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  1. Many thanks for the offer Gazzer - we are Leeds based and looking and replacing the exhaust with a stainless steel one. Sounds like we will need a custom job making up. Any one know of a good SS exhaust manufacture near Leeds / Bradford please? Rich
  2. Thanks Gazzer - looking at the pictures you posted I am going for my wife's engine having the 2.5 exhaust manifold on. ( Looks more like part 15 and it has part 17 in your diagram ). I'll start my supplier discussions based on that assumption and see how far I get...
  3. so now back home, it's not raining and I have managed to get a couple of photos. I'm hoping these provide a better view?
  4. All, many thanks for the replies. I ran out of time and daylight yesterday to take more pictures and am away now 'till Friday. I'll try to get more photos on Friday - so long as its dryish, don't really fancy lying in running water to take the photo! 😉
  5. Sorry pictures would make sense! Just tried to take some and it's quite hard to get a good one. I have tried my best but until I can get time to pull the air hose and maybe some of the other bits off these are the best I can do. I hope they help...
  6. Hello, my wife's SIII has a early 90 2.5 petrol in it. It needs a new exhaust. Will an SIII 2 1/4 exhaust fit? If so any guesses on which one? There seem to be many options depending on the year of manufacture and I am not sure if that is because the chassis changed or something else. many thanks for any help. regards, Rich T
  7. Hello! So my wife's SIII SWB has a 90 2.5 petrol in. We discovered the other day that the #1 plug had no nipple for the lead to attach to - no wonder it was running a little rough and less power. Not knowing the age of the plugs we decided to replace them all. The photos below are of the ones removed. To my untrained / uneducated eye these look OK. What do you think? The left hand side of the photo are different sides of the same plugs the right hand side ditto.
  8. so new bush, Bearmach, bought and fitted. I'll have to wait 'till we have done a few miles I expect before I will know if it's fixed or not.
  9. So some time ago we ordered a new, delux, outer seat base ( EXT378-3 ) for my wifes 1974 SIII. It finally came last week and we went to fit it this weekend but it appears to be toooooooo wide. The current seat tapers at the rear to fit in the frame, the new base does not.. Any ideas on what we might have got wrong? All the other seats are vinyl with fluting and look 'delux' ( well they would if not worn out!). Cheers, Rich T
  10. Thanks for the updates guys. What was the lead times on your orders? It's been nearly a month since I placed, and paid for, the order and I have been leaving messages for over a week now. I know life gets busy but all I'm asking for is an expected delivery date. I don't really want to have to tell my credit card to claw the money back but I'm close to doing that. Cheers, RichT
  11. Hello, Anyone on here know Kieron of MK Performance Hose? I ordered and paid for a hose from him the middle of last month after a chat via Facebook PM. However he has 'gone dark' since then and no hose delivered. No response to Facebook PM, Phone call, email or txt. So if anyone else knows a way to contact him I would be grateful as he has had good write ups. cheers, Richard
  12. Hi secondjeremy that is very interesting re the diameters. The ones in at the moment are, I believe, bearmach and I have just ordered up another. If I get the same issue with the new one I'll try a Britpart. This may be the one time when their sometimes less than exact reproductions of the originals is a boon! I'll update this thread with results.
  13. Plus one for Beaumonts - very good service and we got a good box off them too.
  14. Hello, earlier this year I replaced the bushes, dampers and u-bolts on the suspension of the SIII SWB. A couple of weeks ago we noticed we were getting a slight 'clunk' going around corners. This weekend that clunk had matured to give an almighty bang when going around a tight roundabout at speed. Investigation found that the near side front chassis bush was lose in the chassis. If I take the bolt out and move the shackle plates out of the way I can push the bush out with my finger - this is not normal behaviour. I have ordered up a new, Bearmach, bush in the hope the old one is slightly off in manufacture somewhere - not sure who made the failing one. However if I get the same behaviour with the new bush what options would you suggest to remedy this issue? Various options have been put forward in the pub; ranging from knocking a shim in around the bush to running a thin bead of weld down the inside of the hole in the chassis to tack welding the bush into the chassis. cheers, Rich T
  15. Thanks everyone for input and suggestions. So Autosparks got back to me saying that the plugs are injection moulded for them in house and the plug can not be bought to sire up at home. They do sell the individual plugs and sockets though so I could make up ends to connect to the one in the picture - which at the moment is looking like the best way forward. cheers, Richard.
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