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  1. Discovery 300Tdi misfire and smoke

    Had the same thing a while back, turned out to be a loose tappet had thrown a little round disc out.... Easy to check.
  2. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Can't help I'm afraid but really interested to know the answer. ...... I heard that they can't be rebuilt due to the way the main bearings are manufactured, and that's what gives rise to the trade in enginesfrom scrap jags etc.
  3. Two or Four post lift

    I reckon I found something that suits me, ..... 3.3m between the posts! fired off a query to see if they do it as a 'clear floor' model Twin Busch 2 post
  4. Best recovery option?

    On the subject of recovery from mud the very best lesson I learned was patience. ....... apply the force you have available be it 2 or 3 or 4 tons and wait. .... then go again, don't be in a hurry and bit by bit the vehicle (in my case a digger) can be coaxed out. Just my 2p......
  5. The barn and shed thread

    Love the timber frame, very impressive. There are actually plenty of artisans in France that do that sort of work still, with French oak, and the more modern laminated timber products;... in fact I have been known to dabble myself. Now in Ireland I opted for the quick and easy Meccano kit approach, only it turned out not to be that quick, the builder doing the walls might turn up next week if I am lucky; it was supposed to be last October! Second snap shows a workshop and 'carport' I did for a mate a few years back, good Landy that too, wish I'd kept it.
  6. Two or Four post lift

    I am all up in the air over this now...... I was thinking 2 post, just for the footprint really, but when the thread got into it's stride I thought maybe 4 post would be safer and nearly as versatile. I am thinking that for me the obstruction to the front doors would be the big issue with 2 posts (not being a 32 waist any more!) so I am wondering, do the higher capacity lifts, 4000 or 4500kg which I assume are made for larger LGV type vehicles, have any useful extra width between the posts?? Anyone use(d) such a lift?
  7. kiwi series build

    Bump........... G'day down under........... I just looked up this thread because I had a trailer idea floating round and round and I remembered the drive over mudguard/fender format De Ranged had going, . ....and I'm glad I found it. Its been a while, could be there's another thread I haven't found???? any updates?
  8. Road Tax

    Car tax is much worse in Ireland ! €1080 for a Td5 or anything 2.5 litres that is pre 2008.
  9. Bonnet Release broken

    Miggit is spot on, usually the nipple pulls out of the handle and the handle fixing bracket gets bent..... it will normally have been stiff for some time before hand. If the cable is snapped then the problem is that there is a security guard over the latch that makes life very difficult.
  10. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    That'll teach me to chip in without reading through! Sorry I missed it really.
  11. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    Tears for Gears
  12. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    Crown of thorns/torns/tears
  13. Importing a landy from Northern Ireland

    Its part of the UK, just take the same precautions you would buying a second hand vehicle on the mainland, and get the necessary insurance.
  14. Back end goes down

    First instinct says the airbags probably aren't fine.... unless you have just changed them. Mine lasted just under five years, looked OK, sprayed for leaks etc. found nothing but the wear section of the bags where they roll effectively ends up porous, you don't see a leak as such but the air bleeds out. Your new pump is now at risk because it will overwork. If you want to double check the airbags then get some Schrader valves to fit the pipes (ebay from about £8) and pump them up by hand (I slipped the individual pipe out of the valve block rather than cut anything). It doesn't take long to do and it will tell you whether you are right about the airbags.
  15. Sliding transmission mounts..

    I love the idea in principle. Just developing muddy's 2p worth, that centre bar could have the lifting arrangement on rollers (I have a roller carriage that goes on an rsj, must be possible to do something with radiused rollers for a tube) then the length of the bar (if it aligns vertically) would give the slide required.