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  1. Blanco

    It's a gas!

    And now I'm away the only place to work is the private parking lot of the Retirement flat we have come to clear out and put on the market, they are getting used to my DIY direct approach to things here but I wouldn't risk the wrath of the scheme manager on that one!🤣 Anyway the good news is the Auspuff bandage got us here with gassing us, the delayed boat and the holiday traffic the only delays. Traffic watching in what to us is an extraordinary amount of it, I saw an Audi A1 for the first time, some garish coloured Range Rovers and most depressing , a 65 plate Defender 110 with a rusty rear x-member. Like everyone else I am waiting to see how the new defender turns out but some things ought to have been sorted long ago.
  2. Blanco

    It's a gas!

    I will try and remember that ,... I have a cousin there,... but I wasn't planning a visit this time. thanks ,... good to have options
  3. Blanco

    It's a gas!

    Well it is a standard part, but its a strange case of being made too well in the first place, mine certainly looks like the original. No big aftermarket suppliers seem to produce them for lack of demand and the original spares stock has all but dried up. I didn't want to spend a lot if I could avoid it, but FF's mate in Basingstoke would be closed when I was coming through and the breakers I use near Bath must be on holiday this week. So Keith Gott it is, marginally nearer than Basingstoke for Tuesday morning and a new one is coming down dusted off from sunny Sheffield, a snip at £277+VAT
  4. Blanco

    New workshop project

    My instinct tells me that pouring concrete on a slope is a bad idea, I have had shuttering move on me twice in life and it is a tough problem to deal with when the lorry is waiting. Levels and steps is better, or one big step at the back as you had above, I wouldn't bother with the interior shutter though, just a reasonable angle of repose would be fine. Don't underestimate the counter force needed behind that deep shutter at the back,..... maybe move all the spoil there and build a bank behind the shutter?
  5. Blanco

    It's a gas!

    Well just giving 'Woodie' a service and check over before getting on the ferry Friday and as soon as I pulled into the shed I heard the exhaust blowing. B*gger! Looking underneath; It is clear that the support has rusted through (strange?) and with the weight on the flexi it has been too much for the ageing mesh and spiral. So quick rush into town but because of its age etc. no-one has any bits for it, .... getting used to that. Plan B then,.... I have welded a new bar onto the support, and employed the wonderfully titled 'Auspuff-Bandage' and a couple of big hose clamps to reduce the undesired 'Auspuff' at the bottom of the flexi, hoping there is enough flex in the rest of it to get us to the ferry! We are away for a week or so, so the rest of Plan B is obviously to get it sorted while we are in the UK. Any tips for replacements that fall in reasonably easy reach of my transit from Pembroke dock to Littlehampton will be gratefully recieved. Rest of the service went fine except that I have white smoke from the oil filler, I am hoping that is just a breather issue but I will do a compression check when I get a chance, power level seems fine otherwise.
  6. Blanco

    Importing a non-registered defender

    I will have to go through an IVA with my 130, the key to it is which category you are fitted into. As non commercial businesses we are commonly assigned to the 'Amateur Built' category, you can argue for another category if you think it applies but at the end of the day they decide. The only evidence they really accept of the build taking place is the step by step photographic record, if you don't have that from your first build then I think you will have to 'Re-build' This is for a generic DVSA chassis number.
  7. Blanco

    Complete Bulkhead replace Disco 1

    I have never attempted anything like it, but I think the upper dash will fit either, but your choice will affect things like the pedal box and brakes, you will end up having to alter some stuff to get the later interior to fit. Structurally however I am sure there won't be a problem.
  8. Blanco

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Seriously well done George, it is great to see it come back to life! Its first duty as off-road tractor is great fun, but it begs the question will it be going on the road? Is it old enough to qualify for 'Vintage'?
  9. Thanks FF, ..... being somewhat older I belong to the part of the population that didn't know anything about this gear at all until your post! Two good things for me to learn are the existance of a DAB dongle and aerial assembley and the possibility to load maps and perhaps have a meaningful GPS without carrying a separate unit around. On the ubject of GPS, does anyone have a good system that allows you to choose a larger vehicle profile and avoid B road selection as part of the quickest and or shortest route?
  10. Blanco

    Sunroof rebuild

    For my sunroof I have always used 'Dry' silicon lube as for door seals etc. ......... it just means that if anyone is standing in the opening (taking pictures?) they do not get smeared in the stuff, which means you get into to less consequential trouble
  11. Blanco

    Off topic - 2 stroke engines

    Had the same trouble myself, i cleaned mine with brake cleaner which was to hand. The problem is leaving fuel in the carb, once I got mine going again, I pulled the feed pipe off the side, pumped the bulb dry and ran it till it stopped, that should stop it happening next time I hope?
  12. Blanco

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    I am tempted by that... I love the concept as a lightweight run-around, I think at 70mph I'd want the seatbelts sorting though!
  13. Blanco

    Ineos updates

    Lets hope it is more a case of ambitious plans meeting real world difficulties, I wish the guy well, I look forward to seeing a prototype. I really hope thr rush to get it builtt doesn't affect the build quality ambition, that would be a shame. Subscribed
  14. Blanco

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Can't believe anyone breaks LSE's these days!! Anyway sounds like progress. Btw I only started the question of testing it to save hard earned cash at the point of outlay, I didn't mean to present extra difficulty!! ..............Waiting now for an update asap
  15. Blanco

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Wow,.... all those physics lessons,..... I just know that it would have stuck instantly in my brain if someone had only told me the origin of the symbol. Something else learned today thank you.

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