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  1. Problem solved. It seems I have a wide-angle front propshaft (TVB100610G) which uses the "95mm" UJ spiders (STC4807), which are in fact not 95mm at all but 92mm. Allow for a bit of wear and tear and that matches the one I took out.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll give them a try.
  3. Taken the front propshaft off my 300tdi Defender to replace a UJ, but I can't identify the spider I've taken off. From what I've read it should be 75mm, 83mm or 95mm across - mine seems to be about 91mm. Any ideas what it is and where I might find a replacement?
  4. I'm planning to make a custom cubby box, and want to trim the lid with fabric to match the seats. I'm fitting Puma seats in a combination of Black Span and Mondus fabrics so I want to locate a small piece of one of those. Any ideas where from?
  5. Insurance is a bizarre world. My Defender was insured with Lancaster last year for £230, renewal is £699 - apparently because the insuring company no longer covers vehicles of that age. Adrian Flux were "over £300", Frank Pickles quoted £180, Footman James (who cover a classic car for me) £135. YouChooseInsurance.co.uk quoted £9439!
  6. Maverik, thanks for that - I've been searching unsuccessfully for exactly that picture.
  7. My LR90 300TDI has just come back from MOT work on brakes and exhaust, and now the transfer box selector feels like it isn't connected to anything. What might cause that, and is it likely it's something that has been done/not done during work on the brakes and/or exhaust?
  8. The brake system warning light is on permanently on my '95 Defender 90 300tdi. The brakes appear to work normally and the fluid level is OK, so I assume it's a false indication and the fault is either: - a wiring problem - the fluid level sensor - the handbrake switch Anything else it could be?
  9. I don't get that. There are only three components in a torque converter, if you ignore the fluid, and (most of the time) two of them are moving relative to the other one.
  10. Thanks for all the input on this. I now have the right one, and just to show the difference here's the two together:
  11. Suggests to me that the problem is inside the torque converter coupling.
  12. Does it have the same make and size of tyre front and rear? Are the front tyres more worn than the rears? Both might affect the overall gearing at front and rear and give you odd effects when the centre diff is locked.
  13. Hmm... list price new, £346 inc VAT Thanks for the info - military vehicle folk have said the same thing. Back to square one...
  14. I've just bought a NATO hitch, but it turns out that what I've got is one of the bigger versions (7 tonne? 10 tonne?) which I believe are normally used on big trucks. Will it bolt up to a Defender rear cross-member or is it just too big and, Defender-wise, useless?
  15. Mystery solved! I'm pretty sure the intermittent 'clang' at speed is caused by the truck cab roof bending. At about 55mph it 'pops' like the safety button on the top of a food can, then at lower speed it pops back. Is mine the only truck cab Defender that does it?
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