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  1. Fridge, Fridge, Fridge what utter nonsense you spout!?!.... Always use BEER!!!....Not only is it a GREAT lubricant but also required to steady the nerves when attempting ANY precarious surgical work, plus has the ability to make traumas look insignificant when taken in the correct volume!?! And as for the LUMP HAMMER???...How else are you supposed to get it in square!?! Chances are the NEW screen will be warped at one corner or the frame will have moved out of shape over time!?!....That and it's a handy thing to have to throw at the kids running around causing a nuisance!!!...Lump Ha
  2. @oneandtwo needed to replace the seal so thought i would replace the bearing at the same time, other than that no real reason. Cheers Ralph for the links
  3. @Retroanaconda Front prop shaft to Transfer box.... Not handbrake side! Is this the input or out put??? @ all others... how easy to get the shaft out, fit bearing onto it then replace, any special tools required for this job? Cheers Andy
  4. How do you remove and replace the FRONT Transfer box input bearing, can't seem to find any info on this? Have removed prop shaft, bolt flange, dust cover, seal and cir clip... But cannot seem to get the bearing out!?! Any help would be great, cheers Andy
  5. 10mm or plus rubber stable mat (channel groves on one side, bobbles on the other side type matting).... Comes in large sheet 4'x6 or 8' then cut to size, helps with noise reduction and easy to clean never rots!.... Only down side is some people don't like the smell when it's new but that soon fades after a bit of time. Had the same piece in mine for over 10yrs. and still as good as the day i put it in
  6. .......One previous owner ......Needs ATTENTION ......Salvageable .......Beyond Repair
  7. Never bothered with torque setting, just till it's firm! Being relatively soft metal casing there is a good chance overtime you wind the plug all the way in. Just a firm up check it's not leaking an ya sorted.
  8. I think you will find you have to slacken the mid section from the back box and when all sections are loose you should have enough play to get the bolts through? Then retighten each section bit by bit. They can be a pita at times oh and you still might have to push, pull and grunt a bit even then!?!
  9. I think it's known as the "Grey White Eyed Plug"!?!.....Mating pairs can usually be found on the back of shelves behind dusty boxes in old warehouses, you will have to creep up real quite like as they are notoriously shy during this period!....Apparently if you startle them in the act of mating, the female can be quite aggressive!?!
  10. I totally agree mmgemini but i am not convinced grease is actually getting in there via this method??? Yet you can get greaseable Track Rod Ends!?!.... Which are ball joints, hence why i thought this idea would work!?! I am guessing that the build of the track rod ball joint is somewhat different to the brop arm ball joint?
  11. Is not painting a form of preserve? Unless something is totally submerged for the duration in a solution you will at various stages of it's life have to reapply the preservative i would have thought? So long as the preparation is diligent and the necessary care and steps are taken for painting of the item plus the after care of any scratches or cracks again my thinking would be paint to be as effective as a preservative and more appealing to the eye??? Both methods need careful attention after application to ensure that they are at their most effectiveness at all times. Aga
  12. Well i slackened off the grease nipple, moved the ball joint around and the result is still the same sadly!?!.... I fear HoSS could well be right in that the spring pressure combined with the upper and lower cups makes for a good seal and therefore renders this a futile exercise!?!.... The theory was good but the actual practicality would appear not so? Yet i can't help feeling this should be achievable in some way???
  13. Just checked the photos, mmm maybe sticks out a mill or so but stll wouldn't have thought it would foul on anything due to the spring!?! I will do as you say mmgemini and see what happens and report back
  14. @mmgemini why would it make a difference if the grease nipple is screwed in to far, surely it makes no never mind if it's two thirds in or all the way in??? Can you explain your reasoning please as i is a bit dim at times and it's not protruding through the other side to foul on anything, virtually flush as i recall? Cheers Andy
  15. So somewhat disappointed with the lack of grease flow, i went to have another look at things. I noticed that the ball joint was rigid very stiff? I removed the grease nipple and a small amount of grease oozed out, which is what I expected, but then the ball joint was free moving again so result on that score!?! I cannot fathom why the grease wont flow through the ball joint, the bottom cup inside has a small hole so should not be an issue i was thinking?.....But then as the ball is sitting in this with a lot of downward pressure could this cause a seal???.....I tried to lift the ball join
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