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  1. Having read the Horror stories of the NONE Genuine door seals from other members, i went straight for Land Rover Genuine parts when i needed to replace mine. Managed to get original Land Rover ones off ebay at a good price and so, so worh even paying full price! They fit bang on and do what they are designed to do without issue. Peace of mind can be worth every penny at times, for me anyway.
  2. @slomofo that's a different type to mine, i have the pin type as in the photo above. Thanks for trying though. @ianmayco68 nothing on their web sites but might be worth a phone call, cheers
  3. 1st place i tried Ralph, nothing doing for code L
  4. Ok so no major issue as i have NOT lost mine, Yet!?! Would just like a spare one to keep in the house.......The type i have is in the photo The Code on mine is "L" Anybody know where to get a spare locking wheel nut key Code L? Have looked on the web, seems any other letter code but L and don't want to buy another set of locking nuts with a different key code!?! Any ideas, info suggestions of where to buy/look would be great. Cheers Andy
  5. Which ever way you prefer, doesn't really make a difference! Maybe easier to hang it first as it will be less weight to hold/balance while trying to hang after?
  6. So the dremel attachment arrived this morning and i set to cleaning/tidying up the edges of the seams. Again i masked up to the edge of the sealant as the buffer/grinder wheel doesn't rip it to bits and saves taking any more paint off. Have to say i am happy with the result, just need to spray paint up the seams now and job done.
  7. @Arjan a couple of photos as it is now! It was still leaking after the 1st attempt, only slightly but it bugged me big time as i thought i had done a proper job on it! Grrrrrr eventually found the problem x3 small air bubbles!?! The only thing i can think is as i sealed the seams on a warm day the air inside the Land Rover expanded and the seam was some part of an escape route!?! So maybe leave a window open to be safe? Either way i re did the roof seams as described, in the photos it shows the edge of the sealant where it has gone over the masking tape has just feathered as i pulled the tape off. So i am waiting for the post to deliver x2 of the dremel attachment just to take them down. Once that's done i will get a couple of cans of Satin Black paint and give the roof a blow over, to cover the bits i rubbed down where paint was flaking.
  8. The paper is industrial hand towel which is a bit tougher than the domestic kitchen towel.
  9. Hi Arjan might be obvious but try and remove any flakey paint and bits out of the seams. Pushing the 1st. Bead of sealant into the seams acts as a filler, 2nd. Bead to make it look tidy. Will take some photos and post in the next couple of days
  10. Ok this is the method i used to good effect..... Preparation.... Clean out the seams, i used dental picks, and a Dremel with a 512 abrasive buffing wheel. Just be careful if you use this dremel attachment although it looks and feels harmles it does the job and will take it down to bare metal. Next using folded 240 grit wet and dry (used dry) worked the seams just enough for sealant to grip. Then used a degreaser to clean in and both sides of the seams (i used the wifes nail varnish remover). Maked up both sides of the seams approximately 2-3mm back from both edges. Using Sikaflex 291(marine) apply a bead down the seam, then using finger or rag wetted with Turps run this down the seam to push the sealant deep into the crack of the seam! Dont worry about it not looking too neat as after you have pushed the sealant in, run another bead down the same seam then using your finger dipped in the tups smooth out and work this second bead to the masking tape, once happy with the profile and covering immediately remove the tape for a nice sharp edge! Once dry/cured I'd say a couple of days, if need be can be sanded without any ill effects, again use a dremel and 512s attachment to good effect or i used embossed centrefeed white paper the one with little bobbles, scrunched up and rub hard removes the sealant slowly without scoring the paint work and doesn't rip the paper to bits. Whilst sealant is still fresh Turps will remove it nicely. Hope this is of benefit to some
  11. Paime..... i used a small wire brush on the guttering to remove any flakes of paint and old sealant then gave it a bit of a rub down with sandpaper, thats as much as i did. Not sealed in side as the seams have a channel cover spot welded over them, and feel if i did seal that it would only divert water to somewhere else or give false impression that the problem is fixed and water would be trapped in the channels covering the
  12. Ok as promised.....Update after a bit of rain last night the inside was DRY!!! Si hopefully the problem is solved will be more confident after a good long spell of heavy rain!?! paime my guttering was as bad if not worse than the ones in sharp's reply. My roof is black so obviously i used black sealant and because i didn't know exactly where it was leaking i felt happier covering the seams rather than just fill the little gap. Anyway here are some pics
  13. @paime.....Yep.... here's one of my two dogs And here's one of my garden Sorry couldn't resist i will take some tomorrow and post
  14. Update...... Cleaned out the Tiger sealant and recleaned all x3 seams also cleand and removed paint flakes from guttering! Having watched the roamingtheoutback YouTube video decided to give Sikaflex 291 (marine) Sealant a try? Have to say after doing all x3 seams and x3 gutters, both sides and rear (x1 tube did the lot on a 90) i am impressed with it! It's a lot better/easir to gun out than tigerseal! Plus it's easier to work with, they say to smooth out with a wet finger? But i was bothered about water on the surface as it smoothed out and not sure if it would seal properly??? In the video the guy uses turps, so tried that and found it to be better than the water also when it dries has a good rubbery texture to it, mores so than tigerseal! As i said i would i did seal the roof seams with a wider strip this time. Now just have to wait till it rains (which according to the MET office should be in the next hour!?!) to see if we hopefully have a result, fingers crossed! As mentioned x1 tube did x3 roof seams and both sides and rear guttering plus a bit left to fill in and touch up, info for those that are thinking of going down this route. So stay tuned and I'll be back in a day or so with the verdict.
  15. I use one like this...... Got mine off the bay of E and works as it should
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