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  1. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    @cackshifter OUCH!!! Fancy money HRH would have my nuts in a sling!!! And thanks for the link Ralph and for all the advice from the rest of the gang. Have ordered a GENUINE cable as advised. Will let you know about the Britpart OEM Wheel box when it arrives and compare to what comes off the Defender, that said there is no guarantee thats a genuine one!?! Cheers all, Andy
  2. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    I put suffix "G" at the end of the part number PRC8495 as this usually indicates GENUINE?...When i did the search it was throwing up PRC8495G OEM Britpart. And i know Britpart are suppliers and dont manufacture so here's hoping? Plus money largely dictates as i am already looking at a new heater blower motor as it has stopped working! Heaters ok still get a trickle of warm air coming in but no blower! Cheers all, Andy
  3. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    cackshifter..... how easy are they to replace??? Noticed Britpart do x2 parts of these x1 states OEM the other fraction chesper doesn't
  4. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Well it looks like Britpart are the OEM!?! Nooooooooooo But they are half the price of LR boxes!?! Yeeeeeeeeeeees Still telling HRH i am buying Genuine though! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Bowie69 no nut splitter sadly....Having looked at the drivers side wheel box the spindle arm looks slightly bent downwards!?!..... So have advised HRH that it looks like new ones! That way just grind them off and save the trouble!?! Grrrrr Anyone know which PRC8495 to get ie Genuine or who is the OEM maker or recommend a brand make? Cheers Andy
  6. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Yes Mo, well one was missing any way (bonus), the other one I've had to drill out! And it appears they are BOTH refusing to move!?! As it's my daily ride and not having wipers at present, just praying it doesn't rain!.... Got tomorrow off and then off for a week come Saturday, so either fix or new with any luck.
  7. Mutley

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495 for a Defender 300Tdi is it best to go Genuine or are some Aftermarket ones as good or who is the OEM? Genuine being the usual daft prices! Went to replace wiper arms and the adapter. But the little darling doesn't want to come off the drivers side wiper! Grrrrrr Made a small puller using an old small G clamp and a bit of cutting with the angle grinder, but still wont budge!!! Any ideas or it's cut off and renew altogether hence the 1st. Question? How something so simple can be such a problem is beyond me!?! Even a makeshift puller should have moved the thing if only slightly!?! Not as if there is a huge surface area, oh but wait, you have to figure in RUST!!! Grrrr Cheers Andy
  8. Mutley

    Heater stopped working!

    Wow Litch! That's some impressive info there, thanks will look at all the bits that i might need in case i end up removing the box at some point. Feel better about attempting the job now. Red90 any ideas what, how and where to check wiring if i dont fully understand wiring diagrams? Cheers Andy
  9. Mutley

    Heater stopped working!

    @benjwom23 Yep had a look at the fuse and that's NOT the issue. I mean it's a Land Rover, It's NEVER going to be that simple! If only it were, lol Will check the wiring and connections with the multimeter next. With my luck the motor to the fan will be burnt out??? And removing it sounds like an absolute faff!?! Got a week off at the end of the month, so if it comes to that i can at least take my time a bit. Cheers Andy
  10. Mutley

    Heater stopped working!

    As title, the heater suddenly stopped working on my 1995 300Tdi!?! So will check the wiring 1st... But was wandering how easy is it to REMOVE so i can give it a clean and check the motor out? Cheers Andy
  11. Mutley

    Does this matter?

    Not sure the garage will give you any joy, as the seal in the stub axle has failed and is not disturbed when doing the swivel joints?..... May be bad timing but they are a wear and tear item, that said some guys DO knock the stub axle seals out and let the diff oil (EP90) flow straight through. Garage may renew swivel seal at best if deemed to have failed significantly???
  12. Mutley

    Does this matter?

    So long as it has oil or grease in there, It's not an issue. If the leak gets too bad then renew swivel seal and do stub axle seal at the same time... But it's ok to leave it as is for now, just get set for a messy tedious job at some point.
  13. Mutley

    Brake Bias Valve NTC8836

    How easy is it to replace the Brake Bias Valve NTC8836? I can't find anything in the Haynes manual or on with web search, any help or advice would be appreciated as it looks a pain to get at!?! Vehicle is a '95 plate 300Tdi 90 Thanks Andy
  14. Mutley

    Dreaded Electrics

    FridgeFreezer where abouts is that block connection? I can't find anything that resembles that in your photo. Have looked all along the bulk head in the engine bay. Andy
  15. Mutley

    Dreaded Electrics

    @monkie...... will check, at work at the moment, so i will look in the morning. @FridgeFreezer.... ok again will check tomorrow. Do like that set up maybe a project job to do at some point.

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