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  1. Hi All Looking for some help and information regarding the Valeo D9R91 starter motor, While i was in the process of cleaning the casing for painting, i noticed a small square silver piece lying on my bench? It's about 8mm square (see attached picture) i have checked the parts brochure and i have googled all the part numbers qouted but i can't see this anywhere and i have no idea were it fell out from? Hopefully someone can help me as i don't want to paint it incase i need to strip down the starter. Cheers
  2. Hi All Sorry not been in touch for a while regarding this issue! Fuel & temp gauges are still reading high! I know somebody that has got a set of gauges at the back of their garage & has been claiming to dig them out for weeks now! but they cant get to them just now? So i have just been trying to make sure that if i need to use the Landy more than i normally do i stick an extra £10 in & besides i've got other jobs needing to be done that i was spending to much time on them.
  3. Hi All had another go at the gauges! Connected a seprate earth! When i connect the 12v feed to the gauge & test it with my test light! the test light lights up! But when i connect the test light to the other terminal to check for a feed passing through the gauge! The test light dose'nt light up! But the gauge starts to reads full? I would have thought the test light would still have lit up as there is a feed passing through it?
  4. Hi GW8IZR I have tried a temporary earth on the fuel gauge but stil the same the needle stays at the full mark!
  5. Hi GW8IZR did you manage to compare my gauge readings with yours?
  6. Hi western Not sure mate? Just what you & GW8IZR have been recomending, if you have a look at some of the previous posts you will see all the checks & results! that i have carried out!
  7. Hi western Your right, the green wire is the 12v feed (ign on), it's just that the way i had read your post it sounded like the speedo had it's own earth mate! Cheers
  8. Cheers mate just wanted to confirm that! As i thought the way you were talking the clamps touched the sides of the gauge body as well as the threaded rod? because western had suggested that if the clamps were touching the body of the gauge, that i might have a hort to earth which will make the gauges read to the far right of their scales
  9. Hi GW8IZR You say the gauge bodies, the metal stud & the clamp are all in contact with each other! Just want to confirm this the clamps only make contact with the gauge through the threaded rod? & not the gauge body it's self because according to western on page 1 the clamps dont make contact with the gauge body?
  10. Hi jack21 This happened to me about a month ago, turned out i never had a great connection to the fuel pump! Same as you changed the lift pump as i had a spare but made no difference! Traced it back to the wire on the fuel pump! sorted the connection & first turn of the key she burst into life! Thought it might help!
  11. Hi Western You say the gauges should have 3 electrical connections on them!, I take it you mean green,black,green/black (fuel gauge) / green,black,green/blue (temp) the green wire & the black wire both being like a daisy chain? Regarding the speedo the only wires i have attached to it are for the 2 instrument light's? Should i have a earth wire attached to one of the screwed rods on the speedo?
  12. Hi GW8IZR You have lost me at the shunt regulator? Ha Ha When you say put a ground to the gauge! Take it you mean to the bit on the u clamp & not the gauge body? Still the original guages that is fitted! Had to change the temp sensor as the disco one didn't match the gauge but that was all No sorry, i stay in ayrshire scotland! & i would have to stop at every fuel station on the way down cause i dont know how much fuel i've got in my tank! Ha ha! But thanks for the offer much appreciated mate!
  13. Hi western / GW8IZR Western In reply to your post i had a look around the bulkhead for the earth (screw/bolt in engine bay next to the next to clutch master cylinder) i've had a look & cleaned what i could see & still no difference! GW8IZR Yes you are correct! A few posts ago i did say 0v on the gauge body & i had checked it all again step by step as you had advise on a previous post! Just clutching at straws mate trying everything & anything i can think of now! i's stopping me from starting my next job! Don't like starting a new job till the old one's finished!
  14. Hi GW8IZR I was back out again last night havin a look & to verify the results that i had posted earlier I have checked all the wires in the dash & i cant see any wire or wire's that i have forgot to connect when building the dash back up! I went through the process you had posted earlier regarding using a vdm & all the reading's have came back the same! Do the fuel / temp gauge connect to the same earth at some point? or do the each have individual earths?
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