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  1. Fair point but wasn't Deranged talking about creating space behind the engine, up over the tunnel? Under the cab rather than the whole vehicle?
  2. My thinking exactly, ... the best way to secure the flow is to duct it directly either over or under. Pressure reduction under the vehicle will be modest at worst because its isn't contained by skirts or anything, (I presume), it is more about flow control.
  3. ... oh pheww!, there was me thinking my AO level in Computer Studies from 1979 was going to waste, .... all I need is a 'Bluepill',. hang on a minute... I've seen Bluepills advertised haven't I?
  4. See here for a bit of explanation,pollen filter thread Landyzone the other obvious check are the drain tubes for the AC, which is much easier if you learn how the trim sides to the tunnel come away, a very useful skill to have I am learning!
  5. A few years back I helped out a neighbour, he had broken the key and they were smaller nuts on Merc Vito, but I don't see why it wouldn't work on a LR. I welded a couple of plates at 90 deg, drove the Merc onto the base plate, and used a mag drill (Roatbroach) attached to the vertical plate to drill over the stud, took a bit of messing about to line it up but it worked a treat, we bought an 18mm cutter to suit the Merc stud, need to be 23mm at least I should think With a loose axle you could probably just clamp a plate to the wheel easy enough, of course you do need a Rotabroach style drill for starters.
  6. It has all been very interesting and entertaining, thanks FF. I can't help wondering whether your better half has her own welding project in the pipeline or whether it was simply for insight on her behalf?
  7. Another common leak that gets into the footwell are the pollen filter housings in the scuttle panel below the windscreen, have you checked on those?
  8. Noooo!, standalone but way too complex surely?? and despite the fact of it being 'safe', I hate the way it dumps you on the ground for some small difficulty. I have to say that if I were embarking on this project my natural instinct would be to start with any other manufacturers equipment (and I have no idea if they are really any more reliable), but P38 does keep it LR and makes it of interest to me, particularly if we get to see a simplified controller. On the spring front I have only had them pop out on the ramp, simply putting the weight back on the wheels sorts it out in that case. But the little vid is spot on, its good to know that it isn't a big problem if it happens off the vehicle.
  9. Wow, I love air suspension but have a complex love/hate relationship with my P38,... subscribed, and look forward to seeing how you get on.
  10. Thanks for the thought, but if you haven't already got horses its an even bigger ask. HP's don't really need shelter in the UK, only issue we ever had was exposure to the sun in France. Yes £200 a month, I am told it is cheap for Alderley Edge but I have nothing to judge it against and as to precisely what is provided for that I have no real idea, and just at the moment I don't feel close enough to my sister to ask for supplementary info!
  11. I have my own grief now from the virus situation, .... When we left France 5 years ago we had 2 highland ponies, one went off to a trekking centre in the Limousin and the other, older sister (about 25 now) went to my sister in Cheshire, at the time she had her own poney in a yard and an arrangement that traded work for accomodation. Fast forward 3years that falls apart and our poney Carrie goes off to a 'friend' to a field ... "... at a 'peppercorn' rent". I was asked for and have been paying £50 a month. Fast forward to yesterday and my sister has to self isolate, at which point she admits to me that said 'peppercorn' is actually £200!!!! Oh and by the way its due at the weekend! I don't suppose anyone wants a nice friendly aged Highland Poney as a lawn mower for a few months????
  12. @miketomcat tough call, but I think you are right.
  13. ...yep, being very second hand in the first place and quite wany edged, holes and hole filling were the bulk of the job.
  14. Not to mention the hinge post! ....... looking very tidy that
  15. Inspired by all the above, and having a small stainless job to do, I thought I would try my hand. All of the above now makes much more sense. I spent the afternoon altering a piece of 28g 316, probably should have started with something easier, the last half of the second run went more quickly, if not better! I am glad I just got stuck in, but I will play with something heavier next time!
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