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  1. My wife has an Isuzu Bighorn which is a heck of a lot of car for the money. Being Jap import it is low mileage (40k) and completely rust-free. It's got a big 3.1TD engine, pulls like a train, seats 7 (kids, dogs, bikes etc) and being a Jap import prices are low - approx £4k for one in our condiiton. Parts cheap too. Recommended. Wifey may sell hers in near future too as she's just today stuffed in the back of my BMW and I'm going to send her out to work to pay it off. Stupid cow!
  2. Wow! Proper middle row seats - after 24 years!
  3. Jules, If it's got round headlights like the white one pictured, and is a 1989 registration, it is very unlikely to be an import. It is a 70 Series Land Cruiser and Toyota face-lifted the 70 Series in 1990 to the later version with more sculpted wings and headlights as in your first picture in this post. The 2.4 engine is an absolute dog and not worth anything. Unfortunately, nor is the rest of the car if it has terminal rust, however the axles could be stuck under a 90 but don't forget the rear brakes are plain jane drums. Lastly, not all UK spec cars had diff locks as standard - and, AFAIK the electric lockers came on later models. Mine was a 1991 80 Series which had factory e-lockers. If it's dirt cheap (like £200 or less) it may be worth buying and just thrashing the cobblers off it at Slindon!
  4. I'll be taking my usual big pile of carp along to sell so see you all there!
  5. MJG - if you're after a Mountney I have a new, unused one for £30 posted.
  6. Let's hope they are not as carp as genuine Mach 5's!
  7. Anyone know if it is on this year... and if so what date?
  8. None. I also have a mixed Apple/Windows Wireless network at home. I had FAR MORE PROBLEMS getting my bleeding Dell laptop to connect to the bl**dy network than I did my Apple! Still can't believe how sh1te Windows is... and suckers keep buying it!
  9. Been there - done that - 6 times in fact. You'll LOVE it. I lived in California in the 90's and went to Moab 6 times. Off-roaded all over the darned place - there can't be a trail there I haven't done. Absolutely fantastic off-roading. It'll still be cold at that time of year so wrap up. Warm days/cold nights. Such a good place for chilling out though. Just get away from it al. Man, I love that place.
  10. Can anyone with an electronic parts catalogue help me out here? I have two genuine parts which are some sort of pipework - could be Auto gearbox coolant pipes or could be PAS pipes. Part numbers are ESR 137 and NTC 5972 Anyone tell me exactly what they are for/from?
  11. I wouldn't buy any more if they were sold for 50p each! I personally had 2 sets - one of which were cracking at the junction of the spoke and rim. I called Matt Lee and spoke with him personally. He said that as they were 4 years old they were "beyond their intended working life" and anyway, what was I doing calling him about a 4 year old set of wheels anyway? When I pointed out that perhaps the cracking was caused by a manufacturing defect or some sort and that as the manufacturer he might like to see customers driving around on safe rather than potentially dangerous wheels he said he wasn't prepared to do anything at all about it. So... if you want quality, workmanship and a wheel you'd be happy to drive down teh motorway at 60mph - DON'T BUY MACH 5's! If you want the same tarty wheels everyone else has got - then buy 'em.
  12. Saley - no thanks... I'm after a mechanical injector pump type 300Tdi Auto... Thanks for replies guys - anyone know any LR specs or other documentation that I could verify the year from?
  13. I thought all 300Tdi / Autos had an ECU-controlled injector pump but I have been told by someone who breaks these cars (and should therefore know well) that only the very late 1997 and 1998 cars did. Who knows?
  14. Or just buy a whole Toyota LandCruiser. I just sold one for £4.5k which was in absolutely superb condition but there are lots cheaper. When you consider that uprated LR axles cost £3k you could get a gorgeous 4.2 litre Turbodiesel and unburstable Auto box to boot. You would also get a whole chassis and and bodywork thrown in for free! You could of course throw away the chassis/bodywork and stick the axles, engine and box in a 90 and have an awesome 4.2 litre Auto diesel 90 with bombproof axles.
  15. How to improve an 8274? First off, upgrade the motor to something more capable, split pin the freespool, widen the drum, put a better brake on it because when the clutch goes you don't want to be hanging on the end of it, throw away the solenoids and fit Albrights, somehow fix the naff intermediate shaft sliding out issues you always get under extreme conditions, oh, then fit a 2nd motor, throw away both of th emotors now and with twin 24V, then find a way of redesigning the needle roller bearings the gears roll on - oh and the gears themselves since we've destroyed some of those too.. oh.. and er, well.. what's next? Doesn't seem to be much '8274' left!
  16. Actually, this car will be used for hauling heavy loads rather than for off-roading, hence the 3rd axle to carry the weight and therefore 6wd not required.
  17. Andy - it's an old Spitfire. Pretty derelict but I think it's for sale if you want it! Diesel Jim/simonr - current plan is simply to have it as 4wd rather than 6wd.
  18. Went to lend a hand to my mate Kevin today who's building a new trayback... here's where we started - one of my old 90 chassis' and the cab/bulkhead from a 109... looks like a normal tray back huh? Er, what's going on here then? Hope this glue works... Ta-da!
  19. Dell are the lowest common denominator... so get one if you like junk. Go with one of teh new Intel-based Apple MacBook's. Superb!
  20. More Nanny-State cr@p from our Government. Why don't they do something useful for a change? I'm so pleased I pay my taxes for this rubbish...
  21. Yes, that was the finishing order. It was an extremely good event - very, VERY tough on cars and teams.Lots of mechanical carnage with several of the favourites taking an early bath on Saturday. We were joint leaders on Sat night despite losing circa 1.5hrs changing winches due to tech problems. Sunday we just blew it - no other way of saying it. Took us several hours to extricate ourselves from the gooeyest bog ever, then home for an early bath. Heard as we were about to leave the campsite we'd actually finished 3rd! Bonus!! Sections were a little tougher than last year... defintely the toughest winch challenge in the UK. Sorts the men from the boys and Pete and Bryn deserve HUGE credit for working so damned hard and getting the win. Well done lads.
  22. Aw come on... it does have Modulars and an iPod-ready stereo. I think it's worth every penny. Too many penny-pinchers on here lately!
  23. Thought this thread was going to be about coffee....
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