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  1. Thanks Stellaghost you are a diamond. The amount of springs, clips, nuts, washers and the likes that just vanish into god knows where? When either taking something apart or putting back together is astounding!?! Drop it and BAM it's GONE! It doesn't bounce, it's OT a ball! Can't roll far as it has flat sides! But can you find IT!?! Can you BU66ERY!!!!!!! Clips and springs..... One slip, one involuntary twitch of the nerve, even just thinking it could be retained and PING...GONE!!!......Probably boldly going where no man has gone before, off into some far flung distant galaxy!!!
  2. Anyone happen to know the Circlip size for the bottom of the steering drop arm ball joint??? I was taking mine apart to regrease the ball joint and said circlip decided to go on vacation to god knows where, at a speed yet to be recognized by any known scale, somewhere between FM that was fast and Ping gone!?!?!?! Grrrrrrrrrr Oh and where to get one too? Cheers Andy
  3. Mutley

    Does it matter?

    Just what i was going to say ^^^^ Just put one in and do up finger tight, then spanner on crank nut and turn the engine over slowly. It could be the old glow plug is shorter due to age and heat corrosion???
  4. Thanks guys, Once the drop arm is removed will get it back home and clean up the splines with a wire brush on the Dremel and wire wool, apply plenty of copper slip before fitting new drop arm! Hopefully to make life a bit easier if I ever have to remove it again in the future?
  5. Ok then guy's your mission if you choose to accept it? Is........ I am going to remove the steering box on a 300Tdi 90 is there anything i need to know and is it straight forward? Plus can anybody tell me what Bolt size BH607161L is....... What size are NY608041L nuts I think i am right that the BX112201 bolts are M12 x100mm Also any other nuts or bolts needed for refitting as i hate re-using old parts? Have ordered new locking washer 600265, new locking tabs 572077 x2 Once the steering box is off i am taking it to get the drop arm removed so i can refit a new QFW000020G...... Found a place local ie in Derby using Land Rover tools only charging me £15 so well happy especially as i only live the other side of the M1 Cheers Andy
  6. Mutley

    What Tyres

    @paime .......265's is the max allowed for that size rim
  7. I am needing a new clutch master cylinder part number STC500100 Question is which brand to go for Delphi, TWR or is anybody recommending another brand?
  8. @Snagger..... Thanks for the info, i tried the 1st. option you gave, live feed and known good earth!.... And yeeeeha the blower worked at full and half speed!!! So at least the motor is not seized!!! Oh how it warmed my little heart? Well it would have done if i had been sat in the motor!?! Any how just have to try and find a bad connection or dodgy bit of wiring now i think? Well x3 way connector in the engine bay is good, wiring behind dash is good and connections cleaned...... Guessing from dash to fuse box or fuse box to engine bay??? Cheers Andy
  9. So how do i wire it directly/bypass???? Anyone??????
  10. #Eightpot, ok tried that and made no difference?? Can someone explain the bypass method from start to finish what exactly to do, to check that the motor is fully functioning???
  11. Not sure what you mean Eightpot??? Blower only seems to work when leaver is at the bottom in the on FULL position..... But there is so little power in the blow that if you move the leaver up any amount you don't feel anything.. I have the slide leaver......Don't have any switches!
  12. Have already done the air vent and spin trick, and yes the motor is free spinning. So theory is it is not seized!?! Having read other post on this issue, i have done resistance check and so on with multi meter, and according to the guy giving info on what and how to do my results seem to show a bad earth!?! Solution to narrowing down the culprit is to bypass certain bits? But as i have said i dont know what or how you bypass??? If some one could explain the whole process for a complete numpty it would be very helpful. @Western.........every other part of the heating system works fine at the moment Cheers Andy
  13. Now, now boys.... Ok limited knowledge on electricals. How do we bypass stuff????? Get a live from the battery and attach to where?????....then attach negative to what and where????? And can i use any 12Volt battery for the positive feed????
  14. Right then we have a frustrating heater problem in the '95 300tdi... All of a sudden the heater has gone from a good blower down to a mouses fart!?! I have checked fuses and wiring, this all seems to be good......When on FULL it used to blow hard and you could hear it even above engine noise!..... Now it's just a very gentle breeze!?! Any ideas where to look or what to replace ie blower motor? As the wetter colder months start coming in would like to solve this sooner rather than later. Cheers Andy
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