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  1. Seem to remember a few running around (Ku) Hull, parks and gardens etc. ..never seen one close to, but the little tipper could be very useful, ... cheap enough to keep on the road just for fun.
  2. My mistake, most are auto. In which case I think it is R380.
  3. Welcome to the forum Jed. I am probably not the one to offer any advice,... I tend to the opinion that most big tyre choices are mainly vanity/image based anyway. Having said that I am a fan of the Cooper. You can compare sizes and wheels on the internet, many 'calculators' are there for both tyres and wheels just search and find one you like the look of .....some will even allow you to input your vehicle type to compare 'look', although I don't know specifically if any have Defender pick-up. For what its worth I have done quite a bit of logging and milling 'off road' and always found 23
  4. My favourite EAS mod is to put T-pieces and Schrader valves in the four wheel lines and the tank feed just near the valve block, enables you to check for leaks and if necessary drive the vehicle in case of a malfunction elsewhere. There is a guy RSW, Richard Storey Wilson who does some free basic software called EAS unlock which will help you reset codes etc. I recommend searching for articles on here and Rangerovers.net and Rangerovers.pub, most issues are well known now and have solutions, everyone does it slightly differently but with a little perseverance you can solve most issues.
  5. I have been looking out for some .... any cheaper options out there??
  6. ..... interesting, they appear to be offset, suggesting the cog was, .....
  7. It not magic, it is just stabilised using the organic acid to make it suitable for modern engines with fancy alloy components, including vw /bmw and many others Generally disco pink/orange sometimes electric green/yellow NOT blue.
  8. The French don't use the term O.A.T. so I can sympathise ,.... translated it would be T.A.O. ..... I think you will find Leclerc sell pink coolant (usually ready mixed) which states it is approved for VW, if you translate the blurb you will find it is essentially O.A.T. I am sure that Norauto etc. keep 'pink' as well, just check what it says on the label
  9. I am not familiar with LR4, but my next step would be checking on the ABS accumulator? does it have one? sounds like a lack of fluid and or pressure in the system. If you are near a big city you could try getting the JLR dealer to plug in the diagnostics, but I have to say my experience in Bordeaux didn't exactly impress me with their abilities.
  10. I know some of the Series upgrades use a 'handed' steering box on the outside of the chassis, I don't know what challenges that would present here but it might be worth a look?? ❔
  11. I had an exhaust leak once (1992 RR) just behind the rear axle, it was fine most of the time, in fact I had no idea it was there until I hitched up the horse box one day. The altered air flow created a dead space underneath which gathered the fumes, eventually coming into car enough to notice, it also created a hotspot that melted the insulation on the fuel pump loom which is what really got my attention! I would be naturally nervous I think of any exhaust terminating under the vehicle??
  12. ... I thought Maxidrive was long dead??? I obviously missed something there.......
  13. OK I'll re-phrase.... we are asked for advice remotely, for an application that is underfloor where remedial action wouldn't be easy, on a substrate of unknown qualities installed with unknown resources, I think concrete screws have sufficient potential drawbacks not to recommend them. I think rawlplugs offer a much surer and safer bet
  14. If you are confident there is a damp proof membrane then good quality red wood battens would be pretty durable. Maybe bed them on pitch and screw them down (with rawlplugs). I see a lot of masonry screws around which claim not to need plugs but I don't rate them at all. Batten spacing depends on the choice of flooring, 18mm chipboard flooring can be pretty flimsy, sterling board is stiffer but would need lino over it as wear areas tend to shed or snag. Ply or nice boards? it just depends on budget.
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