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  1. Right some seals ordered and when they come I'll check the pipe as well. Don't know when I'll get chance to fit as life ( well death specifically ) is keeping us busy at the moment. I'll update the thread once I've done the work. cheers, Richard
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes had it running stationary and checked the fuel lines - no splits or leaks found. Re the tank - what needs checking for being sealed? The pipe connections? What's the best thing to use to seal them? Cheers Richard
  3. Hi, my wife's Series III with a 90 2.5 petrol webber carb'ed engine quite often stinks of petrol in the cab when its being driven. I do not think there is fuel leaking out around the carb - I have checked with it running and can see no drips. What is the most likely culprit for strong petrol fumes? cheers, Richard ( with a petrol headache )
  4. many thanks for the reply. I think I have, finally, found the part numbers ... a) Bell Housing Stud 247145 / TE110061L b) I don't think my description was very good. It's actually the Land Rover Handbrake Back Plate Gasket, 561856 c) I think that yes I was talking about the early mount - the part is 90217976 Stud for Gearbox Foot. Those studs are hard to find on the parts diagrams ( well I thought so but then I had mislaid my glasses.... ) My local fastenings company does not stock the studs so I'll be ordering those up via a LR parts supplier - along with the gasket. regards, Richard
  5. Hi, Following on from my thread about gear box swap out. Can anyone give me... a) specs for the bell housing to engine studs please? I think some one said they are metric? b) part number for the seal on the back of the hand brake plate. ( Not the felt one - I be far a look in the parts book but can't see for looking 😕) c) the gear box mounts to the supports using studs. Why can't those be bolts? Thanks Richard
  6. Thanks snagger for the pointer - new rubbers fitted today to the refurbished mounts. Just need the gearbox now...
  7. Snagger - thanks for the recommendation. Do you a have a link to Mr Embertons ebay shop please? I have done a quick search on ebay but not been able to find him. ( The problem is probably between the seat and the keyboard on that one! 😉 )
  8. Hi Gazzer, The high low selector is partially undone, to make access to a nut easier, so it's floppy about a bit. Yes the access plate / main stick bell housing mount is a mess. We are finding the previous owner made some interesting 'improvements'!
  9. Thanks Peter for the suggestion. Having recently replaced the bulkhead on my 110 I am all too familiar with the challenges of seat box / floor panel removal.
  10. Hi Gazzer, yes I have a parts manual. I am hoping to secure a refurbished gearbox and transferbox combo so I *think* I would only need a couple of seals for that? If anyone can educate me otherwise please feel free. Looks like the Ashcroft route is out at the moment - at a 4-6 week lead time for a modified transfer case and then getting the two boxes rebuilt would see us out of time. 😞 It might be something to put on the back burner 'till later - which is a shame as it will cost me extra - ah well.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions so far - the clutch one sounds a jolly good idea, I had over looked that. I have yet to source a replacement Gearbox so I'm not expecting to be doing this in the next week but we need it done for mid August so not much time to waste. I am also going to explore getting the Ashcroft higher ratio transfer box option ( I saw the post about that on here ). The 90 2.5 petrol would be fine with longer legs and it would make motoring, noise and fuel, much less painful. cheers, Richard
  12. Ditto for the relay. I replaced bushes and steering box and arms on a SIII. Got tracking done - steering was scary. The relay had seized - once replaced all was much better.
  13. Hello all, It looks like I am going to have to swap out my wife's SIII 1974 SWB gearbox and transfer box. While doing it I am going to take the opportunity to replace the rubber mounts. Is there anything else you would recommend I should do while I am there? Any tips /tricks appreciated; under or over extraction, which bolt always shears off, etc. Never done one before. Gulp! If any one has a list of required seal part numbers that would save me some time too 😉 The engine it's mated to is a 2.5 petrol out of an early 90 ( I belive).
  14. Thanks lo-fi - I thought that was the case but just had one of those brain fart moments this morning. Yes everything was greased up like a suckling pig at the fair and nothing tightened until after the vehicle had been placed back on its wheels, bounced and driven back and forth a little. I hope I never have to do the bushes again or can afford to have someone else do them next time. 😏 cheers, Richard.
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