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  1. That is nice, ... 'want one' instinct kicks in!
  2. Black and Orange (hobson's choice for immediate availability) S96 now on its way from Holland 🤞
  3. Just broken the screen on mine which has concentrated my mind on this..... (again), .... think I'll press the button on one as well unless there are any major disappointments?
  4. From Google....... https://www.georgewhiteeuropean.co.uk/contactus.html
  5. When I lived in the S.W. we used a guy called George White from Derby, he and his mates are up and down the road all the time, he charges by floor area so fill and stack the pallets, share the cost if you can.
  6. That second almost makes me wish I had a Massiv to bolt it to! 😁
  7. I first saw that from another member, Anderzander, I just used it on the P38 and it works like a charm, only thing is not all spray heads are brake fluid compatible, my first one only lasted one wheel. also can draw air quite easily through the nipple so plenty grease round the thread is a help.
  8. Mine didn't need anything, it worked immediately.... and that was a French market vehicle, so don't expect any trouble.
  9. It probably is,.. and the trip might even be legal next week,... but much as I have always wanted one, (and I am very jealous of yours),.. I just have to accept I don't have the resources or the income to see it through these days. I would just go and have a look but it is 4 hours from me!
  10. Meanwhile, (like I need another project)......... Series 1
  11. I am under the P38 at the moment, couple of joints and an oil leak that failed the test, while I was under there I noticed that the brakes which were completely overhauled just under 3 years back (and passed the test very nicely) are all without exception suffering from badly cracked and split rubbers.... They were Britpart kits, but then genuine doesn't seem to be available, I am just replacing like for like at the moment, to get over the problem short term but I would like find a better solution.
  12. I think they would have been ideal for that, .... we didn't have CNC, all our units were modular sizes and we used the Mac's to build interiors, render the walls and facades and generate the itemised picking list, it was both a sales tool with the pretty pictures and a production tool for the listings,.... only problem was the catalogue building wasn't done in house, in those days that was quite an expensive overhead. This was me just over two years ago, I went with the Nokia 7+ and a case, but looking again now it seems things are indeed closer. I am going to try a wireless cha
  13. I have never gone back to Apple having had a couple of their early desktop machines in the late 80's, .. at the time they had a useful WYSIWYG interface and we had interior planning software that was developed for them. I have avoided Apple phones, particularly since they admitted tampering with the performance of ageing phones.... is that still an issue?
  14. Just re-visited Techradar et al this morning and my vote goes to the Doogee S96 Pro FWIW. Good luck with your repair, I see they nearly always use a hotplate now to soften adhesives before attempting to take things apart.
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