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  1. The standard rev counter goes up to 6000rpm and doesn't display a redline, I'm thinking setting the hard limit to 5400rpm and the soft limit at 5200rpm and see what revs I actually use when I start datalogging unless anyone else has a suggestion of what the rev limit should be. My Ms3x came from extra efi and despite going into lengthy detail via email about what I wanted/needed it to do, length of wiring loom, etc had having it confirmed that that was all OK it was supplied with a loom 50cm too short (some of the wires were 100cm short) and it didn't have all of the features I'd requested and paid for and has resulted in having to add extra wiring and components myself.
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of fitting a GEMS 4.6 with THOR inlet and MS3x to my RRC (I need the can-bus as well as wanting to run full sequential fuel and sparks as well as a few other features that were only available on the MS3x). I've fitted a high torque cam and, as soon as possible, I'll be changing the 4 into 1 Headman headers that I have to 4 into 2 into 1 headers. I'm just wondering what would be a sensible rev limit to set in MS would be? I've attached pics showing my current, fresh from the box, VE and spark tables, I'm wondering what figures would be better in the bottom row depending on what the rev limit is set to. Also, do the figures in the cells look realistic or do they need changing and if they do what figures would be better? I know I'm bound to have to change priming pulse, cranking pulse, ASE, WUE, etc but I'll do some datalogging once the engine is running and go from there on them unless some kind soul posts an MSQ that would help get me in the right ballpark for all of my settings.
  3. Rear springs are firmer then front springs due to having to allow for a fully loaded vehicle plus a trailer, if they are fitted the wrong way round the front will be very stiff and the back will sit low and get worse with load.
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