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  1. Blanco

    TD5 speedo display

    Can't help much with the speedo query I'm afraid but the truck looks great, ...........
  2. Blanco

    disco to replace my old disco one

    My P38 2001 vinatge certainly doesn't have a rusty chassis, and I don't think that it is unusual in that. It is a step up in complexity but if you found one from an enthusiast with everything in known good order I reckon they take some beating for value.
  3. Blanco

    P38 Low Range Gremlin

    Liberally washed the inside with contact cleaner, it doesn't look like it comes apart in any reversible fashion. So I refitted it and I have the minor improvement that 1st gear now lights up brightly first time every time...... but still missing the crucial 'N'. Time to look at a replacement I think.
  4. Blanco

    P38 Low Range Gremlin

    I have just opened up the gear position switch this morning, so far I get.... Of the six wires, Black seems to be ground X (line 1) Grey to Black Y (line 2) Yellow to Black Z (line 3) White to Black rotating the switch until it clicks (not very scientific I know) each time I can get all the selector positions to read correctly except neutral so I am sure this is the root of my problem. although internally the switch looks perfect. I effectively have two D positions instead of D and N.
  5. Blanco

    Dual Sim phones

    Quick update due here..... was wondering what had happened to my order, ..... so back on the Toby site, .... couldn't remember if I 'opened' an account or not but failed to sign on and checking up on my credit card nothing at all has come through???? Can't find anything at all in the way of order confirmation although I was sure the purchase had gone through. So given it one more crack having assumed that I have been a complete numpty. Have opened an account this time and Chrome promises to remember the password..... I have also used Paypal and they have sent me an immediate confirmation this time! Only slip up is that I was seduced by the bargain price of a Nokia 7, so will be trying the android-one but not with a chinese hat!
  6. Blanco

    P38 Low Range Gremlin

    I seem to have a 'gear position switch' (or possibly XZY?) which seems to cover the function. Confusingly rave gives pins for the 0V or earthing sequence which it declares are unused just a page or two later for the EAT ECU. I wonder do I need/is there a later version of Rave?
  7. Blanco

    P38 Low Range Gremlin

    Still chipping away at this one....... got a little parcel in the post today with a replacement ECU for the transfer box,....... so rushed out in a fit of enthusiasm and fitted it in place, and....... ......you guessed it, zip! nothing at all. Just been reviewing the situation again (best Fagin impression), and it seems to me there is a minor detail I have hitherto overlooked. The Neutral position indicator on the 'high' side of the gate has never worked, the light goes from 'R' straight to 'D', and remains in 'D' when in neutral. ........so I have been looking up that aspect of the problem, but it seems that whilst a manual 'box has a discrete neutral switch and it's malfunction would give exactly my symtoms, the auto has no such switch. Have been looking at Rave, but its hard to take it in for long before glasing over a bit. I am beginning to wonder if the BECM isn't getting the signal that the selector is in neutral and so isn't commanding the T'box ECU??
  8. Blanco

    Part ID

    Aerial key?
  9. Blanco

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    Following Western's link there it seems clear that your 4 pin system doesn't provide for brake lights, so you will need to upgrade the wiring .
  10. Blanco

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    Many of us aren't familiar at all with a 4 pin system, but it seems to me that the wiring you are showing us isn't what we would expect to see on a 7 pin '12N' socket. Pin 6 which you have circled is where we would expect the brakes to be.
  11. Blanco

    Volvo C202 build

    You have to wonder whether a modern Volvo engine (2.9 or 3.0 T6 out of an XC90?!!!!) would be the easiest of all upgrades, well I do anyway 😊
  12. Blanco

    ibex 300 build

    You aren't driving it yet until the reg turns up? Its delays like that you don't consider, .... hope it doesn't take too long!
  13. Blanco

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Just found episode 28, so the renewed YT notifications are good for zip....... just recovered my FB account to follow it with that, see if that works better. Got a few remodelled fingers myself George, hope yours is soon on the mend! Good work though, I didn't detect which car 'bit' you. Enjoyed it,........ must get back to do a bit on my lot. Will you be able to get some paint or wax under the repairs on that windscreen surround?
  14. Blanco

    69' Series IIA Build

    just found this and love the work,... also love the transition to 100"..... all good from this perspective,..... look forward to the next instalments....
  15. Blanco

    Cleaning solution

    I am sure I speak for the majority when I say that we doooo...... really.... want to know why?? Anyway just reconsidering binning the old DW in the shed? I didn't realise it could be a parts washer!

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