 312gw dash cam and a Nextbase hard wire kit.... Dash cam works fine..... (power off from the computer and power off the fag lighter and cable in the defender 300tdi) Followed hard wire instructions, switch on and NOTHING!?! So to check the hard wire kit wasn't faulty i took the live straight from the battery, dash cam fires up straight away! So using the piggyback fuse system they supply, i put the connection back in the fuse box, using a switched live fuse, turn the ignition on and again NOTHING!?! All electrics work as they should! All earth straps have been recently checked and are good! When i checked the hardwire from the battery, i kept the piggyback fuse in line! So it would seem the kit is ok? Just when connected into the fuse box i get NOTHING!!! Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Cheers Andy
  12. If you look at the gaskets for the hinges it shows they are off set slighty, so yours should be ok, as they look about right?
  13. Mutley

    Radio Zombie

    Switch radio on...go to the fuse box, on the cover it should show which fuse is for the radio, if not remove fuses and replace untill radio stops! This is the fuse to leave out! Untill you have time and a plan to resolve the issue, when you will need to put the fuse back in to know if your plan, idea to resolve the issue works.
  14. Mutley

    Radio Zombie

    I would say a bad earth somewhere? Is the cd radio wiring a factory fit set up or has it been re-wired by you or someone else?
  15. Mutley

    Lumpy when cold 200tdi

    What engine oil are you using ie. 10W40, 15W40??? Have no idea, but could be if you are using 15W40 maybe it's taking time to warm up and thin out a bit before it gets going, i know most use this as standard, but if only for ease of starting in winter i dropped to 10W40???

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