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  1. Mutley

    Leak into footwell

    Over the years i have found the door seal to be the main cause, for me at least!?!.... Especially between the hinges where it gets squeezed when the door is shut, if it forms a fold or a crease in the soft rubber it always seems to run water INTO the motor NEVER out!!! Grrrrrrrrr That said the only real cure is to get a NEW GENUINE one! Dont bother with any other aftermarket makes, yes they are cheap but sure as hell dont work! Genuine expensive yes, but do the job better for longer!
  2. Mutley

    Leak into footwell

    Check the door weather seal CFE102991 for folds or creases. Most of the usual water ingress points have been metioned. Really is a case of finding the point and sadly that is the fustrating time consuming bit, with hose pipe and a mate. Dont have the water bladting out, just a good steady flow. Go all round the door frame, then run it down from tom of windscreen. Once any drip is spotted or even water running down footwell pannels trace it back to point of entry and this should give you the problem to solve!?! If it's any consolation we have all been here at one time or another and some of us several times. Let us know how you get on
  3. Mutley

    Leak into footwell

    Fix it! Buy another one!?! Dont pick up passengers when it rains!!! Stay out of water! Buy wellies! Learn to swim!?! Keep the door shut! Sorry couldn't resist...... Just the child in me, honest.... 1st thing dry it all off and find where the water is coming in, then you will know what to fix/resolve. When it's dried off get a mate to hose it down while you sit inside and see if you can spot the leak point of entry?
  4. Mutley

    Diff pinion oil seal, which one?

    Well I was going to change all x4 mud shields and seals on the front and rear axles plus front and rear out put on the transfer box...….. What a mine field this is turning into!?! You would think X4 of each mud shield and seal??? But NO!...…. And not so much NO because front and rear diffs differ from TB out put, NO because it doesn't matter which model defender you have, it depends on what has been fitted at the time of manufacture, which may or may not correspond to parts listing!?! Short of taking things to bits and obtaining parts like for like, you have to get under there clean up and poke around and try and make an educated guess!?! which in most cases will be dependant on which type of mud shield is fitted??? Regards the Transfer Box Seals is FRC7043 correct for a Defender 300Tdi 90 ('95)………………………..My head hurts!!!!!!
  5. Mutley

    Diff pinion oil seal, which one?

    dailysleaze thanks for the link, makes for a good read and insight..... will go and check to see what combinations i have when it's dry... Yet again nothing as simple as it seems!?!
  6. As title, i have a year 95 300Tdi 90.... And looking to change the diff pinion oil seal at the same time when i renew the mud shield (mud shield part No.FRC8154) Having searched i have found x2 part numbers for the oil seal FRC8220 Which states on LR's parts diagram from vin LA but on L.R seies web site states upto vin KA....??? The other part number is FTC5258 on L.R series web site states for defenders, but find no mention of this on LR's parts page??? So which seal do i actually need to get and will it be compatible with the mud shield FRC8154 ???
  7. Mutley

    X2 Issues to resolve please

    Cheers guys, will order a mud shield asap. And clean up the oil filter area and see if i can narrow it down
  8. Mutley

    X2 Issues to resolve please

    Because it's part of the housing thst the filter fits to isn't it?... or have i got it wrong? It's coming from wherever the filter is screwed into and the hose that connects to it.
  9. Mutley

    X2 Issues to resolve please

    The hose that goes into the top where the filter is screwed onto, i think the part number for that connection is ERR2241? Not sure of the hose part number. Seems to be coming from the buld thermostat area??? Will get a new mud shield thing for the front prop, thanks for the info Red90 very grateful
  10. Mutley

    X2 Issues to resolve please

    Sorry Red90 it's a 300Tdi year 1995 No.2....you say pull flange and fix, how do you fix? Sorry i'm simple you see
  11. 1st..... Oil seems to be lowing out of the top of the air filter or the large hose that runs into the air filter housing. Any ideas of the cause and how to solve it would be nice? 2nd....where the front prop shaft runs into the Transfer Box, just behind where the prop shaft fits onto TB i noticed a large shim/washer type thing, seems very loose and free playing, is this normal? If not again what is the problem and the solution please? Cheers Andy
  12. Mutley

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    Cheers for the info FridgeFreezer.... Managed to convince the Boss that a Stainless Steel exhaust was a hu hum the sensible way to go, saving hassle and money in the future..... Said she would start putting money aside for one and let me know when there is enough (didn't have the heart to tell her there will never be enough!?!). Regards to the full system on a 300Tdi 90 am i better to stick with the mid box or have a straight through set up??? The only thing i dont want is boy racer load! As it is, is load enough, FridgeFreezer just stung me a bit when he said they aren't overly quiet.
  13. Mutley

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    @neil110 yeyep phoned PD Gough for a quote and luckily i was sat down at the time, my eyes still water when i think about it!?! Powerflow look like they could be worth a visit, as said the give a life time guarantee for the exhaust and bits ie gaskets, flanges...... Just depends on the amount of $$ they want. @muddy tend to agree with you regards down pipe, sadly mine has just gone only slightly, so for now it's wearing a plaster.
  14. Mutley

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    Duly noted Maverik Any body heard anything about the company Power Flo? Seem to be a few outlets around the country, as always they sound like they do a good job and all that plus a local branch to me. Just dont want to be going to a bunch of cowboys that fob me off because i have no idea as to what is right, wrong, good or bad? Or does any one have any recommendations in the Notts area?
  15. Mutley

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    @Western, Aaaah didn't see that bit or it didn't register sorry lol

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