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  1. Last time I tried, having a UK registered vehicle didn't simplify the process at all. I don't know about the 1998 bit but an EU approved CoC with a red stripe down it was universally acceptable currency when dealing with the 'Fonctionaires' . Something to watch out for is if your 130 was origially a chassis cab then beware that the CoC would only be 'partial' and you would need to demonstrate that the bodywork on the chassis cab conforms separately.
  2. My experience of French registration processes pre-dates the new system, but the initial step of requesting a CoC from JLR remains the same. I found that is the key, .....if JLR France don't see a problem with it, then happy days, ........if on the other hand someone looks closely at it and decides that this vehicle type was never available/applicable to the French market then it spells trouble. French administration staff (and make no mistake the JLR man does not see himself in a 'Customer Service' role!) are not used to discussing and negotiating such issues, they take a view on it and once taken that 'view' is rarely altered. It is basically a gamble with that first payment,... if the chance of having your own Landy follow you is worth a punt at €240 plus signed for delivery then go for it, but you won't know until you stump up what the result might be. Good luck with it anyway.
  3. Also there is a guy on rangerovers.pub who is currently doing a Linley he'll know what to look for I am sure?
  4. Someone will know what the vin's are?,.... maybe a call to Dunsfold??
  5. Seems good value when you factor in what people are asking for un-touched sheds...
  6. Well WC, short answer is most probably only the original type. Having said that we would love to know more about your truck, what age it is, where it comes from, what engine it had originally etc. etc. Probably should say though that it seems like bad manners to do all that on Daans thread without even introducing yourself, ..... much safer to start your own thread, throw in a few pictures and go from there.
  7. Just on that one, I got RPI to fit my '92 RR LPG system as I was moving house at the the time (2000?), I had a couple of issues with it afterwards and I felt a bit let down at the time, having laid out £3k, I had to sort it out myself with minimal support. I think they had problems as their main man/workshop foreman type had left during or just after my install, but the attitude was poor.
  8. Not quite the same vehicle, but I had a 92 Range Rover on gas, RPI swapped the main fuel tank to a donut tank and I had a purpose made wing petrol tank. Trouble is the donut tank isn't very space efficient, it had about 80 litre volume but remember that useable gas capacity is quite a bit less. I would go with dual cylinders and or saddle tanks if I did it again.
  9. You can see the website *here*, as far as I know it is still available new if you have £60,000 plus vat, but Loglogic have moved on to specialist vehicles and the domestic sawmill market seems to be largely supplied by Woodmizer now which although not such a good machine it benefits from mass production in the final price and Woodmizer do in-house finance on new machines. I bought this one in France from an English friend and I went to a lot of trouble at the time to get it a French registration document, as a trailer it weighs in at just under 3 tons so in France it requires a 'carte grise'. I still have the paper carte grise from 5 years ago, not sure if it would still be possible to update that as I don't have a French address any more. In the UK of course there is no such requirement. Mine is getting on a bit now.... built in Feb 2000, but has less than 3000hrs on the clock, and I have seen machines with 10,000 hrs still going strongly. Last few times I fired it up I seem to have had niggles such as hose failures, and the saw head wants new scrapers but basically it is a straightforward machine to work on and Loglogic are great at providing the back-up, they have all the CNC programs for the parts so anything required can be dialed in and re-produced. I had interest in it in France at €19,000 and was tempted to sell, but the guy only turned up with €14,000 on the day and as I was leaving the country I said 'Non' , hitched it up and took it with me. Since then it has cut a few fence posts and sleepers, but it takes up a huge chunk of the shed and I really need to move on with other stuff now. I am going to advertise it on Ebay, hopefully today and see what I can get for it, I am out of touch with the forestry scene a bit now so I don't really know what to expect.
  10. Happy New Year everyone.... Sell the sawmill to generate a float Put the frame, door and walls of the shed in to keep me warm and dry Get the 130 torn apart and rebuilt for a UK SVA then decide if it can go or stays Hope the P38 engine stays with me for as long as possible because I really want to get on with the RRC
  11. Looking great, .... is it a whole number of sheets for the roof? I only ask because its not too late to put a wee overhang on the front to shelter the open door, ..... depends on orietation to some extent, but I did with mine to save cutting sheets and its great.
  12. Bit of chat on that subject on LRSOC earlier in the year, doesn't seem hopeful?
  13. Its been a while since I had the 2a but I did once put the condenser lead on top of the plastic spacer/washer, it doesn't work well that way!
  14. On a D1 you should be able to lock the centre diff manually, granted it isn't usual but I should have thought it would be OK driven sensitively? ..... I am sure someone here will have done it in real life.
  15. Can't help with the main question but if balance and lift height are restricted these things are a great help, a mate of mine made one years ago out of an old transit (I think) jack and it works brilliantly level lift bar
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