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  1. I am sure I have seen it before...... ???
  2. 1995 my Duralit toaster and still going strong, I hope they still make them up to scratch!
  3. Don't remember the ribbed top, but otherwise looks like D1?, someone will know
  4. Lets just say I'll keep an open mind and see what fate throws at the plan
  5. Turns out the forum was mainly USA based, and yes there was a bit of "... well there must be loads of room in a Range Rover, why do you want a measurement.." I will, but unfortunately my caution has resulted in missing the 'local' breaker car, ... I'll have to wait for another to come up,.... beginning to realise there are many more 3.2's out there as opposed to the 4.0 litre which is the one that really appeals. I think not, .... I can get the torque I am looking for without (in the 4.0) and a few of the Jag boys do say that the thrill of the scream wears off, and
  6. Well I joined a Jaguar forum to put this one to bed, and a helpful XJR owner came up with a number from the pulley nose to the adapter plate .... 33" which actually isn't so different from what is there. So, on the basis that it can be made to fit, I'm definitely going to get this (or another) breaker and give it a bash.
  7. strewth Ed, thats some torque there!
  8. Not sure that I put the Milwaukee in the 'inexpensive' category???, I have the Makita , but the fact is if the Draper or the Kielder had been available locally I would have been pleased to save the expense. Having purchased one though I can say that it saves a huge amount of time, not just on wheels but all sorts of places, wouldn't be without one now.
  9. That was interesting, ... (a couple of them clearly haven't 'moved on' 🙂) ...... more so in some ways because of the debates elsewhere here on the new defender and the ineos. We grey beards want a vehicle that is properly 'engineered', but the reality is that nowadays that these things are 'produced' and targeted at an 'audience' sector. The story of BL is a snapshot of the demise of the Austin and Morris engineering root(e)s and its replacement with the modern factory model. .... also there is the social history of the period and how the collective mood and attitude of government and workforc
  10. Nailed it, ... my thoughts exactly. Yep might look at it if one comes along, .... have to check out the price/availability and what the gearbox fitment would be but I'l keep an eye out.
  11. ...... have been through most options before arriving at the BMW, .... which is tough to beat now for it's availability (and it's cheap) and the knowledge and solutions out there for the conversion. However few petrol engines compete with the Jag for torque, which was the immediate attraction when I saw it, and it seems to be readily available and cheap enough. I could re-build any of these to maximise the output, but I am not familiar with any of them, and I know from building engines in my youth that costs can quickly mount up when you get into the guts of even an apparently healthy en
  12. Thanks Smallfry, it does look long, the asking price for the stripped car is a tempting £300, if I can find wheels (all I have in hand are metric RRS 22", Jag seem to be 120.65 imperial, probably close enough just to load it, but might be a tad tall) and borrow a trailer I might yet go get it, and have a proper measure up. 📏
  13. Looks good to me. On the key front you might be lucky and it just be a battery, but you will need to get your head round the EKA code and syncing keys as a starter for ten, check out the handbook and make sure you have the code to hand. If you haven't speak nicely to the original supplying dealer (if known, often a sticker /card in the handbook) they may be able to help, it worked for me. New keys can be coded but they need a speciallist to match the code from the working key. AC in mine needed a replacement condenser, only the early model is available now but they can be made to fit the late
  14. That was my immediate thought, ... I take it they are aluminium?
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