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  1. To be fair though at least we can now share the joke, ....... it was limited to those with 40/20 vision before
  2. Blanco

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Pics of the markings;.....
  3. Blanco

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Steve, thanks for the feedback on steel, I hadn't thought about weld spatter, good point. The Hiab (my one) is an 022T, (2.2Tm), I can take a snap of the plate if you want tomorrow, there is also a very similar, visually near identical 017 which I have the handbook for (It was available at the time, the correct one wasn't), I have also seen 025 and 027. The T signifies the simplified boom format, ie post and telescopic main boom, no dipper.
  4. Blanco

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Just back on this a bit today, ..... no pics but just fixing it to the floor and wall. As this is the 'engineering' bench I thought I might put a steel top on part or all of it, just wondering what people have used to good effect? Thinking thickness wise,................ strength isn't the issue so much as dent resistance............. and would it be worth the extra for SS?
  5. Blanco

    Discovery 1 seat alternatives

    It's a while since I saw a nice drivers one though.
  6. Blanco

    Drawing the line

    Well without seeing the vehicle the 2nd turbo and the head work would be 'unlucky'....... 3 exhausts I presume was damage?, 3 batteries? a quality battery should last, don't know about that one. The rest of it seems normal, it probably comes down to corrosion, will it need much welding ? If not should be worth hanging on to, particularly if it came back from somewhere warm and dry where humidity and salt haven't yet featured greatly in its life.
  7. Blanco

    Brake flaring tool

    I had a cheapy and managed to break it.... ended up with this style fleabay which is idiot proof and small enough to get in above axles and hard to reach areas.
  8. Blanco

    P38 Lockout

    The final solution was quite 'Old school', the lad who came out this morning had a cute little airbag for forcing the door top and he tried and failed to pull the inside door handle with a long thick wire. He then opened a brief case full of a range of picks, chose one for BMW, and it took about 15mins with quite a sophisticated pick. I was pleased to be sorted but I was quite surprised that the solution was mechanical.
  9. Blanco

    P38 Lockout

    No membership for anything like that these days, but you prompted me to check the insurance and I have just phoned them, apparently it counts as 'breakdown' even on my TPFT policy so I can call out a lock doctor tomorrow, I hate relying on others and using insurance as (in my experience) it justs puts the cost up but under the circs I think this time I will ring them back in the morning. Thanks Qwackers.
  10. Blanco

    P38 Lockout

    Feeling a bit stoopid...... having been working out of the back of the RR this morning, I decided after lunch to go off and do a couple of errands. It was warm so I took my fleece off chucked it on the parcel shelf and slammed the upper tailgate...... went round to the drivers door and its locked!!!!. At some point during the morning I remember hearing it 'cheep' at me but now I realise it was telling me that a door was open (ie the tailgate) when I must have leant on the key accidently. The key needless to say is in the fleece. The spare, (following a cock up a couple of weeks back when I left the lights on, and tried both keys) is also inside the car. Rang the wife who came to get me and have spent much of the afternoon scratching my head over a solution. I have managed with a wire to pull up the driver's lock button but that hasn't achieved anything. Ideas on a postcard please! (or PM perhaps quicker). (If there is a solution I'll just point out that it's probably best not to publish it on the open forum)
  11. Meant to add, possibly tight for 33's or 35's though!
  12. Just to chip in that SOA works well on an ifor, I only did it to get away from those silly little tyres. This is my LM146 long since converted with Disco rims and heavy van tyres 205/60 16s I think they are; The bump stop needs altered and I seem to remember turning the axle, but it is straight forward enough.
  13. Tried to register an Iveco 40-10 in France a few years back, great truck but just to get started on the process the Iveco main dealer had to inspect the vehicle, he wanted €520+vat just to open a file! After that it was €60/hr odd before vat for his inspection and any work he considered necessary! A mate at the same time had a much more recent twin wheel tipper, it cost him €1200+vat before the paperwork was stamped........ I sold the truck .
  14. Nice that it doesn't (needn't) cost a fortune to go out and play.
  15. looks great, .... and 15t works on PLG? I never gave it much thought but I assumed 7.5t would be the limit. Academic in Ireland as its not possible to insure a lorry privately.

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