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  1. Blanco

    109 V8 chassis options?

    No relevant experience I am afraid, but the 'left field' gets my vote. Also if you want manual transmission, I couldn't help noticing Retropower still has his R380 big bearing kit for sale.
  2. Just watched that Gordon Murray dry build video, its impressive stuff. I think what is astonishing though is the number of builds that are visible around the workshop and yard. I know its beyond most of our budgets (if not our dreams) but the Retropower guys have obviously tapped into a serious vein there. Good stuff lads, and thanks for sharing, .. look forward to seeing something on the door builds here soon.
  3. Blanco

    New Series - RR Heavy

    No.30 out now in case anyone elses notifications have fallen in a heap again
  4. Blanco

    Buy cheap, buy twice... bottom ball joint

    Of a sort, project engineering, used to work for Stena (as was) in Westhill, when it was still a good business to be in... those were the days... before the bean counters got such a grip on things. Kept the cottage for a while, loved the spot and the neighbours.
  5. You won't have the mounting points for starters, to understand what's involved have a dekko at a D1. Simplest solution is probably to swop out the axles from a D1 which will give you all the hardware as well and just weld the brackets to the chassis. I am sure plenty of folk have done it, there's bound to be someone with real life experience along shortly.
  6. Blanco

    Buy cheap, buy twice... bottom ball joint

    Just spotted your location btw, used to live in Tough back in the 90's and in another life!
  7. It is great when there is a nice 'straightforward' answer
  8. Blanco

    Buy cheap, buy twice... bottom ball joint

    Love that, tempted to do that to mine anyway.... should stop it bowing out!
  9. Blanco

    Bottle jack adapter for axles

    Except that I find hardly any of them work at all, In the last three years 1 in 4 through my hands!!
  10. Blanco

    P38 Diesel fuel tank Removal Query

    Well just been to have a fresh look in the (damp) morning light. They are push fit of a sort, push the collar back and pull the pipe..... a bit like the air fittings. They are slightly different, only one has in inner collar. Came apart much more easily than I hoped, knowing how that plastic pipe can get brittle with age.
  11. One of the things I failed the MOT/DOE on was rusty brake pipes at the rear. On mine (later model) there are two little short but bendy pipes just forward of the axle connecting the flexibles one each side. To see things more clearly I removed the wheel arch liners and that enabled me to see a bit more....... but most disturbingly it revealed that the cross-axle pipe where it passes above the short pipes in question was badly corroded as well. I pondered trying to splice a bit in but really the only proper solution is to change the whole thing so........ fuel tank out for access. Have drained the tank and removed the filler as per RAVE, but the next step is to disconnect the fuel supply and return lines. RAVE says just that 'disconnect', but looking at them it isn't obvious how they work, in fact I thought they were little directional valves in line, any one been there before me please?
  12. Blanco

    Buy cheap, buy twice... bottom ball joint

    I feel for you mate, I was much luckier with my Turkish ones. Just on the topic of Bearmach, I've just had a mix of brake parts from Paddocks, the in stock and first to arrive were Bearmach, seemed OK, but the second lot were Britpart . Comparing the brake pistons Britpart were shinier and seemed better finished, also the rubbers were softer and nicer to fit. I think it's all a bit of a lottery these days.
  13. Blanco

    Steve Parker P38a Steering kit

    I think it looks a great solution. Anyone who can turn up there own bits also has a pictorial guide as to what is required, 3 turns would be great for an 88.
  14. Blanco

    Heritage Defender LRM givaway

    Regrettably I didn't know there was one, I don't buy LRM that often, only when I see something of interest,..... I obviously missed that.
  15. Blanco

    kiwi series build

    It seems straightforward when we see you doing it!....... I don't know how many of us would attempt it, .......great stuff though and more ideas for us part-timers; welcome back btw.

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