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  1. Mutley

    Water in oil, head gasket already replaced.

    To be honest i have no idea! Maybe flush the rad to be sure that's flowing as it should? Other than that would be looking at seals and gaskets that are on route for oil and water. Iirc i think i have heard/read on here that the 200Tdi had a common fault of cracks/factures appearing between cylinders??? And some do not always show up on pressure tests!?! Might be worth investing in a proven head to be sure, could always sell it on if this is not the cause or keep it in case there is ever a need for it!?!
  2. Mutley

    Decent Aerial

    This is NOT intended to offend! I have heard this argument many times over the yesrs for various things. Someone highly educated with an arm full of qualifications designed said item! And therefore it would seem we are wasting time and money trying to improve on it!?! I would suggest that most things are designed to work in a fashion and cost will greatly dictate how well!?! Whilst the genuine aerial may be good and does the job, i doubt Mr. Land Rover would put something as trivial as an aerial of outstanding quality at a high cost on a Defender! Plus considering all the other parts that break, snap or fail in a short space of time, i'm not sure how much faith i have in the highly educated and qualified designer!?! He designed it to work, yes, but to a budget. Thus knowingly some of the minor components will be of the minimum standard allowed. If he was that good surely there would be NO need for QUALITY aftermarket parts??? Of any description!
  3. Mutley

    Decent Aerial

    Had the little rubber thing too, liked the idea of it ie short not likely to get damaged, but it wasn't great!!! Got this one of ebay £15.ish similar base idea to the little rubber one and still with a flexi section, 80cms in height fiberglass, made in Germany! So far very impressed, reception is for me bang on, used to struggle in some spots out here but not now!
  4. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Update....PROBLEM SOLVED!!!...... Sorted the Earth lead and all is well again, NO radio cutting out when the lights are activated. So a BIG thank you to all you guys for your time, input and interest on the issue. Cheers all Andy
  5. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Ok so decided to get down and dirty with the LR yesterday..... The decision was the Defender would go on top!....So under i go, torch and spanners at the ready. Earth strap removal and cleaning being the nature of the game (see i do listen to you guys)... First thing i notice is a thick black cable with an end cap hanging mid air!?! When i traced it back it was fixed to a bolt on the bell housing, then the penny dropped, it was an Earth cable!!! And the lug to the chassi had broken! Not sure how as there is no sign of corrosion? Any how obviously needs fixing and could, fingers crossed be the answer to my problem??? Removed and cleaned other earth points whilst under there just to make it a worth while exercise! Will get a couple of cable lugs and then i can play with my heavy duty Hex crimp tool again, all the time reminding wifey why i was justified in buying it at the time.
  6. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Ok so stereo out and with just the wires from the motor i attached a test light to the permanent live and earth, activated light switch and test light dimmed..... Attached test light to cigarette lighter live (for ignition switch) and earth. Activated light switch and test light dimmed again!?! So the lights are drawing power off both circuits
  7. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    No LED's the lights are good old fashioned Halogen's.... Battery is huge and only 6 months old.... Lightbar has been on for about 2yrs.
  8. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Well spent all afternoon checking wiring to lights and relays ih and fuses.... All good and everything light wise works as it should. Having done as Peaklander suggested and remove wires one at a time from 87 pin on relays. The only thing i can think is that it is ignition related???.....But have no idea what to check or how!?! The stereo works off the ignition and with ignition off as wired permanent live to do so.
  9. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    @ Scotts90 it cuts out when dip is activated and when flashing main beam yes.
  10. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Ok checked and rechecked!?! Still the same Grrrrr. This is how the lights are wired..... If incorrect please advise...... i have NO clue as to where the problem is, all connections are good, lights work as they should ie dip when dip activated and main beam on when activated Cheers for the help guys Andy
  11. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    @ Scotts90 Just started about a month ago, did the light wiring upgrade some 5 to 6 years ago...... will look at the relays and swap them about after work and let you guys know the score. And to put the Cherry on the cake!?! The wife now tells me the stereo is playing up in her little Peugeot!
  12. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    @ Peaklander Both wires from battery to the lights and the one to the stereo are the same thickness (30amp rated) and all have inline 30amp fuses?
  13. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    So update... Checked earth.....NO change But i took out the inline fuses on the up graded light wiring one at a time... Took one inline fuse out..... stereo still cut out when lights activated! Replaced it and took the other inline fuse out on the up graded light wiring and yeeha stereo DIDN'T cut out when lights turned on!?! Hope this info helps??? Me, I'm no wiser! Only it's light related, like i didn't know that!?! As stated i have used the upgrade light wiring off this forum (old thread with photos iirc) Why does the stereo not cut out on x1 of the light wires but does on the other yet both wired the same, both go to identical relays, dip and main beam with light bar work pefectly! Grrrrrrrr hate electrical work! If i can't see it, i can't understand it!!!
  14. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Oh and it's a 300Tdi 1995
  15. Mutley

    Radio wiring issue

    Cheers crwoody will have a look and report back the results. Can only live in hope 😁

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