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  1. In the past I have changed engines just by writing to DVLA, but a couple of years ago they asked me for exactly that for my Range Rover 'classic' (also v8 to 300tdi), I was fortunate in that I was able to get a letter. I suppose the easiest solution is a friendly garage who is willing to provide .... or try and get (pay) a Land Rover indy to examine the conversion and state that it has been carried out to a satisfactory standard. In my experience now DVSA put notes on the system, once you get something like that requested it will be there whoever you speak to or deal with in the future so you
  2. Great thanks for that, 16mins left for the download if no-one coughs!
  3. Sooo,... been having another crack at this ,... have noticed the zip folder is titled 'static' so I think its only meant to be read as dead pdf pages, there certainly doesn't seem to be a .exe anywhere within. Does anyone have a link to a full working version please, I have been scratching around and everything I find seems to be dead/old/missing. The tech archive doesn't seem to have one either?
  4. I'm still struggling with this, I haven't had a working Rave since the old laptop was re-assigned ... my new-ish W10 tablet didn't have Adobe on it so just put that on, and downloaded a reasonably manageable version (~680mb, as this is a carp internet area). I can't see compatibilty anywhere ??? Right click gives me menus such as these.... .... on none of which can I find 'compatibility'. Sorry to be thick lads, but any extra suggestions welcome.
  5. Good stuff, .... still behind the curve! .... I am used to that πŸ™„
  6. Use a credit card, if they get unhelpful after you buy a second box at least you have a second string to that bow ....2 cents
  7. I haven't heard of anyone doing it, but if they are totally stripped then I don't see why not, zinc and Ali are very close galvanically speaking so it would be a great way of reducing the potential for corrosion , if they did move a bit its not such a heavy frame that it couldn't be tweaked back. Never done it but don't see any reason not to try it. Welcome btw, what LR and is this a total rebuild or just a bit of rolling maintenance??
  8. 20% isn't unusual and just reflects the additional cost of being in business in these other countries. The UK is actually a very cheap country to run a business from and generally speaking you pay most of the governments requirements ('tax' or whatever) after the event if and when you make a profit at the end of the year.... In other countries it is normal to have some fixed monthly costs which have to be met up front. Your solution is a Bearmach retailer in the UK (Paddocks?) who will send overseas. I am sure @taurion has discovered that when shopping for Landy stuff it is generally cheaper
  9. Isn't it the only engine that's out there for them so it's Hobson's choice? I think the observation that BMW want to add the missing work vehicle link to their range has some weight. What other manufacturer has any motivation to get involved. Cummins might sell crate engines but they don't bring the network, not in Europe anyway. I suppose Hyundai? but its hard to think of another contender with the potential win-win fit of BMW. My 2 penneth. As for the issue of fragile secondary components, I think the management decision is easy.... 90% OK? ....approved, next question.
  10. Its tempting to suggest that Big Beetle Bert has escaped but as you probably don't get UK tv it will fall flat . The only thing possibly in there that might rattle around is a baffle plate, have you got A/C? do both inlet and outlet connect the same side? if you have the standard vertical one then There shouldn't be anything that I can think of. You need to get what ever it is out because it will retsrict flow.
  11. PS Really recommend the simplicity and fit and forget nature of Detroits when you are far from civilisation.
  12. ... Mike makes a good point,.. and up to a point he is right of course. Having said that I miss my Detroits a lot and the number of times they saved me from going in search of help on the sticky French clay is anybody's guess, but then I was hauling timber and there wasn't any choice of route or destination in my case, that is perhaps less so when over landing. The only answer probably is that he wants to be as independant and self reliant as possible. Mustn't forget either that we are Land Rover owners, common sense and minimalism are second string priorities??
  13. Looking at the Milemarker website the shape of the low power one does seem distinctive, I would reckon he is right about that.
  14. Don't recognise the winch itself but I thought H12 and H14 etc. were Superwinch models. The PTO unit ooks like the FF4x4 offering , very similar to mine. 24cc sounds small to me I think progress is likely to be steady rather than rapid.
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