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  1. Sounds daft i know, but could be a seized/sticking brake caliper piston that's causing the popping noise? Moving off and freeing the initial drag resistance. Just a thought?
  2. Noooooo!........ In my experience this has been the cause of RUST setting in!!! Why would you want to remove the protective barrier!?! Some people eh???
  3. But it's CLEAN!!!!!!!!...... How the hell did you have FUN in it?????🤣🤣
  4. Might be the splines in the wiper arms are worn or worn splines on the pindles? May be worth replacing both parts with new?
  5. Thanks guys, i might look at the VHT Paint, is there a certain brand that is best or are all VHT types pretty much the same? Cheers Andy
  6. As per title, i am looking at getting new brake calipers and don't want to end up with rusty chunks of metal in a couple of years time! So what to do!?! Do i paint them, if so with what (yes i know a brush and paint! But what type?). Or can you treat them with something to stop them rusting up??? Cheers Andy
  7. Forget the grub screws!!! Totally useless when they round off inside!!! Find some nice stainless steel small bolts to fit!!! Much easier with spanner or socket for tightening and loosening!!!
  8. Are the Gwyn Lewis wading kits worth the money? If not can anyone tell what i need bango's, pipe sizes and make, junction box etc. Also needs to be as good if not better quality than Gwyn Lrwis's And where best to get them from please To be fitted to a 300Tdi 90 Cheers Andy
  9. How do you Bleed the steering fluid/system on a 90 300Tdi? And we use Automatic Transmission Fluid right? Cheers Andy
  10. Mutley


    This is on a 90 300Tdi 1995 Noticed on the way home last night the steering was a bit stiff/heavy??? Checked the fluid, mmm yes it's down a bit so will top up, but don't think this is the problem? The hose coming off the steering fluid reservoir looks like it's weeping/losing fluid. I do have a new one so will fit this asap. Again not sure this is the issue as the hose issue has been like it for some time and driven ok. Any thoughts? Cheers Andy
  11. Ok so update........ Not had time to sort this myself with work and one thing and another, so i booked it in with an auto sparky. He eventually found the fault after a couple of hours. Apparently there is a x3 pin connector block right at the back behind the speedo and fuel gauge binnacle. It appears the connector had got water in it and x1 of the pins had corroded!?! So as the cold weather sets in all is good again and heater and blower are working as they should! Yeeeeeha RESULT!!!!! And the very, very nice auto sparky only charged me an hour for the job
  12. Mutley

    Drop Arm

    The new drop arm was and Adwest QFW000020G When i got it i noticed the ball joint was rather stiff and felt a bit gritty!?! So whilst it was off i decided to take it to bits and inspect it. I was shocked and surprised as to see how little grease was inside!?! Basically next to nothing!!! So i cleaned it all out and refilled with some good old JCB blue grease!!! So at least it has a good start in life.
  13. Mutley

    Drop Arm

    Well i needed to remove the dreaded steering drop arm as the ball joint parts were seized!?! I have read and heard the horror stories some have experienced with this task, so to say i wasn't looking forward to the job was an understatement! Having found a local outfit that would remove the arm for a mere £15 (all i had to do was remove the steering box and take over to them), which involves a bit more work than i wanted but hey, it's plan B and a pro was gunna do it the drop arm would be off! So having a couple of weeks before having time off work to do this, i decided to at least try myself so i undid the main bolt so there was a gap of about 5mm and the locking tab still effective, then with a large syringe of diesel fed this all round the top of the drop arm daily plus driving about as normal and the odd and i do mean the odd crack with a hammer. The next thing was to get hold of a puller, i didn't want to spend too much because if it didn't work it was money wasted!?! All seamed to be about 40 quid and upwards, untill i happened by chance on the Bearmach web site and saw this... It was actually £19.99 four days ago. I couldn't pass up that price and ordered it. Came next day too for standard delivery. Went out this morning and got all the tools ready for the job plus readied myself for the blood, sweat and tears plus the final failure of the drop arm NOT budging a fraction!!! Puller on bolt was firmed up, a couple of cracks with the hammer, bolt slackened off, tighten bolt a bit more another few cracks on the bolt with the hammer, swap wrench for breaker bar god firm push and another.......Then the bar just went with ease!?! I thought i had sheared the bolt but no the drop arm was off!?! A result i never expected as i have had the motor 12yrs and it's never been off in that time and it's anybody's guess if the previous owner had ever had it removed??? Cleaned up the splines on the steering box fitted new dust seal, smothered with copper slip and fitted new drop arm, all in less than an hour!?!?!?! Oh and don't have to resort to plan B......Some days life is good!
  14. Thanks Stellaghost you are a diamond. The amount of springs, clips, nuts, washers and the likes that just vanish into god knows where? When either taking something apart or putting back together is astounding!?! Drop it and BAM it's GONE! It doesn't bounce, it's OT a ball! Can't roll far as it has flat sides! But can you find IT!?! Can you BU66ERY!!!!!!! Clips and springs..... One slip, one involuntary twitch of the nerve, even just thinking it could be retained and PING...GONE!!!......Probably boldly going where no man has gone before, off into some far flung distant galaxy!!!
  15. Anyone happen to know the Circlip size for the bottom of the steering drop arm ball joint??? I was taking mine apart to regrease the ball joint and said circlip decided to go on vacation to god knows where, at a speed yet to be recognized by any known scale, somewhere between FM that was fast and Ping gone!?!?!?! Grrrrrrrrrr Oh and where to get one too? Cheers Andy
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